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    @Chairslinger @Anathema- @Jason @GeneticBlueprint @Keyser_Soze @legend Fuck, I'm blanking out on who else was in the thread. I know our fallen markot and apoc were but it makes no sense to tag them.
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    Trump appoints Vince Russo as chief of border wall to ensure nobody gets over @SaysWho? @Chairslinger @Hurdyb1 @Firewithin
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    Because that's just a line of bullshit Donald Trump keep repeating in the hopes that his followers are stupid enough to just accept it on face value without actually taking the time to dive into any of the nuance (and they are). There are places along the border where walls would help. They have walls. Border security is something that is good. An actually 2000 mile long physical wall makes no sense and it never has. It's just a symbol of division for cruel and small minded fuckwits and would actually provide no real benefit.
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    Hopefully however many it takes for you to not buy the game so I don't have to read your tantrums in the fuckin RE2 OP thread guy
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    There's a fence on the border. A wall would not only cost money that he hasn't explained how he'd pay for (for some reason, he doesn't get asked this despite blowing up the debt during an economic upturn), but he'd have to use eminent domain to set it up to take private property away to set up something that will be shitty. The hypocritical stance is both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate unanimously passing a spending bill that now Republicans don't want to pass because they view themselves as an arm of the president into of their own branch. If he wants a wall, he needs to do it himself, not throw a temper tantrum and shut down the government over something he was going to sign anyway.
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    I agree with that on an ideological level, especially in this instance, but how does a society practice this on an everyday, individual level? To clarify, that question isn't snark. And I already preemptively regret getting involved in this conversation but this I am curious about as I've wondered about it myself before.
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    Because I reject the entire premise that "two wrongs don't make a right" from the outset
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    The Last Kingdom Season 3: 1000/10 I can’t even deal with how good this show is. Season 3 lived up to hype and was by far the best season so far. I never had a problem with the pacing of the first 2 seasons but the increase to 10 episodes made it even better and allowed time to properly deliver on all the payoffs the show has been building to. This very much felt like the conclusion of a trilogy arc within a greater story. The last 3 episodes were especially fire. I don’t think this show has gotten much recogition in the awards circles but the guy who plays Alfred(forgetting his name) deserves a damn Emmy. Great show, great season, holy hell what a ride. @Emblazon
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    1. I think these things are synonyms 2. and get out of town with the notion that Pakistani Muslims have had remotely similar experiences with the American criminal justice system as black people in this country. There is literally an amendment to the constiution that was created to ensure black people could still be enslaved post emancipation. It’s not the same thing as the general awfulness to other brown people groups. The criminal justice system is designed to harm black people specifically. I still love you
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    You want to the heroes of white boomers to be punished?!?! HOW DARE YOU, SIR?!?
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    You really are a dumbass. So much so it's hard to fathom. I can't imagine what your real life must be like if you talk and behave like you do here.
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    NSFW What in the fucking fuck!? I have questions. Several.
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    It's Ted Cruz wearing the face of Piers Morgan, wearing the hair of Donald Trump.
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    $15 billion for border security in exchange for DACA path to citizenship, and the GOP panics. That's all they needed to do.
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    To be fair, he’s not a very good kicker to begin with
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    Good win by the Chargers that also demonstrated why the Chargers are always a risk to lose big games. Even up a few scores having held Jackson to basically zero throwing yards and the Ravens still had a chance to win at the end.
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    I feel like TSA's screening requirements are never consistent...For example, I've been told I should (1) hold my wallet through the scanner, (2) put it in my bag, (3) put it in a tray. I have been told nothing can be in the bin with my laptop just as many times as I've put things in the bin with my laptop and not had any issues. Going through the expedited line with my dad - who was in a wheelchair - they once made him go through the scanner and once said it wasn't necessary (they also alternatively told me I did and didn't not have to take off my shoes). Obviously it's not revelatory that TSA sucks, but god damn, at least suck in a way that is consistent.
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