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    Only a racist would page a pedophile.
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    What does 'liberal' mean? What positions should a liberal take? Have liberals taken the same position for the pats 40 years? Are we suggesting liberals and conservatives have consistently had the same positions for the past 260 years in the US? The Blue Dog 'moderate' Democrats all support the ACA now, but it was "moderate" to oppose it in 2009/2010 when it was being debated and passed. In fact, the ACA was attacked as being socialist; now Republicans are falling over one an another to promise that, if they repeal the ACA, they're basically not going to change anything the law does since it's popular. I was far-left for opposing the Iraq War in 2003; now I just have common sense. I was far-left for supporting gay marriage; now you're an extremist for opposing it. "Moderates" used to support civil unions; now most of them are backers of gay marriage being legal. It was considered extremely liberal and out of the mainstream to let gays in the military a few decades ago and Republicans were confidently warning people about the "homosexual agenda." Don't Ask Don't Tell was the "moderate" compromise. Then Don't Ask Don't Tell was supported by Republicans and a full repeal was supported by Democrats, with moderates fully supporting gays serving openly. Ronald Reagan fought against Social Security in the 1960s. Then he raised taxes to preserve it in the 1980s. There's a good chance Medicare-For-All will eventually be seen as a normal position for both parties to take; what is considered far left and moderate always changes, and there's not really room for debate on that since we have tangible, quantifiable evidence. Humorously, many positions considered to be "too liberal" eventually become the mainstay sensible positions that moderates take later and pump their chests out for supporting years after the fact.
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    Expert: Latest Manafort Revelations Could Put Kellyanne Conway in Mueller’s Sights
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    Yea, at the same price with the same performance, getting the card with less features doesn’t make sense to me unless you have something against one of the brands. That’s my point as to why I think lack of RT will hurt it from a sales perspective - at $700 it’s educated PC gamers buying it, not random schmucks looking to maybe get into PC gaming.
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    Hearing that Obsidian's upcoming game is not open world filled me with glee.
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    None - it is literally a "First World Problem".
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    She's trying to still get that Oscar lol... she not only did a song with him but defended him pretty strongly at the time they did it
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    I had to stalk ResetERA for some early impressions on it real quick and I feel like I just cheated on my wife with a dirty hooker.
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    It was pretty fun and underrated. Too bad it wasn't included in the base game and took too long sometimes to join a game because of lack of players.
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    The FE has nothing to do with current MSRP unless you’re trying to say that AMD is incompetent and REALLY bad at being a business? I really do not understand the argument you’re attempting.
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    Well, I'm pretty niche, but Nvidia's Tensor Cores and RT cores means unless there is a big surprise with these AMD cards, I'm going Nvidia.
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    I’ve never played it and I’m super excited! So....it’s fantastic? Me too!
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    Biden would have lost to Trump in 2016 and would lose in 2020
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    That is EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Dare the GOP Senate to reject the 2017 proposal that the Imbecile originally agreed to before the Right spooked him: $X billion for "border security" plus DACA citizenship path.
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    Competitive performance at similar prices with questionable availability. Sounds like AMD's back on top!
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    I haven't heard if they're shooting them back to back. I fear we'll get another modern sci-fi masterpiece that tanks at the box office and then they never make the second part. If you didn't see the tie in short film (5m), that's also worthwhile.
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