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    Mueller Annoyed By Chipper, Overeager Adam Schiff Constantly Sending Him Evidence He’s Already Uncovered
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    The blanket rejection of nuclear energy -- which represents a NECESSARY transitory phase from fossil fuels to large-scale renewable resources -- is a clear example of "the perfect being the enemy of the good".
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    You will die of boredom as you will have mastered all skills possible. You will also have $829,039,192 in your savings, which will go to your next of kin to adopt cute cats from kill shelters, leading to the beginning of strays not being put to sleep. Your wife will still be hot when you die. You will die with me, @SFLUFAN and @The def star doing a podcast outside your room. We will take your money, but only because your last words the day before were, "You all get a Playstation 20 that makes you pancakes in the morning." You will die alone and penniless, as requested. You are kittykat's next of kin and therefore will inherit all her millions. Hope no longer: you will die in a brick house surrounded by all 10 of your wives because you will be polyamorous since you'll be crowned "sexiest man alive" from your mid 40s all the way to your death at the age of 103.
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    According to Nate Silver’s charts and graphs, Klobuchar has the support of the “can I speak to the manager” demographic.
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    Alright - that was my fault. I apologize! "Guess The State" should be reserved for stories like being arrested for throwing a pork chop at someone.
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    Where have I seen this tactic from them before Aha! The individual mandate!
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    So AOC is very good at framing issues in ways that are easy to understand. Watch these three clips:
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    A carbon tax and rebate are conservative ideas (that use the free market to drive down usage of carbon), so you'd think that everyone would be on-board with the idea. However, like most other issues, conservatives never really liked the idea, they just proposed it as a counter to actual regulations on emissions. So now when liberal parties say they want a carbon tax/rebate, conservative parties say "no way, that's bad!" In truth, they don't want any regulation at all. It doesn't even matter if they believe in climate change, as they only really care about short-term profits. That's the ultimate truth. The Earth will warm and hundreds of millions will die because companies need a few good quarters.
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    Just like we all have a heart attack whenever we see the RBG thread bumped, seeing this thread bumped on a Friday gives me a hard attack.
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    When you do a charcoal barbecue you don't use store-bought briquettes, you just throw the leftover meat from your last barbecue in.
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    And it's not like you stop at being good or effective. You keep pushing. Just like with health Care. The ACA didn't end that policy debate as an example
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    First saw Pentagon in Lucha Underground, fucking amazing. Then there was his match with Omega at All In last year, total barn burner! Have been lucky to catch him & Fenix in a few matches on TNA (pretty much the only reason why I'll tune in is if I know they're on)...but now TNA streams on freaking Twitch so yeah
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    10 million...yeah BR ain't going away. It's consistantly stayed as the #1 most viewed game on Twitch, Fortnite is around number 3 or 4.
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    And I like your clean shaven parts...
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    So here is a photo of my recent gets, Minus the ps1 which was a recent find of something I had lost ages ago (last one of these I had was finding where my Samurai Shodown 1 Neo CD went). Good news, the PS1 actually still works, including the mod chip (ran an import on the unit).
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    Yay finally got a pre-order in on Amazon.ca for the premium LE but JFC this thing is $100 Canadian after tax. -edit- To be fare, $70 USD is currently $93 Cad so it's not crazy over priced.
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    I generally assume nobody is as bad as you guys think they are when it comes to people on the right, but reading up on Barr this afternoon...I’m not sure you guys are opposed ENOUGH. This guy is pretty much all the worst bits of 80s and 90s politics and governance rolled into one package. Wow.
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    Yo I was literally going to post the same thing
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    When I first saw this was Baldurs Gate games I quickly scanned the list for Dark Alliance. Was disappointed.
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    Being free is a big draw but Apex also has more features, faster gameplay, more guns, more skins, an actual roadmap and a tested developer commited to support it for years with a publisher giving them free reign to do what they want. If Apex wasn't free I could see Respawn charging maybe 30 bucks for it because it is just that good. Also the game has been datamined and apparently Duo and Solo play are in the works.
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    Flat ass persecution in the time of the big instagram booty
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    A movie is coming out with a woman in it.
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    Why not just round the time off to 4:00 am? lol
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    shaved for the first time in years...
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    When Trump holds an election where Democrats cant participate, get back to me.
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    Yeah Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool is almost no different than Ryan Reynolds in any other role. He’s been playing the same kind of character since 2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place.
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