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    You're shocked Trump is sympathetic to a gout stricken, overweight leader of a cult of personality with a tragic haircut who boasts about accomplishments that obviously didn't happen? Really? ... REALLY
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    Started reading the new posts when I got up, became interested in this accuser hiring the lawyer, thought I'd read more about it and it's two pages of this shit. Godfuckingdammit, fuck you all.
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    Disney respects Star Wars more than Lucas did, lol.
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    What a coincidence. I feel like I wake up to the Twilight Zone every morning for the past two years.
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    19 changes from demo to live game. https://www.polygon.com/2019/2/5/18205886/anthem-biggest-changes-demo-full-game
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    The fact that the Catholic Church still has over a billion followers is a shitstain on humanity.
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    Ooh, can we have an Anthem sucks podcast? Or a more aptly titled "what's worth spending money on in Q1", which could also consist of electronics, too. Get @nacthenud on the show to talk about his new set up.
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    Some men are slow to evolve and grow. It's more sad to see in 2019 rather than rage inducing. It's like they are mentally handicapped and can't see the world in any other way.
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    The world moves to fast for me. Are we not into empowering women now? This is like the second big budget super-hero movie staring a woman and we are all cool with making fun of the girls butt or lack thereof?
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    I HATE BR games too but I LOVE Apex. Go figure.
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