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    I think @Mr.Vic20 would be willing to send you some lotion
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    Exactly. Utah will come up with a requirement that you have to be Mormon to be on the ballot. Idaho will demand that you have only eaten freedom fries made from Idaho spuds and never french fries. Texas will require your IQ to be below 75 because they have already set that precedent.
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    I almost feel like making a "the right way to play Anthem" video, showcasing the various ways to engage in combat, including against hordes of enemies. I see a lot of people just kinda standing and shooting like it's Destiny and it's like nooooo dude! You've got so many more options at your disposal that are more fun AND more effective! Also I recommend everyone try at least one mission solo. These early missions are super easy on Normal with a group, but are significantly more challenging solo, which gives you both time and incentive to try out things like using abilities while actively flying, shooting while hover, actually using your L1 and R1 abilities every time they're ready, how to best use your super, how the melee is utterly devastating the higher up you are when you use it (which requires timing to actually land the hit), etc. The game has so much more going on than just flying to get somewhere and then shooting while strafing when you get there. Know what else is has? Defensive options that actually fucking work. Half of Destiny is just getting buttfucked with unavoidable damage because that's how the game is designed, so you're "meant" to take a certain amount of punishment. You can be on your last centimeter of life here against 30+ dudes and come out on top if you're good at flight/dodging/attacking, let alone the ability to use flight to retreat if you happen to not be good enough at that, so you can buy time like that. You don't have to be super amazing to stay alive. Whereas in Destiny is often feels like being super amazing has absolutely nothing to do with whether anyone lives or dies, which I have hated about that game since day 1.
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    Beto O’Rourke says 2020 decision could be months away https://www.politico.com/story/2019/01/25/orourke-2020-decision-months-away-1126571 Damn. This means he's out.
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    Game Informer It’s hard to say whether Crackdown’s comforting familiarity will sustain over an entire game or just a short burst of time. It will depend not just on the structure, but the variety of mission objectives within that structure. Crackdown 3 has a lot to prove, but if its best quality is feeling like a newer, tighter version of the Xbox 360 original, then that might not be the worst thing. Once vaunted as a gaming revolution, Crackdown 3 is another open-world shooter (Polygon) After playing Crackdown 3 for a couple of hours, I come away feeling vaguely underwhelmed. It’s not that Microsoft’s open-world shooter is unenjoyable, or bad. It’s sorta fun. But it doesn’t feel like a creatively daring AAA exclusive. It feels like a compromise. Crackdown 3, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Cloud (Gamespot) Now that I've played Crackdown 3 for a few hours it's easy to identify similarities to the 2007 original, but rather than the campaign stealing the show, it's the competitive multiplayer component that will be my reason for paying attention to Crackdown 3 at launch. Cloud-powered action thrives on Xbox One, yet Crackdown 3 is struggling to gain traction (Windows Central) Crackdown 3 is shaping to be a faithful follow-up to its predecessors, retaining much of the franchise's prior successes. Returning fans should find enjoyment, though it's not poised to solve Microsoft's ongoing first-party woes. Crackdown 3: Part Science Experiment, Part Video Game (IGN) The cloud finally comes to life, but in practice, it doesn’t seem to help make Crackdown 3 a great multiplayer game. Crackdown 3 Preview: Xbox Needs More Exclusive Games Like This (ScreenRant) The Xbox One doesn't lack powerful, brooding titles. That's also not something that will set it apart. Exclusives need to set themselves apart, to offer something that other titles don't or can't. Crackdown 3 might not end up being one of the best games ever made, but that's okay. It's a great exclusive that presents a compelling reason to own an Xbox One, and that's exactly what Microsoft needs right now. Crackdown 3's campaign is good old-fashioned mayhem (PC Gamer) Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the multiplayer. Crackdown 3 Hands-On Preview – Breaking Buildings, Not Ground I’m sure many Crackdown fans are hugely excited for Crackdown 3. After all, it’s been a while in the making’ beside the delays, it’s been nine years since Crackdown 2. According to the team at Microsoft Studios, it promises to be a “true Crackdown experience,” which I’m sure takes someone’s fancy. However, based on the slice of the game I recently had the opportunity to play, I’m sorry to say I won’t be amongst those eagerly anticipating its release. Crackdown 3 lets you take on the final boss at Level 1, Breath of the Wild style (GamesRadar) Four years later, Crackdown 3’s multiplayer Wrecking Zone is a shadow of its former self (VG247) Wrecking Zone is a fun mode, however, and it feels like a perfect competitive multiplayer fit for the gleefully over-the-top, super-powered Crackdown universe. I liked it a great deal, as I did Crackdown 3 in general – though it’s a neutered delivery of the promises made far too early in this console generation when, for a moment, it looked like it could be something truly revolutionary.
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    Literally everytime one of those Hollidays approached. Someone would call HR and ask which day did we have off.
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    No it's a signal of Mitch Mcconnell being a hypocritical piece of shit who has somehow managed to fly below the radar and not be held to account despite actually BEING obstructionist during the Obama years. That fucker contradicts himself almost weekly and no one calls him out.
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    I bought my first house almost fours years ago and my first winter in it, the water line froze. I had the water company come over to defrost it and the guy chastised me for not dripping my water. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Now whenever it gets cold, the water company emails me to drip my water.
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    I always assumed this is why Curly wore a Vaseline filled glove, right?
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    Well just take my money now. Arkham Origins was enjoyable - just glitch as fuck. And not a negative in and of itself, but I swear some of the combat timing in Origins was slightly different than the previous games, so it took some time to adjust especially after I sunk a lot of hours into Asylum and City and replayed them several times close to Origins' release. I like the idea of the Batwing mechanics. I would be elated if you could call it to hover above you and you can use it as a platform (almost) anytime you wanted.
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    Alright, enough of this "Guess the..." shit already. It was fine when it was for bizarre or off-beat stories, but it's being used for serious issues, so it ends now.
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    Jimmy Carter Concerned Desire For Fresh Faces In Democratic Party May Hurt His Chances In 2020
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    I have to say that Claire B really sucks so far right off the heels of finishing Leon A. It's like they knew what would piss me off most about Leon A and preemptively made a whole scenario based on just that. Edit: I take that back. I just had to bend to the game's will instead of the other way around and play on its terms. Started completely fresh on Claire B again the next day with a clear head and it's been way harder but very rewarding.
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    Was that because it included a tax hike to support social services? Heyoooooo