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    The blanket rejection of nuclear energy -- which represents a NECESSARY transitory phase from fossil fuels to large-scale renewable resources -- is a clear example of "the perfect being the enemy of the good".
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    You will die of boredom as you will have mastered all skills possible. You will also have $829,039,192 in your savings, which will go to your next of kin to adopt cute cats from kill shelters, leading to the beginning of strays not being put to sleep. Your wife will still be hot when you die. You will die with me, @SFLUFAN and @The def star doing a podcast outside your room. We will take your money, but only because your last words the day before were, "You all get a Playstation 20 that makes you pancakes in the morning." You will die alone and penniless, as requested. You are kittykat's next of kin and therefore will inherit all her millions. Hope no longer: you will die in a brick house surrounded by all 10 of your wives because you will be polyamorous since you'll be crowned "sexiest man alive" from your mid 40s all the way to your death at the age of 103.
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    According to Nate Silver’s charts and graphs, Klobuchar has the support of the “can I speak to the manager” demographic.
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    So AOC is very good at framing issues in ways that are easy to understand. Watch these three clips:
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    Just like we all have a heart attack whenever we see the RBG thread bumped, seeing this thread bumped on a Friday gives me a hard attack.
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    Classic. I also enjoy the one of the kid falling in the ice.
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    This is like watching a shitty version of The Kingpin.
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    I'll buy bone-in pork chops at the supermarket but I'll pass if it's not one with a nice proportion of dark meat and fat.
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    Facing opposition, Amazon reconsiders NY headquarters site, two officials say https://wapo.st/2SAFae1 Call the bluff
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    I think it's safe to say THIS IS THE MOMENT!!! *100x touch myself gif*
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    I Listened to the Krassenstein Brothers' Podcast and Lost My Will to Live Ed: It is the fear of differences which build walls, while open minds build bridges. Brian: That’s a good one Ed, but I think I can actually trump that. Ed: Don’t use that word! Brian: I think I can actually Obama that one. Jesus Christ.
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    The silver lining of Telltale going out of business is that now a lot of talented people are no longer tethered by making shovelware for tired licensed IPs on creativity-stifling timetables. I think interactive narratives are the future of video games as art and while Telltale wrote the book on the genre I think that they ultimately were holding it back.
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    Ive watched some "competitive" PUBG games. Many times scoring isnt set up just as a Last Man standing wins format. It also incorporates kills into scoring, so if a team is more aggressive they benefit from killing more. Camping and making it to the end can net you points, but simply being last alive is not always the focus. I've also tried watching Halo and CoD Competitive games, and they are pretty hard to follow trying to jump from vantage point to vantage point constantly. BR's being slightly slower in their nature can be easier to follow with a good production and shout-casting team. And if you do miss a good fight, again if you have a good team producing the tourney, they can show the replay of fights they miss during a lull in the action 3 more wins on APEX last night. Thought we had a 4th in the bag but blew it cause we were overconfident.
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    Yes, I really dig that game. Pretty interesting twists on the old mechanics, including weapons that no longer have limited use! Being able to freely walk around dungeons and other areas was a nice touch, too. The production values are fantastic as well. Full voice acting for pretty much everyone. And the spoken lines are pretty high quality, delivered by some fairly talented actors. Definitely recommend this game. Nice! I still need to finish that game. Hope that wasn’t your only chance to get the Etrian Odyssey Nexus CE.
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    You mention PUBG for one reason but then the other two reasons you mention work for PUBG like PUBG has an excellent spectator mode casters use and they have PUBG tournament all the time, at least they used to, like ESL which seemed to work pretty well. These are top games on twitch so regardless of how hard you say it is to watch people are watching them esports or not.
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    Pentagon Jr. and Fenix are one one of my favorite tag teams!
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    And I like your clean shaven parts...
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    So here is a photo of my recent gets, Minus the ps1 which was a recent find of something I had lost ages ago (last one of these I had was finding where my Samurai Shodown 1 Neo CD went). Good news, the PS1 actually still works, including the mod chip (ran an import on the unit).
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    Or Kal-El and I have a similar opinion, and I've made the same point before.
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    I'll be trying it out tonight
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    Yo I was literally going to post the same thing
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    There is a special place in my heart for that game!
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    How about we don't have a movie about a female super hero that devolves into talk about the size of her butt or whether her feet are nice? Let's stick to the normal superhero stuff. Like if the costumes are ridiculous or if we'll get another villain we'll forget about ten minutes into the final credit scroll or any of the stuff that actually matters. This really isn't hard.
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    (bolded) From your position it may feel like that, and I wont (or at least try not to, sometimes I fail in delivery) completely dismiss that position. From where I stand, and my day to day interactions, I see the viciousness on both ends; which basically boils down to, since you disagree with me on this point, you are <insert what that person despises>. I will never be a person that leans totally on way or the other as it doesn't make sense to me, especially because I know people who staunchly lean one way or the other and they are genuinely good people. (underlined) That seems like a really high number, but you are only talking about mass shootings correct? See, that is not something I would separate out, shooting people (unwarrantedly) is vile in any way shape or form, no matter how many victims. Think about it for a second, if you asked a person living in the slums of Chicago, which shooter is more threatening (who they worry about) to them, they will probably say a gang member before the right wing nut, heck, they'd probably say the police before them as well. Now the suburban mom would probably say the right wing nut. Neither answer is wrong, just different. (strike through) I'm sure that there are things you feel are right, as repulsively indefensible to others. which is fine in both cases, just don't interfere with that person if they aren't harming other, and don't demean people that don't accept your repulsiveness.
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    The Senate Democrats should be stalling everything instead of greasing the wheels for McConnell. We know he's going to accuse them of obstruction no matter what so there's no reason to insist on trying to prove him wrong.
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    Well this thread got out of hand. I will say I've never seen a male actor get made fun of for a flat butt. Also I'm sure that you won't see a flat butt in the movie anyway. There will probably be either a cgi butt or a butt double. So all the big butt fans have nothing to worry about anyway.
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    Being free is a big draw but Apex also has more features, faster gameplay, more guns, more skins, an actual roadmap and a tested developer commited to support it for years with a publisher giving them free reign to do what they want. If Apex wasn't free I could see Respawn charging maybe 30 bucks for it because it is just that good. Also the game has been datamined and apparently Duo and Solo play are in the works.
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    Christ you're insufferable. Not giving this particular committee subpoena power is exactly the same as putting bankers in charge of financial regulators, or literally putting John Bolton back in a national security role in government.
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    Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance is one of my favorite games of all time. I wish somebody would remaster it or expand the universe to current gen consoles. Edit: Oh wait, wrong Baldurs Gate. lol
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    Flat ass persecution in the time of the big instagram booty
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    A movie is coming out with a woman in it.
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    Why not just round the time off to 4:00 am? lol
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    He's a Hall of Famer for his post-season work alone.
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    A lot of you guys didn't play Demon's Souls huh? The FIRST Souls game?
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    There is no such thing is "overcooked" pork (or any other mean for that matter!)
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    I slept till noon so I have no idea what you’re talking about
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