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    @Chairslinger @Anathema- @Jason @GeneticBlueprint @Keyser_Soze @legend Fuck, I'm blanking out on who else was in the thread. I know our fallen markot and apoc were but it makes no sense to tag them.
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    I know you're getting swamped with notifications, but I appreciate you talking about it and being open. So here's what I think: Most undocumented immigrants, first, are called undocumented by people who sympathize with them because most of them aren't sneaking into the country. They're here legally first. He makes the wall the centerpiece of his platform, but it's another political maneuver that creates a (bad) solution that doesn't actually solve a problem. We have barriers and checkpoints in place, and the original deal that Trump last-minute rejected put forward plenty of money for increased border security. Border security is fine; it's a basic thing that we need. A wall isn't a solution, nor has he really explained how it's a solution and why it's worth the money he's asking for, and the onus is on him to do so. That's putting aside the fact that shutting down the government because you can't get your idea passed through Congress is a bad way to operate government. Funding the government has been a basic thing forever, but now government shutdowns happen regularly. Furthermore, he's anti-immigration, straight-up. Asylum-seeking is legal; he wants to make it hard/impossible for that to happen. Anti-immigrant groups continue to get larger, and I encounter more Republicans who straight up want to lower immigration or close the borders and look down on people from other countries who want to move here. One even cited freaking climate change (that's a new one from a Republican, for sure) as to why we shouldn't let people into the country. The sentiment against people who "aren't us" continues to get stronger, and it's crazy considering many who say this describe themselves as pro-life or "All Lives Matter" (except for these people).
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    Trump appoints Vince Russo as chief of border wall to ensure nobody gets over @SaysWho? @Chairslinger @Hurdyb1 @Firewithin
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    Shit, if I were a worker there I would be voluntarily giving my DNA to the investigators just so I don't have to put up with questioning or being a suspect later on.
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    I agree with you 100% on this one. The Democrats offering some type of compromise deal, regardless of how generous, allows Trump to claim some type of victory and come out of this looking like the reasonable one to the average idiot. Optics, IMO, are going to be a key factor gearing up for 2020.
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    Yes, I saw the polling data this morning too The problem is that 7% blame the GOP. The objective should be to get that number higher.
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    I think it's worth remembering that despite Trump's request for $5B and then $5.7, any realistic estimate for an actual border wall would be between $20-70B, would involve significant land appropriations under eminent domain, cost $150M a year to maintain, and it would take an untold number of years to build. All that to maybe reduce immigration by 1%, a goal which isn't particularly worthwhile to begin with. It's an unrealistic, overly expensive proposal that would have a minimal effect on a small and declining problem that no competent leader or legislative body should realistically consider.
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    There's a super easy way to illegally live in the country. Just legally enter the country with a passport or a visa and then never leave. That's how the vast majority of undocumented immigrants enter the nation. I'm not sure how a wall helps.
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    But! The wall is TOTALLY different than a fence, but the wall is also a metaphor for whatever you want it to be. The real wall is in our hearts.
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    Democrats’ Response Beat Trump’s Oval Office Address in Preliminary Ratings
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    Because that's just a line of bullshit Donald Trump keep repeating in the hopes that his followers are stupid enough to just accept it on face value without actually taking the time to dive into any of the nuance (and they are). There are places along the border where walls would help. They have walls. Border security is something that is good. An actually 2000 mile long physical wall makes no sense and it never has. It's just a symbol of division for cruel and small minded fuckwits and would actually provide no real benefit.
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    Hopefully however many it takes for you to not buy the game so I don't have to read your tantrums in the fuckin RE2 OP thread guy
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    As opposed to the inevitable "It's only a $5 billion wall. Why are the Democrats holding government funding hostage over a $5 billion wall?" narrative that will eventually make its way into the public consciousness through the media? The way you keep the focus on the Imbecile and the GOP is by forcing them to reject a completely reasonable offer. That's playing offense, not sitting on a lead and playing "prevent defense". I was at UF at in 1994 when we had a 31-3 lead against FSU in Tallahassee going into the 4th quarter so we decided to sit on the lead and play prevent defense. You know what happened? It's gonna be forever known as the Choke at Doak. Let's not have Nancy and Chuck do the same with this opportunity.
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    That could be true, but it clearly is not for the currently Republican party (and Trump). They are actively trying to turn away legal asylum seekers (and slandering them as a mob, or terrorists) who have the right to request asylum at border crossings. They are also trying to reduce legal immigration. To the GOP and Trump, immigration is bad because immigrants from Latin American countries tend to vote for Democrats more than Republicans, so therefore they are bad. Immigration is actually great for the US, however, and is the reason why the US is as powerful as it is. If the US had had its current government's stance to immigrants throughout its entire history, then the US would probably only be along the eastern coastline with a population of 30 million, and the rest of the continent would belong to some combination of Canada, a New France, Mexico, etc. There is almost no situation where immigration is bad for a country as large as the US. China's population is set to peak in 2029. From that point on they are going to experience some terrible economic shocks as their population begins ageing rapidly (the same problem facing Japan, Russia, etc). The nations which will own the latter-half of the 21st century will be the ones who are open and continue to grow. Eventually the world will settled into a global-reducing population (very late 21st century, projections show, at around 11-12 billion), but even then some countries will continue to grow as people continue to flock there. I can tell you for a fact that the current anti-immigration attitude in the US is benefiting Canada greatly. Canada is now effectively poaching a huge amount of talent that would normally go to the US, especially in the fields of software development, and especially from places like India. At the same time, it is also accepting a gigantically larger proportion of asylum seekers than the US. Basically, if you open your borders to all, then all will want to come. If you close it so some but not others, then the others are dissuaded because of the atmosphere it creates.
