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    'Stealing magnetism' is quite possibly the most Russian goal imaginable.
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    As the Epic Store stuff was first going down, I mentioned that if I found a universal launcher with a fullscreen mode and good organizational features, I'd consider dropping Steam as my general library manager. That promoted me to give Launchbox a shot, and that's exactly what happened. The result: Full disclosure, its $50 to unlock the full screen ('BigBox') mode for a forever license. I feel like I've gotten what I paid for, even though it's taken a bit of time to set up. (more on that later) I'm using a relatively simple theme, one of the two defaults. There's more extravagant options out there, but this view provided me what I found most attractive: a large video viewing, featured background art, and a box scroll. Pros: Library organization: On Steam, I had over 30 unique tags and over 500 games. While Valve's tagging works fine, it was all getting too cluttered for me without the ability to create folders or nested categories. This program gives me exactly what I wanted. I can split my backlog into categories, auto-generate playlists with a huge number of options, create folders and subfolders, etc. You can organize your games by whatever metric you can think of. Great Steam Integration: Apps like this tend to focus mainly on emulation. I wanted something that could also do most of the legwork for my Steam library. Launchbox automatically imports all of your Steam games, and pulls metadata from its own database for box art/screenshots/etc. When you add new games on Steam, you can run a wizard to detect it. Opening a game when it isn't installed will bring up Steam's install menu for it. There's an additional plugin that pulls trailers and banner art directly from Steam. Even store tags, which you can use to auto-generate playlists from. (finally!) Supports Other Launchers/Apps: Most games within Origin, Epic Store, Humble, etc also have art and metadata on Launchbox's database. It's a similar process to adding non-Steam games to Steam. If you want to open those games directly and skip the launcher, you'll need to edit command line parameters, which you can do within Launchbox if you choose. A plugin also exists that lets you launch specific games with Steam overlay enabled. I personally use that for DS4 support in games (or apps) that don't support it natively. Fortunately, the fullscreen 'Bigbox' mode does. Retro Gaming: If you do use it for emulators, it's easy to configure and supports Retroarch. The only downside is that videos clips are pulled from a paid-for database. There's alternatives elsewhere on the net if you look hard enough. Another cool feature is the ability to load different view themes by platform: Non-Full screen interface: I'll seldom ever use it for more than playlist organization, but there's a pretty decent games view. I prefer the list option: Only downside is that a few customization features (such as color scheme) aren't available in the free version of the app. Development community is fantastic: The tutorial videos are wonderful and extensive. I had a question responded to within minutes in their forum. There's a ton of themes and playlist content out there too, and the app itself tends to receive a major update every few months. Cons: Performance: It's not quite as snappy as I'd hope for, but can be similar to Steam Big Picture after a few adjustments. Namely, there's a setting to lower the image quality of cached box art (still looks fine on 'low' on my 4k TV). Some themes don't rely on background art, which you can also disable. Videos don't seem to impact performance much at all. But count on it reserving ~1GB of RAM if you want a lot of frills. No importing your own tags from Steam: Bit of a bummer. If you've already organized everything by tags Steam, you'll have to start over. Auto-generated playlists can help, and in general, the interface for sorting things is much easier. PC Game Video Snaps: You'd have to clip these yourself with a lossless video cutter, either from Steam trailers or Youtube gameplay. Video plugins can help with that, but depending on the size of your library, this will take some time. I've done 400+ so far, and could share some if people want. Absent features: There's not much, but two that stand out are the inability to know if a Steam game is installed or not, or know your controller's battery life. A work around might exist for the latter. But for now, I'm still resorting to the Steam client for those two things. Achievements are also only shown on Steam, afaik. (although you can add achievements for retro games, a nice touch) Playlists menu appearance: With some themes, you won't have to touch it at all. Since I'm using custom playlist icons and backgrounds, I've chosen to tinker a bit more. Including making a few ones the community hasn't. Overall: Launchbox is a fantastic program, but does require a decent amount of learning and set up. For the most part, it mitigates the pain points around having multiple PC launchers, and puts it together in a more attractive package than Steam Big Picture. It's still the library organization features that do the most for me. And if you don't want to go through the hassle of putting together videos, it'll still scrape all the images you need to make the fullscreen mode look nice. There's some free alternatives out there, but I think this worth the asking price. Especially with the playlist features and theme options. And if you like the look of something in a competing app, chances are its already been replicated here.
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    These people are slowly making it harder to care.
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    [dons Boyle mask] why does it matter that he’s white and male
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    Tell me that "Wendell Primus" totally isn't the completely appropriate name for a guy that looks like that!
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    Ruining your own life over and over again to own the libs.
