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    You're shocked Trump is sympathetic to a gout stricken, overweight leader of a cult of personality with a tragic haircut who boasts about accomplishments that obviously didn't happen? Really? ... REALLY
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    Either you just assumed gender like a shitlord, or you tipped your hand that you are expecting a baby boy. Congrats, papi!
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    Started reading the new posts when I got up, became interested in this accuser hiring the lawyer, thought I'd read more about it and it's two pages of this shit. Godfuckingdammit, fuck you all.
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    I’ll bite. Education and healthcare are “necessary” for a functioning and healthy society. Even if I was to accept that religion or spirituality are equivalently necessary, Catholicism specifically certainly is not. Also, educational and medical institutions are, generally, not considered a moral authority nor do they claim to represent a higher power; the Catholic Church absolutely does both. Lastly, sex crimes by teachers and health care providers are, again generally even though there are certainly exceptions to this, not papered over to the extent that the Catholic Church both has and likely continues to do.
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    Lol The same conservatives that are so mad about AOC peacefully not standing once for Trump at the SotU saying how disrespectful she is were A-OK with Republican Representative Wilson shouting “You lie!” at Obama’s SotU.
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    What AOC did was polite compared to what I would've done: stood for the entire speech with my back turned or audibly heckled at ever opportunity and turned it into an American version of prime minister's question time.
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    The problem, and certainly the average Republican that is trolling with to 1/1024th stuff doesn’t get this either, is that genetics isn’t culture. Warren at minimum allowed her employer institutions to use her claim of being a Native American as a way to show diversity in their hiring. But there is nothing about Warren’s life story that reflects any connection to native people. I’m way more African than Warren is native with regards to genetics, but I don’t check the “black” box or pretend I am something I’m not. My life doesn’t feature the struggles of even my siblings who look like our black father, while I look pretty much like a boy version of my white mother. They are the ones who have had random people call them niggers. They are the ones who got stopped by police when driving through white neighborhoods when we were all teenagers. They are the ones who have to prove they didn’t get the job “just because of AA”, but because they are actually really good at what they do. To exist outside of what it means to people of an ethnic/racial group to be a part of that group for your entire life and still check the box when it makes your employer look good is a character issue. Warren should have just apologized for aiding Harvard in their sham diversity claims.
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    Disney respects Star Wars more than Lucas did, lol.
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    Guys let's just take a minute to appreciate that there's been a few news cycles full of crazy/racist shit and very little of it had to do with the orange man at 1600.
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    Hot take. Did the Republicans in the audience only clap for things pertinent to them?
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    What a coincidence. I feel like I wake up to the Twilight Zone every morning for the past two years.
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    19 changes from demo to live game. https://www.polygon.com/2019/2/5/18205886/anthem-biggest-changes-demo-full-game
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    There are more cases of sex crimes by teachers in public schools and health care providers annually than by the pervert priests, but people generally support those institutions. I think @Greatoneshereis correct when he says humanity itself is the stain on the world
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    You're talking to someone who was offended by a commercial with the message 'hey maybe it's a bad idea for men to harass women and tolerate their son's bullying'.
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    Which is the way all of these things should be. Just get rid of it and go back to letters. In fact, have the letters read by a neutral government official instead, like in some countries' throne speeches! Unfortunately the US has no separate head of state to do that.
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    Somebody should tell Digital Foundry. They keep releasing Anthemo demo analysis videos, even had a new one just a day ago. It’s a known old build, that we’re not going to see ever again.
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    I've never worn blackface, a klan outfit or dressed up as a nazi. Can I move to VA and be appointed to governor immediately?
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    Joshua Trump, the kid who was bullied because of his name, at the SOTU
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    The more I see of AOC, the more I like her.
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    The fact that the Catholic Church still has over a billion followers is a shitstain on humanity.
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    Ooh, can we have an Anthem sucks podcast? Or a more aptly titled "what's worth spending money on in Q1", which could also consist of electronics, too. Get @nacthenud on the show to talk about his new set up.
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    Some men are slow to evolve and grow. It's more sad to see in 2019 rather than rage inducing. It's like they are mentally handicapped and can't see the world in any other way.
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    The world moves to fast for me. Are we not into empowering women now? This is like the second big budget super-hero movie staring a woman and we are all cool with making fun of the girls butt or lack thereof?
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    I mean if people were smart enough to panic about long-term issues, idiots wouldn't be continuing to start smoking to this day. Even if you're the one that's gonna get fucked, who cares? That's tomorrow! I'm too stupid to think about that!
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    Bring on the gayness. I won't bore you all with my stories.
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    I have seen a decent mix of Colossus in my teams as well, last night when I ran the Stronghold there were 2 of us in there. I'd say thus far its the highest learning curve, just because mobility is used so much to avoid damage, that he def requires a whole different thought process. As I said, by the end of the match, I felt a lot more comfortable. I also haven't messed around with many builds for him as well. What I do love is all 3 of the classes I played so far were all so drastically different. My biggest complaint about Destiny was each class felt identical. The core of the game is there for me, now can the execute on the content and end game? I know they promised all future content to be free due to the Micro-transactions for cosmetics. Hopefully they keep new stuff coming out quick.
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    I won’t watch those, want to go into this with fresh eyes. I already am sold on it.
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