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    Totally clears the President! Thank you!
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    So Cohen stopped short of claiming there's any evidence of collusion. Whoa there, slow down pard'ner!" I do love the trap the Republicans set for themselves though. "Cohen is a liar, everything he says is untrue!" Then everything he said in defense of Trump while working for him was a lie. "OK, everything he said EXCEPT the stuff he said in defense of Trump was a lie." So then the entire premise of his conviction for lying to Congress is wrong, and you have no reason to disbelieve his testimony now? Like you can't fucking defend Trump and try to discredit Cohen at the same time. It doesn't work. BUT BOY HOWDY ARE THEY TRYING.
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    The fact that CPAC is just Twitter Troll Conference tells you everything you need to know about the state of modern conservative thought and intellectual contribution to society.
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    Yup! I wasn't going to lie and that made everyone hate me by the end of that story chain!
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    "I'm in TV and in radio." Had to justify his credentials for a mic.
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    That's gonna be a pretty powerful update in terms of loot. Next step is getting actually unique MWs and Legendaries. A lot of the existing ones have cool effects, but look the same, which just will not do in the long-term. My big stupid Wish Ender bow in Destiny 2 may not be the best bow, but I use it because of how utterly ridiculous it is. There's a fucking statue on it with a sword, and as you pull the string back, the sword is filled with light/energy to show how charged the bow is. It's fucking idiotic and I love it. We need cool/exciting/dumb loot like that! This is a very good first step and I appreciate how agile they're being, though. They had two choices here: Massively increase the MW drop rate since 90% of them would be scrapped anyway after you realized they had bad stats, or this, so that each MW find is a lot more impactful and meaningful. This is actually kind of both, since the exclusion of white/green drops means more chances for MWs. A pretty measured and effective change, I hope it works well!
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    Alright alright alright. I caved and bought this darn game. I’m about 2 hours in and so far so good. So far, I don’t get the mediocre reviews it’s getting. It’s fun. It’s deep. It seems to have extremely high replay value. And Bioware is fully supporting this game. That checks all my boxes right now. I guess we’ll see if gets stale or not like the feedback says...
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    The issue with any Squad based game, is it always feels like its your teammates fault, not matter what. Overwatch was the worst with this. Oh I died, its cause my dumb teammates weren't doing what they were supposed to do. It's never your fault, always someone elses. I'd like to say I dont suffer from this, but typically my initial thought is usually where the hell were my teammates I knocked one and weakened the second where the hell is my backup, all their fault. I had to stop playing Overwatch cause of how frustrating it'd be playing at higher ranks. I love Apex, but without a more fleshed out Stat Tracker or Progression system, I feel less inclined to play right now. I know thats shallow to say, but I like playing things where I unlock new shit or have stuff to earn. So I'll ease up on it a bit til the March update hits.
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    I’m really beginning to think that’s true!! I cannot find it anywhere.
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    To this day I can't get over how mad people get losing at video games. Just another reason I hate being forced to squad with randos. Screw that guy.
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    Beto skateboards in Whataburger parking lots and says “fuck”. A strong resume for president now, unfortunately. There is a reason in a state with as many Hispanics that the dude put his Mexican nickname as often the only name on his marketing materials.
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    It probably was food in the box, but someone photoshopped out the food and replaced it with FB likes.
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    Wonderful game and wonderful first attempt by Guerrilla. New IP sells boatloads, and the sequel has the potential to be so, so great.
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    Yeah I'm getting it. Played the hell out of the first one.
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    I'm not saying it's worth it or not, but did you watch the year 1 road map? It details what the year 1 pass gives you. It's not just early access. Quite frankly, when I pre-ordered it, I forgot the DLC was free and just ordered it with the pass out of habit.
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    I'm all over this one! I'll be happily alternating between this, Anthem, and Warframe so there is always fresh content on one of them!
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    Still slowly working through it. Got the Complete Edition a few months back. Beautiful game even on base PS4.
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    I don believe so, and in fact, its my position. That said, some people approach these theoretical dares/scenarios like they are being asked to imbibe deadly nightshade. I believe that kind of dramatic emotional reaction tends to be based on insecurity in one's sexuality. To me its simple, its undesirable, but not particularly threatening.
