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    Conservatives love participation trophies. See: any Confederate monument, anywhere
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    I'll let other people crunch the numbers. There wasn't a single moment in the demo that had me saying "holy fuck, this is going to be a problem". I played on my peasant PS4 and had a great time.
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    One very nice thing about this game is the ping system. Just press R1 on a location and the game tells your squad you suggest to go there. You can also press it on enemies to spot them or gear to tell your team the may want that weapon. It sure beats having to pause to type out text, though you can also do that too. I guess I'm kinda warming up to it, probably because of being on a squad. It's nice to have team members revive or resurrect you when you suck. And I do.
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    So far my disappointment with Brie is that someone mixed up her workout videos with Spider-man's =(
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    Not Grahmn in particular, but on a related note it is fun to watch avowed libertarians get on board for a 25 billion dollar boondoggle and an executive power grab all for what amounts to little more than an ego salvaging, face saving, participation trophy.
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    I just coil it up and rest it next to my thigh, like a cinnamon roll Glazing is optional of course
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    You need like 5 pieces of ID to ID your ID
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    Pats hate aside, Edelman is not a HOF receiver right now.
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    It's ok, they hired a butt double for her.
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    Team with no fans vs team that is always there
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    @Jason this is why you don't need to post in sports threads, since you don't care enough about sports to read prior posts.
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    Sounds like the ER was more exciting than the game
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    My cousin, one of our friends, and myself very regularly message each other that specific sound bite. Multiple times a week.
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    This sounds like AI-sympathizer talk and I won't stand for it...
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    He descends from the Aztec family that wanted to build a wall around Tenochtitlan to keep Cortes out. NOBODY LISTENED
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    We left it because Trump is a Russian operative, doing great deeds for glorious Moscow.
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    Getting 10 days off per year is not luxurious, it should be considered bottom-of-the-barrel and barely acceptable. My province has a stat minimum of 15 days per year (plus statutory holidays). After 10 years at the same place you are bumped to 20. But really, it should start at 20 or 25 and go up from there. Adding it all up, at my workplace I get: 15 vacation days (no limit on carry-over) until year 10 11 Statutory holidays 20 sick days (no limit on carry-over) + 2 flex days for sick child, etc 12 EDOs (1 Friday per month) So pretty good, but not nearly as good as European standards.
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    Nuclear proliferation to own the libs.
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    Captain Meh-vel. Just not doing it for me. . .yet.