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    I recently went on a quick trip south, which meant crossing the border into TJ. They've been refurbishing the walls there recently, but I wasn't sure at what point that money had been set aside. According to this local Fox News article, the current replacement walls were funded by congress during 2017 and 2018. There have been a number of different appropriations made, with costs that vary greatly. One was for $300M to replace 40 miles of either pedestrian (tall) and vehicle (short) barriers. $7.5M per mile. Another was $1.375B for 82 miles of new and replacement barriers in various places. $16M per mile. This local news station reported on a $287M contract to replace 29 miles of barriers. $10M per mile. A number I haven't seen widely reported is that apparently Trump's $5.7B is for 134 miles of replacements and 100 miles of new wall. $24M per mile. Most of the existing barriers are in or near urban areas, with easy accessibility. Even if Trump gets his $5.7B, he's only adding 100 miles to a total of 654 miles of barriers. That leaves nearly 1200 miles of border without barriers, most of which is far less accessible than any of these barriers being budgeted right now. I think the $24M per mile is probably still a low estimate compared to what much of it would be, and even that would make a wall cost $30B.
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    Conservatives love participation trophies. See: any Confederate monument, anywhere
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    https://opencritic.com/articles/677/opencritic-now-flags-loot-box-mechanics?utm_source=OpenCritic Critics&utm_campaign=2737d40ade-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_02_05_06_23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5f6927cf38-2737d40ade-105219173
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    I've come to the conclusion that I'm unequivocally opposed to the entire notion of "primaries" simply because the taxpayers of a state should not have to bear the cost of what amounts to a political party's "beauty contest". Political parties should either reimburse the state for 100% of the costs of conducting a primary or should hold party caucuses instead.
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    Glad to see that Vince said that they are working on more Titanfall later this year. Might not be dead after all. I know a lot of people are talking about their impressions of the game but can we talk a little bit about the release. I never heard of this game until yesterday and the buzz was that they were revealing a Titanfall BR game mode... to me that meant like a reveal trailer. Come to find out that it was a full F2P game, and after a few hours of people playing, there weren't many issues. The 2 issues that popped up were fixed within 20-30 mins. A multitude of streamers were streaming this game, it was the talk of the day for most of the "gaming world." I would say that their release was a "success." Now let see if they can keep it going.
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    I'll let other people crunch the numbers. There wasn't a single moment in the demo that had me saying "holy fuck, this is going to be a problem". I played on my peasant PS4 and had a great time.
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    One very nice thing about this game is the ping system. Just press R1 on a location and the game tells your squad you suggest to go there. You can also press it on enemies to spot them or gear to tell your team the may want that weapon. It sure beats having to pause to type out text, though you can also do that too. I guess I'm kinda warming up to it, probably because of being on a squad. It's nice to have team members revive or resurrect you when you suck. And I do.
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    So far my disappointment with Brie is that someone mixed up her workout videos with Spider-man's =(
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    Not Grahmn in particular, but on a related note it is fun to watch avowed libertarians get on board for a 25 billion dollar boondoggle and an executive power grab all for what amounts to little more than an ego salvaging, face saving, participation trophy.
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    I just coil it up and rest it next to my thigh, like a cinnamon roll Glazing is optional of course
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    It’s very brave of Disney to make sure flat asses are represented in their bland big budget movies
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    Started reading the new posts when I got up, became interested in this accuser hiring the lawyer, thought I'd read more about it and it's two pages of this shit. Godfuckingdammit, fuck you all.
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    Right - every primary should be open.
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    I'm not a fan of hers but this is how you separate yourself from White Supremacists... it's not that hard.
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    Looks fun. They really do accentuate the rear of the women.
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    That's because it was only announced on Sunday
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    That's excellent. NH primaries seems like an ideal situation where ranked choice would be beneficial and is also an extremely prominent platform for the rest of the country to see it in action. I hope it passes.
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    Black guy has to work doubly has hard as a white guy don't you know?
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    The world moves to fast for me. Are we not into empowering women now? This is like the second big budget super-hero movie staring a woman and we are all cool with making fun of the girls butt or lack thereof?
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    You need like 5 pieces of ID to ID your ID
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    Pats hate aside, Edelman is not a HOF receiver right now.
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    It's ok, they hired a butt double for her.
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    Team with no fans vs team that is always there
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    @Jason this is why you don't need to post in sports threads, since you don't care enough about sports to read prior posts.
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    Sounds like the ER was more exciting than the game
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    My cousin, one of our friends, and myself very regularly message each other that specific sound bite. Multiple times a week.
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    This sounds like AI-sympathizer talk and I won't stand for it...
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    He descends from the Aztec family that wanted to build a wall around Tenochtitlan to keep Cortes out. NOBODY LISTENED
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    We left it because Trump is a Russian operative, doing great deeds for glorious Moscow.
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    Getting 10 days off per year is not luxurious, it should be considered bottom-of-the-barrel and barely acceptable. My province has a stat minimum of 15 days per year (plus statutory holidays). After 10 years at the same place you are bumped to 20. But really, it should start at 20 or 25 and go up from there. Adding it all up, at my workplace I get: 15 vacation days (no limit on carry-over) until year 10 11 Statutory holidays 20 sick days (no limit on carry-over) + 2 flex days for sick child, etc 12 EDOs (1 Friday per month) So pretty good, but not nearly as good as European standards.
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    Nuclear proliferation to own the libs.
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    Captain Meh-vel. Just not doing it for me. . .yet.
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