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    Hilary Clinton, because Trump, whom as we remember is the sleeper cell candidate of the Clintons, became president to fulfill three main objectives: 1) cause mass confusion and chaos with his advanced weaponized trolling tactics. Pretending to be a bigot and staging events of misinformation like arguing over the wall he never plans to build to take attention off the fact that his actual policies are moderate, which in effect pisses off his critics more than it pleases them. This causes political division but the end result is to unite everyone back to center after the US internet schadenfreude act goes into effect. 2) By imploding the GOP using shock jock tactics, he cleanses the right spectrum of american politics and reconstructs everything via implementing UBI as a failsafe consolation prize to the losers of this current civil war, and in the end the political barometer will be further left than ever, making way for increased success for Hilary and green party candidates in the next election. The end result? 3) Trump will have become the greatest president in American History because he actually ended bigotry (will make it illegal) and is the catalyst of moving things forward more than any liberal has been able to accomplish.. The genius of his style of leadership is unprecedented and causes so much chaos that you can get easily distracted by the fake news and hysteria instead of focusing enough to see that it's all a ruse to implement a highly progressive new standard of lawful conduct for western civilization. Once in effect, Candidates such as Clinton, Stein, Ocasio-cortez, O'Rourke and Pelosi will take out the social conservative trash until America rivals Canada in quality of life. Just remember to thank Trump for this.
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    Better than Antman 2 is better than I thought it would be. Captain Marvel trailers have been meh so anybody who is super hyped for this is setting themselves up for disappointment.
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    Well, it is Vietnam, maybe his bone spurs are acting up again...
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    Roger Stone Couldn’t Resist Responding to Cohen’s Testimony and May Be Jailed as a Result
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    That’s kinda how I go into thee games. Are the core gameplay and controls there. With Destiny the shooting and gameplay felt great, so I gave Bungie the benefit of the doubt and put the time in waiting for the game to get great. With Destiny though it cost en extra $100 on DLCs to get there and they never really added some of the stuff I really craved in a looter shooter. I enjoyed Divisions gameplay too, even if now it feels a bit slow and cumbersome compared to Anthem. I feel Anthem has the important and hardest parts nailed. Controls are amazing and the gameplay is fast and fun. The world is gorgeous with so much potential to be added within it. The Javelins themselves are all so well done and play so uniquely. Now they can focus on more more and more content within the world they created, focus on Quality of Life improvements, and they’ve said they are even working on a whole new Map and Javelins as well. I still think this game will have a good future.
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    I just flew in from Mar a Lago and boy are my arms tired! Is this thing on? Try the veal!
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    No such thing as a decent bagel outside the tri-state area.
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    Did my first Stonghold Mission. Fucking incredible. I can’t stop playing this game! My Ranger is 107. Question where do you find rare ember or are you supposed to purchase it?
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    I still suck at this game. I'm still just not "getting" combat. It's not the game; I'm very clearly just bad. But it's frustrating. The damage numbers aren't clearly denoting what's happening. The various armor-levels make figuring out how damaged an opponent really is unintuitive. I sneak up and unload a magazine into someone's back and they turn around nonchalantly and kill me in a few quick shots. Every time. Is it like Counter Strike where nothing but headshots really matter? I don't know. I can hide and make it into the top squads; so I'm placing and advancing, but when an actual fight happens I'm dead weight. I've stopped playing because it's not fair to make whatever randos get paired up with me basically have to 2v3 everyone because I'm functionally useless once shit goes down. I don't mind being bad at a game, but I can't stand when my badness affects others' enjoyment. I'll be back when solo mode is released; I'll still be terrible, but at least I won't be afflicting innocent bystanders with my shit play.
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    were the orbs there in the demo? Cause i remembered thinking how easy that section was and how it was like impossible to fail and just a waste of time, but then in the retail i was like, whats killing me up here.
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    Still don’t get the hate. Compare it to games of the same genre and I think it’s as good or better than most. It’s better st something’s and worse at somethings, but far from a 4/10 which means it’s downright broken and unplayable to me.
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    Ended yesterday, supposed to be back in march, seems odd to end the event before a week after the game was released, i'd imagine most players are still doing the main storylines to really be bothered with freeplay. I ran into one of them during the tombs missions and ended up just leaving after i couldn't do much damage and lost a bunch of health cause i didn't know how to fight titans yet.
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