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    Thank you all so very much for this absolutely wonderful bounty! You have absolutely no idea how much this means to me (and Inuk for his new toy and jerky treats!) This community is a very special place and you all are like...no, not like...you all ARE family to me (albeit a slightly dysfunctional one on occasion ) Thank you so very much...I'm actually crying tears of joy right now!
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    There's a good chance Trump spends more time sitting on his ass than FDR did.
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    Boeing 737 crashes California stops the death penalty of 737 convicts 7 + 3 +7 = 17 The seventeenth letter of the alphabet? Q
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    I was wondering if there was a thread in here on the tax return situation. I find it kind of sad and kind of hilarious and I'm going to write many words about it now because this is how I plan on releasing steam after a longstanding embargo of talking politics on any of my own social medias. So! I'm not even going to "I told you so" GOP supporters on this, because, frankly, all working class people are in the same boat and we all got fucked by the new tax law. And that's me fully aware that tax refunds and total taxes paid are not the same thing. I'm just honestly surprised the Pols in Power, who only got into power thanks to their +12 Broadsword of Insincere Populism, didn't realize that the majority of Americans still think refunds = taxes. When I read a year ago that they were planning on messing with IRS withholding tables to try and "fake" wage increases and create support for the tax package before the midterms, I couldn't help but think "Hah, rookie fucking mistake." Classic out-of-touch rich people error, thinking in terms of percentages and not real money, and not having anyone on staff to tell them how regular people view their finances. The GOP is perplexed that the average tax-payer isn't breaking down any TCJA increases to their paychecks, averaging it against health insurance increases and/or decreased deductions, projecting it over four fiscal quarters and then figuring out what the gross increase was before adding in whatever interest gains they prospectively could have gotten if they had invested that $1.50 a week in the private market, which the plan would technically allow them to do, rather than leaving it with a zero-interest IRS withholding account just to get back a year later? Seriously?? I'm bored by that sentence and I just wrote it! I mean, does it make sense on paper? Arguably (could still debate/hate the finer shit-fuck points of the tax law, but just taking the perspective of GOP lawmakers). Do 75% of Americans care? Hell no, they only care about the number they see on the check of the one big financial windfall they get each year (remember, we're not talking about people who by-and-large receive stock dividends, or Christmas bonuses, or fat annual commission checks based on corporate profit). It's the same attitude when Wilbur Ross said he doesn't understand why federal workers were on bread lines during the government shutdown instead of taking out a low-interest loan from a credit union and ask their grocery store to just front them Cheez-Its and diapers on an IOU. That's what someone says who has never lived paycheck to paycheck and doesn't understand how being broke works. That said, while it may pale in comparison to the administration's other offenses, this is the kind of accessible flashpoint that actually can unite both sides of the middle class and hopefully convert more than a few voters. I say this as someone who came from a family of right-wingers who only ever voted that way because TAX CUTS, and nothing else. For a lot of Republican voters, tax cuts are the beginning and the end of the appeal, taking on almost mythical properties. And for many, that number is based on what they see in their refund each year. It's one of the few things that actually defies spin, in a way, because no politician can tell Jerry from Ohio that he has money he doesn't see. Dems actually have an opportunity here to get outraged with everyone who feels they got screwed (whether they did or not), and use it as the most tangible evidence to prove to them that they got conned by Ryan/McConnell et al. Now we just get to see if they use it or fuck it up. [Edited for typos.]
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    I legit fist pumped like 20 times. My pessimism was ill placed. Marvel did it. They told a compelling story in this film, they also tied up so many of the narrative lines of this 11 year journey, and they laid the foundation for future of the series. A magnificent accomplishment.
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    It's a shame JJ will go back to two hours of fan service and head cannon after Rian righteously and awesomely fucked everyone's concept of Star Wars.
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    You're shocked Trump is sympathetic to a gout stricken, overweight leader of a cult of personality with a tragic haircut who boasts about accomplishments that obviously didn't happen? Really? ... REALLY
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    I’m not even outraged, I’m more perplexed by how somebody arrives at the thought you expressed in response to the tweet.
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    This movie just made Thor cosplay so much easier and accessible to the “masses”
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    People blaming Hilary for losing to Trump are letting the real people responsible for his victory off the hook... The American Electorate. The youth and minority vote that couldn't be bothered to show up this time, the Bernie supporters who took their ball and stayed home because their guy didn't win, the Obama voters who flipped to Trump for whatever the fuck reason, and yes the racists and misogynists who couldn't bear to suffer a female president after 8 years of a black one and who wanted to "take their country back". Trump was elected because that's who we were as a country at the time of his election and he is a reflection of that. Yes the Russians interfered but only by taking advantage of the gullible and ignorant. Writing Trump's victory off as Hillary being a flawed candidate is overly simplistic as hell. They're ALL flawed candidates and fewer were more flawed than Trump... yet he beat Hillary and 15 more qualified Republicans in spite of that.
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    Can a mod please change the title of this thread to “RedSoxFan9’s Twitter Feed” for accuracy?
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    You can tell it's fake because nothing is misspelled and it clearly and concisely conveys an easily understood message.
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    Warren should be the front-runner if only based on her ability to articulate actual policy and not just spout feel-good babble (Mayo Pete).
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    Of course Idea’s first two complaints are about the women.
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    The ground rules for this thread will be ABSOLUTELY NO UNMARKED SPOILERS for the first week of the film's release.
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    Thanks so much @SFLUFAN !! and thanks to all those that have given and wished us well, so appreciated! We lost our son {Donnie} on Monday the April 8th after 4 & 1/2 months of fighting Brain Cancer. This is by far the single hardest thing I have ever endured in my life, followed by the lose of our Home in the Camp Fire in California! We are doing better, if there is a better! i have poped in here a few times but just couldn't find anything of interest, sure you all understand. So appreciated to those that helped us in our time of need! I love this site and love you guys! Looking forward to losing myself in some games sometime soon, even though I have 4-5 AAA titles now again, I just can't seem to get into any of them now. Only Fallout 4 has gotten any time from me and it's 20-45 minutes at a time! We now live in Medford, Oregon and the wife is looking hard to find a job though she is on disability from stress thus causing a heart scare. We will heal though I'm sure there is no time table. My other 3 kids are just crushed too, having them to cry with has been the most help obviously. See you all again soon, on better terms thanks so much . . . From; Glenn aka HardAct and the Sullivan Family
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    Look at the fainting spells "respectable" liberals had because she was a little mean to the war criminal Elliott Abrams in his hearing. Yeah, she "owns the libs" and it's goddamned beautiful.
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    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. The massive volcanoes in the northern Tharsis region that deform the curvature of the planet. I watched Phobos and Deimos glitter in the pre-dawn hours before the rising of Sol. All those moments will be lost in time, like the dust of Cydonia in the wind. Time to die.
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    1. Show nip or butthole. 2. Keep job 3. $$$
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    Good thing no one can afford to live alone anymore
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