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    You know what I am sick of? The media phrasing things in the most passive way possible. "Critics say Hitler may be going too far by caging the Jews, but he insists he is only fulfilling the mandate given to him by voters." "Mao has been accused by some of harassing those with opposing views." "Leader Joseph Stalin is praised by many within his own country, yet opponents now accuse him of acting in a controversial way by moving across the border into neighbouring Poland."
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    Can a mod please change the title of this thread to “RedSoxFan9’s Twitter Feed” for accuracy?
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    Warren should be the front-runner if only based on her ability to articulate actual policy and not just spout feel-good babble (Mayo Pete).
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    People are super willing to overlook that Jeffrey Epstein is an anagram for teen spree jiffy. Where other people see coincidence I see evidence.
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    Awww, but @nublood thought you were actually on his side. Poor guy.
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    How dare they classify Coffee as "nonessential"
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    “Something not made for my uses? Stupid garbage, only idiots would buy it!!1!!” - D1P, every time any product is announced.
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    "Personal convenience" Link I can personally attest to the financial constraints as a reason for abortion. It's why my wife had one a year or two ago, before I started my new job. She was at about 6 weeks. Between daycare, servicing all of our student loans, and paying down medical bills from her two hospital stays before giving birth, our first ER visit bill for my daughter when she was an infant, and then the debt incurred from having to deal with unpayed maternity leave, it was not financially possible to have another kid at my then current salary. Even having my wife stop working to take care of two kids would not have been possible without accepting nearly twenty more years of debt servicing on our student loans. So, uh, no thanks. These pro fetus assholes can take a long walk on a short pier. If they really cared about life, they'd make it so giving birth and taking time off for a newborn child aren't so financially burdensome, and that the woman has an actual choice to either return to work with daycare that isn't the amount of a mortgage itself, or can stay at home with the child without plunging their family into poverty (we were and are in a better position than most people, and we wouldn't have gone into poverty but another lifetime of debt shouldn't be the sentence for having a family)
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    Better than shrimp in my cocaine I think
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    The efforts of the pro-Israel lobbying groups and their Republican/Democratic/evangelical Christian allies have effectively controlled the narrative that ANY language used to decry their influence can be construed as falling into the "Protocols" stereotypes, no matter how innocuous. There is simply no way around it, no matter how hard one tries. Hell, if a Jewish individual makes the attempt, they're labeled as "self-hating".
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    Maybe if Trump played Tetris, he could actually learn how to build a wall.
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    RSF bemoans the use of mockery against lower social classes, yet happily utilizes mockery (and worse) against those of higher social classes, completely oblivious to the fact that the latter legitimizes and normalizes the former. It's almost as if once you disregard socials norms and civil discourse, you can't call on them for any degree of protection. Then again, when you are a white, well-educated straight man, why worry? Even in the most toxic of social environments, you are perfectly safe. Enjoy your cruelty, @RedSoxFan9. I'm sure the marginalized groups you purportedly care about enjoy the social environment you love to feed.
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    Clear Winners: Harris, Buttigieg Made a wave or two: Swalwell, Bennet Where they were when they started for good or bad: Crazy lady, Gilibrand, Hickenlooper, Yang Lost a little luster: Bernie Clear Losers: Biden, us the viewers
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    Warren Warriors offer you fresh homemade pie, pour-over coffee, and talk to you politely -but passionately- about why paid parental leave is necessary and feasible. Bernie Bros offer you an open bag of Doritos, a crusty jizz rag to wipe off your face, and blow smoke from an American Spirit in your face while they talk about beheading Jeff Bezos.
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    McConnell has done more to harm America than any terrorist could ever dream of doing.
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    Holy fucking shit Daenerys! I don't get how some of you guys could be disappointed by this episode. This series is not going to have a happy ending. Did you think it would?
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    I think it's more about the idea that people deal with grief and guilt differently, and both of these characters are dealing with similar feelings. It's normal for people to abandon responsibilities, and that makes Luke's (and Thor's) response quite normal, and makes them more like normal people. What makes them heroes again is realizing they were wrong, and responding again to a call for action. I think a lot of people don't like this because they believe that a true hero is always willing to fight and do the right thing. Making Luke more like a real person (flawed) turned a lot of people off.
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    Oh man, I don't think the CEB is ready for the Lucian/Boyle tag-team duo.
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    Their buildings aren't pretty enough, so media coverage of this will be muted compared to last week's orgy of "heartbreak" that accompanied a mere fire where no one was hurt.
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    It's fun to see RedSoxFan make the 'Actually, you just aren't smart enough for me' turn. @Anathema- circa 2016.
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    I pretty much assume the more he hates a candidate the better they actually are in reality.
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    Looks like 3hrs and 2min run-time? As someone on ERA said:
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    Totally clears the President! Thank you!
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    The idea that the story is forgettable seems odd to me. Sure, it isn't going to blow you away or anything, but it's interesting enough and the characters I consider very, very good. They're actually characters! Not just one-note tropes. I know the name of every NPC you can interact with in town, and can recall every single conversation we've had because I've enjoyed them all. You can see the good part of Bioware easily shining through with those elements. It does clash a bit if you're trying to play with friends and you have a really chaotic friend group, but I've done just fine over the years telling my friends that when we're doing story stuff, we're doing story stuff. Rushing doesn't make things more fun. If someone's got a tight schedule, then we can address that at the start so we're all on the same page. I think that's why they made the city a solo instance, so you can focus on doing "you" things. Needs a bit of work to help you get around quicker and into matches faster, but I like the concept. With quicker load times (and faster options to get in and out of missions/to NPCs) then I feel the pacing would be much better and also better suited to grouping with friends for sessions. Kinda silly it's not that way already, but that's the way it goes, I guess. Also, outside of the occasional glitches (I haven't personally seen any but I hear they're delightful) and ambient NPC dialogue around town, the facial animation is REALLY good. People tend to be very convincing in their performances. Body language outside of proper cutscenes (i.e. people walking around vs conversation in one spot) could use some work as people tend to loop their idle animations while talking. And they need to cut down on the menu clutter. Start and select both give you different menus that are stuffed to the brim with things, but almost none of those things help you accomplish tasks quicker, plus the menus themselves are a bit sluggish. Lots of work to be done, but all in all the gameplay I consider to be a complete blast and I care about Anthem lore and characters in these first few days more than I cared about Destiny and Destiny 2's lore and characters after years, and I didn't need grimoire cards to tell me the story! I seriously did not expect to give one single shit about the Anthem world or a single one of its characters. I even care about my character! He's got a personality and everything! You can see the hurt in his eyes in cutscenes that show his face when things go bad! I expected nothing of the sort.
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    Gun ownership has been taken as a symbol of white privilege, something not available equally to all Americans, and so even without the NRA it's a partisan issue for Republicans. The NRA was always nothing more than a vehicle to measure a politician's adherence to the system that puts guns in the hands of white people (while uncritically supporting a police state that effectively bans gun ownership in the black community).
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    **not black but still a hilarious outcome**
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    We should just get rid of Facebook
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