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    Let's check in with a TOTALLY RELEVANT elder statesman, shall we? Joe Lieberman says he sees no reason for Northam to resign
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    Fireworks! Dancing girls! Confetti! Adam Levine slowly putting his clothes back on! The end of a long and competitive MGT season is here! The dust has settled and the 2018-19 champion determined! Without furth adieu... ** Feature Game ** Super Bowl LIII: New England Patriots (-2.5) vs Los Angeles Rams The team that nobody wants to see win again, wins again. New England is your Super Bowl LIII champ by a score of 13(-2.5)-3. But hey, that NFL100 commercial was pretty great, huh? ** Questions ** 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Super Bowl? Patriots touchdown, Patriots field goal, Patriots safety, Rams touchdown, Rams field goal, Rams safety, or other? ($20,000 for the correct call) A 42 yard Gostkowski field goal in the 2nd quarter kicked off the scoring in this absolute barn-burner of a football game. Keyser_Soze was the only player to call this correctly. 2) What will be the final scoring play of the Super Bowl? Patriots touchdown, Patriots field goal, Patriots safety, Rams touchdown, Rams field goal, Rams safety, or other? ($20,000 for the correct call) Ending as it began, in underwhelming fashion. A 41 yard Patriots field goal ices the most boring Super Bowl in memory. 3) Which will be the highest scoring quarter of the Super Bowl? ($20,000 for the correct answer) The 4th quarter was the only quarter to see a team reach the end zone and was thus the highest scoring. Biggie and Keyser_Soze were the only 2 players who saw the FLURRY of scoring that would happen in the 4th. 4) Will the team leading at half-time go on to win? ($20,000 for the correct answer) The Patriots took a seemingly insurmountable 3 point lead into the half and went on to victory. The Yesses get it. 5) How many total field goals (not PATs) will be attempted during the Super Bowl? ($20,000 for the correct answer) 5 field goals were attempted over the course of this yawn-fest, with 3 successful. johnny was the only player to foresee this kick-fest going down. 6) What will the combined score be at the end of each quarter? Give us 4 scores, corresponding in order to the four quarters. You will win the Q6 cash for EACH correct answer. See my example answer below if you are confused. ($30,000 per correct score) 0, 3, 6, 16. Holy hell. Yeah, nobody got any of this one. ### FINAL LEADERBOARD ### @BasemntDweller2 - $916,200 @thewhyteboar - $433,550 @johnny - $166,400 @Keyser_Soze - $120,000 Slug - $120,000 @Alpha1Cowboy - $78,500 @Biggie - $40,000 @SFLUFAN - $40,000 @Jose - $30,000 @Greatoneshere - $21,000 @Rbk_3 - 21,000 @RedSoxFan9 - $20,000 @mikechorney - $17,000 @Kal-El814 - $10,500 Was it his uncanny prognosticating? His shrewd betting? Or just his blind shit luck? Who knows?! What matters is that ** BasemntDweller2 ** is our winner! His aggressive betting left the door open for a Super Bowl upset, but a lost and inept Rams offense dashed any hopes of another player overtaking him! BasemntDweller2 wins a $50 NFLShop Gift Card and, more importantly, the title of D1P MGT I Champion! Congratulations BasemntDweller2! Message me here or on Discord to coordinate your prize! Thank you to all of our players for an entertaining inaugural season for the MGT here on DayOnePatch. I hope this thread did it's job and gave you another way to enjoy this game we all love. Most of all I hope you had fun. Train hard this off-season, brush up on your precogntion, and get ready for D1P MGT II coming September 2019! ## The 2018-19 MGT Season ## Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Week 17 Wild Card Round Divisional Round Bye Week and MGT Fun Facts! FINAL ROUND: SUPER BOWL LIII
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    This would also stop players from quitting back to base after getting the gun they wanted leaving the rest of the squad a man down.
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    He should go for the full heel turn and go back to R
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    They certainly love playing the "we're not racists because Abe Lincoln was a Republican" card over and over again.
