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    Let's check in with a TOTALLY RELEVANT elder statesman, shall we? Joe Lieberman says he sees no reason for Northam to resign
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    This would also stop players from quitting back to base after getting the gun they wanted leaving the rest of the squad a man down.
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    I have no clue what the Scouts are like today, but my impression of the Scouts was that they varied greatly depending on where you were. Sure, there are some big get togethers at camps each year, but the vast majority of your time spent is with your local troop, and local troops vary as much schools. There are rich ones and poor ones, troops that are organized and those that aren't, troops that plan cool events and those that do the absolute minimum. There are troops with parents that really make it worthwhile, and others that make it into a chore. Even from year to year it might feel like a completely different experience. My wife's experience with the girl scouts was that it was a completely worthless organization hell-bent on selling cookies and otherwise teaching girls more "classically feminine" skills like baking and sewing. I'm not sure how much that's changed or how much of that was her local chapter, but I think it's safe to say that during our childhood, the two organizations didn't have much overlap in what they did. Both of our experiences with scouting were overall very negative, but if I had a kid I'd still look into it. Maybe the local chapter would be a really good and worthwhile.
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    I mean, this decision has absolutely nothing to do with being inclusionary and everything to do with the Boy Scouts trying to poach girls to save themselves since their numbers have been heavily dwindling for awhile now. I’m beyond confused by the general reactions in this thread. The GS are a better and more successful organization for children in virtually every way afaik. 🤷‍♂️
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    So theyre gonna pass up true talent so they can check another box. Got it.
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    Frasier has only “aged terrifically” if you can suspend disbelief long enough to believe that most women want to fuck mid-90’s Kelsey Grammer, which is a hard ask in these trying times.
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    Once while kissing @Mr.Vic20, our balls touched. So... that.
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    Apparently the med school year book has several more blackface pics in it from other students. It was just peer pressure on poor Ralph.
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    You’re bailing because you have no actual evidence to counter mine as to why the decline in membership started 47 years ago regardless of mormons and are getting frustrated. Got it. Have a great day
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    And up until last week, was thought very highly of across the Commonwealth
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    I think what he's asking is, what you're saying explains much of their issues recently as well as their financial troubles. But from the 70s to the 90s, what was driving the decline? I'm curious as well because I'm not a Scout historian.
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    So the plan to combat old racist photos is to disparage the black man that'd take his place, this is all just great.
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    Those are useful skills that shouldn't be marketed only to girls
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    Eh his conclusion on how much better diverse teams are is pretty flimsy. There are far more examples of diversity that did absolutely nothing than there are movies that made $700million+ PR bullshit. “Look at us! Look at us! We’re so diverse.” Go make a successful game with your studio. Show us something.
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    You might be surprised. It's been a fairly recent, but swift turnaround. As of 2014 the BSA began accepting gay scouts. As of July 2015 they lifted their ban on gay adults as scout leaders. As of January 2017 the scouts began accepting transgender boys into the scouts (they accept whatever gender the person puts on the application to join, regardless of biological sex).
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    It was surprising, and took my breath away! What is life, if not the pursuit of brief, but lingering ecstasy?
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    Girl scouts is a cookie racket. Boy scouts do cool stuff. Easy decision since I have a daughter.
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    Fuck the NFL Fuck Pepsi Fuck Maroon 5 Fuck Travis Scott
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    My cousin, one of our friends, and myself very regularly message each other that specific sound bite. Multiple times a week.
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    I absolutely do but the presence of the Patriots in the Super Bowl lessens my interest significantly.
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    I bought the game, I plan on spending time with it this coming week. I work on weekends, so the time I have after work has been playing the Anthem demo. Once it is over it will be KH3 time.
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    I'm countless days sober. *awaits upvotes*
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    Opinions aren't very useful when there are statistics. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-06-08-50-percent-of-xbox-one-owners-use-backwards-compatibility
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    It shows Dan is a dumbass? Because it sounds like he did through responsible thing if he couldn't verify it.
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    Yeah, but insurance companies are built entirely upon likelihoods.
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    I’m just terrified of getting my ass kicked!
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    Anyone that takes one of these tests is an absolute sucker and they deserve what's coming.
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    I'm in the Twin Cities here. I know it's cold when my dog goes in and outside the house to take a piss in 30 seconds. Usually it's a pain to get him to come back inside.
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    Because you are capable of having normal conversations with people regardless if you agree or disagree with their political positions.
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    The first doctor she spoke to said that she's been experiencing anxiety which her response was "Of course, I know am!" and she started to get very agitated/started to cry. They finally brought in the on-call psychiatrist who evaluated her through a monitor. She said that they had a good conversation and the psychiatrist confirmed that she very much is suffering from PTSD. However, they cannot prescribe medications from that hospital and she has to go to the Inova Psychiatric Assessment Center to obtain the prescription, which is an entirely separate facility in another town. Needless to say, this has only ADDED to her anxiety and totally distraught mood. She's going to try to get the hospital to reduce/waive the bill for this visit as absolutely no real help was provided at all. When she told me all of this, I basically started to cry as well.
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