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    I think drug cases are definitely ones in which black jurors may let a guilty man go as an act of dissent against a system that has abused black people repeatedly.
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    But they are, at this point in time, symbolically acceding to the wall. That's how it will be seen, and that's important. I disagreed with the deal they offered in 2017 as well. But under a Republican controlled Congress I was willing to accept it, but with Democrats in charge of the House now? No way.
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    Then why is the administration also making legal immigration harder?
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    Democrats have never wanted a wall. "The Wall," as pushed by Trump, is a concrete (or glass, or steel, or artistically designed slats) tall wall along the entire American-Mexican border, which would require not only a huge amount of money, but would also require seizing land from American landowners. In some areas (say, where a city adjoins the border) a wall makes sense. But for thousands of kilometers of empty desert/bush it doesn't, as you can climb a 12-foot concrete wall just as easily as an 8-foot fence (just use a rope or ladder). Democrats have been in favour of additional border security (patrols, drones, etc), but a wall literally does nothing unless you are actively there all of the time to monitor it.
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    Put all NSMB games in one package a la Super Mario All Stars and sure.
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    Trump proposed a long wall along the border. He sold this as something that would solve border problems and it was also something that wasn’t going to cost the American taxpayer anything. Mexico paying for it was an integral part of his pitch for the wall. Since he realized he lives in the real world he’s started moving the goalposts to Mexico paying for it using some economic rationale that his people can’t even explain and downgrading the concrete wall to fencing. His supporters go along because let’s face it, if you still support Trump now you’re never going to not support Trump.
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    There's a difference between shoring up the wall that's already in place and using eminent domain to seize private land and build a wall there. We're talking about building a wall right down the middle of ranches and other protected lands. We're also tlaking about building a wall in places where one was never needed because natural obstacles already exist.
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    There's a fence on the border. A wall would not only cost money that he hasn't explained how he'd pay for (for some reason, he doesn't get asked this despite blowing up the debt during an economic upturn), but he'd have to use eminent domain to set it up to take private property away to set up something that will be shitty. The hypocritical stance is both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate unanimously passing a spending bill that now Republicans don't want to pass because they view themselves as an arm of the president into of their own branch. If he wants a wall, he needs to do it himself, not throw a temper tantrum and shut down the government over something he was going to sign anyway.
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    I agree with that on an ideological level, especially in this instance, but how does a society practice this on an everyday, individual level? To clarify, that question isn't snark. And I already preemptively regret getting involved in this conversation but this I am curious about as I've wondered about it myself before.
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    Because I reject the entire premise that "two wrongs don't make a right" from the outset
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    The Last Kingdom Season 3: 1000/10 I can’t even deal with how good this show is. Season 3 lived up to hype and was by far the best season so far. I never had a problem with the pacing of the first 2 seasons but the increase to 10 episodes made it even better and allowed time to properly deliver on all the payoffs the show has been building to. This very much felt like the conclusion of a trilogy arc within a greater story. The last 3 episodes were especially fire. I don’t think this show has gotten much recogition in the awards circles but the guy who plays Alfred(forgetting his name) deserves a damn Emmy. Great show, great season, holy hell what a ride. @Emblazon
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    1. I think these things are synonyms 2. and get out of town with the notion that Pakistani Muslims have had remotely similar experiences with the American criminal justice system as black people in this country. There is literally an amendment to the constiution that was created to ensure black people could still be enslaved post emancipation. It’s not the same thing as the general awfulness to other brown people groups. The criminal justice system is designed to harm black people specifically. I still love you
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    Yeah, it's a really good 2D style platformer. I'd pay for it if I didn't already own it on Wii U.
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    If you wind up keeping it you can get a discount by presenting your Delta Skymiles number, even if you don't fly Delta just make an account and you'll get a discount. IIRC you need to do the free trial without your Skymiles number and then attach it afterward. I haven't really found it particularly useful but maybe I'm not flying at the right times (one time I got hosed by the Precheck line being closed but that hasn't happened since). If you do this to avoid needing an ID in February specifically, you should probably go while TSA will still take your ID.
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    Competitive performance at similar prices with questionable availability. Sounds like AMD's back on top!
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    This is just Tencent telling its two companies to play nice.
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    I've never played it, so I'm in.
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    Thanks for that. That reminded me that this is one of my favorite drawings from him:
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    You want to the heroes of white boomers to be punished?!?! HOW DARE YOU, SIR?!?
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    You really are a dumbass. So much so it's hard to fathom. I can't imagine what your real life must be like if you talk and behave like you do here.
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    NSFW What in the fucking fuck!? I have questions. Several.
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    It's Ted Cruz wearing the face of Piers Morgan, wearing the hair of Donald Trump.
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    $15 billion for border security in exchange for DACA path to citizenship, and the GOP panics. That's all they needed to do.
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    To be fair, he’s not a very good kicker to begin with
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    Good win by the Chargers that also demonstrated why the Chargers are always a risk to lose big games. Even up a few scores having held Jackson to basically zero throwing yards and the Ravens still had a chance to win at the end.
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    I feel like TSA's screening requirements are never consistent...For example, I've been told I should (1) hold my wallet through the scanner, (2) put it in my bag, (3) put it in a tray. I have been told nothing can be in the bin with my laptop just as many times as I've put things in the bin with my laptop and not had any issues. Going through the expedited line with my dad - who was in a wheelchair - they once made him go through the scanner and once said it wasn't necessary (they also alternatively told me I did and didn't not have to take off my shoes). Obviously it's not revelatory that TSA sucks, but god damn, at least suck in a way that is consistent.
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