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    I have no clue what the Scouts are like today, but my impression of the Scouts was that they varied greatly depending on where you were. Sure, there are some big get togethers at camps each year, but the vast majority of your time spent is with your local troop, and local troops vary as much schools. There are rich ones and poor ones, troops that are organized and those that aren't, troops that plan cool events and those that do the absolute minimum. There are troops with parents that really make it worthwhile, and others that make it into a chore. Even from year to year it might feel like a completely different experience. My wife's experience with the girl scouts was that it was a completely worthless organization hell-bent on selling cookies and otherwise teaching girls more "classically feminine" skills like baking and sewing. I'm not sure how much that's changed or how much of that was her local chapter, but I think it's safe to say that during our childhood, the two organizations didn't have much overlap in what they did. Both of our experiences with scouting were overall very negative, but if I had a kid I'd still look into it. Maybe the local chapter would be a really good and worthwhile.
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    The lesson of yesterday was that the American mental health care system is a byzantine mess and I feel that today's lesson will be maybe to do research first as I think this is the place we should've been at from the start.
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    I mean, this decision has absolutely nothing to do with being inclusionary and everything to do with the Boy Scouts trying to poach girls to save themselves since their numbers have been heavily dwindling for awhile now. I’m beyond confused by the general reactions in this thread. The GS are a better and more successful organization for children in virtually every way afaik. 🤷‍♂️
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    So theyre gonna pass up true talent so they can check another box. Got it.
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    Frasier has only “aged terrifically” if you can suspend disbelief long enough to believe that most women want to fuck mid-90’s Kelsey Grammer, which is a hard ask in these trying times.
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    I’ll be damned if I’m going to share the same tent with some girl with cooties! I’d rather be a man and have 4 of my fellow BOY scouts all huddled in the same tent!
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    Once while kissing @Mr.Vic20, our balls touched. So... that.
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    I just coil it up and rest it next to my thigh, like a cinnamon roll Glazing is optional of course
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    In seriousness, from his Wikipedia page it sounds like it's possible that the only reason he became important in the first place was because the state Democrats probably had to bend a little to keep him happy to keep him from switching parties and handing over control of the state senate to the Republicans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_Northam#Virginia_State_Senate_(2008–2013)
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    I hope they don't stop there. I want it patched into as many of this gen's games as possible.
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    So the plan to combat old racist photos is to disparage the black man that'd take his place, this is all just great.
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    Eh his conclusion on how much better diverse teams are is pretty flimsy. There are far more examples of diversity that did absolutely nothing than there are movies that made $700million+ PR bullshit. “Look at us! Look at us! We’re so diverse.” Go make a successful game with your studio. Show us something.
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    That's why I don't really understand the backlash. Scouting in most countries operates like this where boys and girls go camping, learn to fish, etc. Changing the name and allowing both sexes to do those kinds of activities made the most sense to me. "But they might knock the girls up." Something I actually heard yesterday.
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    @Jason this is why you don't need to post in sports threads, since you don't care enough about sports to read prior posts.
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    Men don't always have an erect penis so it's easy to lay down on your stomach.
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    I'm just amused by the hate. I can't stand Donald Trump. I think Curt Schilling is a hateful dumbass. I still love Boston sports, though.
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    On a related note, I saw something this week that to get ahead of potential disruptions from Brexit, Rolls Royce is now technically a German, not a British, company.
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    This shot is apparently from that very hospital, can you please track and kill this bunny?
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    Yes, but the problem is repeated blows to the head, not that they hit each other harder. In MMA they take one or two of those hits and they're lights out, which the brain can handle better long term. It's the same with football, linemen are the most susceptible to it and while the big hits that cause an obvious concussion are the ones we focus on its the repeated blows that are doing the most damage.
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    I bought the game, I plan on spending time with it this coming week. I work on weekends, so the time I have after work has been playing the Anthem demo. Once it is over it will be KH3 time.
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    He's absolutely right. I'd worry, too, if I had a son, they'd be forbidden from playing football.
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    I'm countless days sober. *awaits upvotes*
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    I'm in the Twin Cities here. I know it's cold when my dog goes in and outside the house to take a piss in 30 seconds. Usually it's a pain to get him to come back inside.
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