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    The last day of voting was January 31st. I've counted all the votes, which were scored as follows: 1. Game A : 4 points 2. Game B : 3 points 3. Game C : 3 points 4. Game D : 2 points 5. Game E : 2 points 6. Game F : 2 points 7. Game G : 1 point 8. Game H : 1 point 9. Game I : 1 point 10. Game J : 1 point All games which received any votes are listed here by number of points, from lowest to highest. And now the results: *drumroll* 1 Point Dead Cells Fortnite Hollow Knight Kingdom Come: Deliverance Lumines Remastered Ni No Kuni 2 No Man's Sky NEXT Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn West of Loathing Ys 8 2 Points A Way Out Beat Saber Return of the Obra Dinn SCUM Thronebreaker Yakuza 6 Yoku's Island Express 3 Points Destiny 2: Forsaken Prey: Mooncrash Valkyria Chronicles 4 4 Points Call of Duty: Black OPS 4 Darksiders III Dark Souls Remastered Monster Hunter: World Shadow of the Colossus State of Decay 2 Tetris Effect #15 - #12 (5 Points) Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Destiny 2: Forsaken, Into The Breach, Shadow of the Tomb Raider #11 - #9 (6 Points) Detroit: Become Human, Hitman 2, Jurassic World: Evolution #8 - #7 (7 Points) Dragon Quest XI, Forza Horizon 4 #6 (10 Points) - Assassin's Creed Odyssey #5 (12 Points) Celeste #4 (13 Points) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate #3 (30 Points) Red Dead Redemption 2 #2 (44 Points) Marvel's Spider-Man #1 (57 Points) God of War Thank you to all who voted! This stuff's always fun to do.
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    I actually love that your load out is locked in-mission and that you have no idea what new gear/stuff you earned until afterwards. It stops teammates from sitting around in their menus for 20 minutes checking stats and equipping new crap every few minutes.
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    Then the duck is not racist and we need to hear his side of the story.
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    I pre-ordered this on PS4 today. I only trickle play Destiny 2 now. I get on and shoot a couple of enemies and then wonder why I'm playing then log off. There's nothing to do anymore but chase Destiny 1 weapons. I'm looking forward to min-maxing Javelins and testing out different loadouts. You really can't do that in Destiny. Every character is nearly the same.
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    I can absolutely confirm that this is where I am. I've asked the ER admitting nurse about the bunny and he's given me a funny look.
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    I'm countless days sober. *awaits upvotes*
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    Just finished season 3 of The Last Kingdom 10/10 I fucking love this show, I think I may like it better than Game of Thrones. Love, love, love seeing the strong female characters. Pretty sure I have a new woman crush on Aethelflaed.
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    Heres hoping Cruise survives the production...
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    Man, I really want the President to state that Northam should either resign or be impeached for the photo. Because then and only then, someone with balls will release the tapes of Trump's racist rants from the apprentice. We all know they exist!
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    To play Colossus as intended you need to find and equip Colossus specific Mods. It really boosts the Armor and Shields huge. Makes such a difference.
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    Went to Gamestop tonight and got my CE preordered.
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    His title, Director of Photography. People on the set among others all thought Bale was in the right here, actually.
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    I’m still convinced for the majority of people, even if they say themselves that they really want it, like the idea of BC more than they’ll ever actually use it. I’d love to know the average play time of even those re-released games. I’d bet it’s not high. Personally, I play old games a lot. But most people do not.
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    This shot is apparently from that very hospital, can you please track and kill this bunny?
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    When we left home, he was sleeping on the couch. At 1500, I'll go home for a bit to walk him as I live only 7 minutes away from the hospital.
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    Lol jinx @Mr.Vic20 you owe me some coke
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    I absolutely do but the presence of the Patriots in the Super Bowl lessens my interest significantly.
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    Yes, but the problem is repeated blows to the head, not that they hit each other harder. In MMA they take one or two of those hits and they're lights out, which the brain can handle better long term. It's the same with football, linemen are the most susceptible to it and while the big hits that cause an obvious concussion are the ones we focus on its the repeated blows that are doing the most damage.
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    Patriots - $0 cause I’m broke af 1. Rams TD 2. Patriots FG 3. Fourth 4. No 5. Four 6. 13 - 27 - 41 - 71
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    During his "apology" when Ice Cube was involved, it was pretty clear he was irritated that he was getting called out over the comment to Sasse, and just wanted everyone to move on to something else because he couldn't understand why they were talking about it in the first place. Even under the most charitable interpretation of Maher just being too dense to understand why people keep getting pissed off about these comments, you'd still expect him to at least decide that it's not worth the hassle of dealing with the backlash...if I had to guess it's probably something about viewing himself as shock jock.
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    I always like the Family Guy video they did. Pretty much did it in a weeks time too
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    RE7 had a screenshot of an early RE2 build in a newspaper. Discovered by modders.
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    Personally I found the first time kind of tame, it was mostly cringey because they made a huge deal out of it. This one is perhaps a little more warranted. And I also enjoy watching the show now and then and I WILL hate you for that!
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    Okay I’m really starting to like Colossus. Ranger is my favorite but this big bastard is starting to grow on me. I love the sound he makes when walking and landing. Bad ass. And that rail gun omg.
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    In the past you could buy it if you missed it , I assume you should be able to on this one as well.
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    Gave it a shot today, the initial impressions are: -Graphics are good -Why can't you move faster in the base area? -Combat seemed very generic, not as refined as Destiny 2 and it reminds me of some of the older MMO's I used to play but I can't recall which ones exactly. I was left with a bit of a "meh" feel. -Combat also felt very busy, disorienting and monsters didn't really feel like they "popped out", it also felt like combat was far removed, probably due to the third person perspective. I can't really describe it, but it isn't like normal Destiny 2 or most normal shooters. -Flying is cool but I mouse fly, so need to tune it in a bit better. Either way, it is neat to just fly wherever you want. -Can this be played in First Person? I didn't really look and will assume you can't. -Verticality of levels is a nice break from flat level design. -I didn't really get into the inventory display to be able to change my weapons/armors and look at stats (if they exist). Guessing that opens up as you play or something? No idea. Overall, the game left me feeling "meh". It looks pretty and flying is cool, but it feels very generic and combat is a bit of a mess IMO. I plan to give it a bit more time in the Demo, but so far, what is here doesn't really excite me. Maybe that will change.
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    I quote “Oh, good for you!” in that cadence all the time. Nobody seems to know the reference.
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    $100,000 Patriots 1. Patriots TD 2. Rams TD 3. 2nd Quarter 4. Yes 5. 3 6. 13, 34, 44, 54
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    Bill Maher just isn't clever or funny.
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