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    Rich people don't care if I grovel in the fucking dirt due to medical expenses, so I don't care if they get taxed 105%. Fuck 'em.
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    Don't look at me: I'm not suggesting in the least that my harsh marginal rate is to pay for green projects. My rate is pretty much intended to make the piggies at the trough squeal a little bit.
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    Moderate independents are overall fans of taxing the rich and a clean environment. If we're suggesting that taxing rich people like we used to in the 50s (actually less than we did IIRC) is communism or close to it, then somehow we were a democratic socialist country in the 50s and I missed it. I don't know why Republicans/conservatives/libertarians always give advice on how Democrats should win and not scare off independents and what not to talk about. Apparently Dems were supposed to lose again to them before nabbing 350 state legislative seats, 8 governors' mansions, and 41+ House seats in the past two years despite a bunch of them touting Medicare-for-All and pro-environment policies to counter the really shitty anti-business/anti-economy/loose regulation policy that's been shitting up the environment and scaring people away from areas that need a good environment to thrive. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    If the trailer for CIVIL WAR spoiled Gi-ant Man I would have been PISSED. His reveal was one of the most happy surprises I’ve seen on the screen in years.
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    I still remember vividly that when I went to see the Goosebumps movie with my (then) 6-year old son, he turned to me during a scene where they were in a supermarket and whispered in my ear... (here comes the werewolf, I remember it from the trailer). I think the big problem is that they frequently show all the money shots. How much more fun would the giant ant man scenes in ant-man and the wasp have been if they didn't show us every single one in the trailer? I'm not saying they should keep everything a secret, but they've gone too far lately. The needle has swung too far to the left and needs an adjustment. I have a hard time understanding people who seem to be arguing that it's a good thing to show a bunch of spoilers in a trailer.
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    When anti-spoiler culture devolved to considering video game review scores as spoilers, I immediately became a contrarian on the matter. I hope all of your favorite properties are spoiled for you folks.
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    That stuff isn't for him
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    The response of some black folks to black men who are clearly guilty is absolutely in response to being under the unjust yoke of the criminal justice system in this nation for its entirety. It’s a sad situation because the response to injustice shouldn’t be more injustice, but it is understandable that a black person who has quite likely at minimum known a friend or family member abused by our justice system would feel good about undermining it when they get the chance.
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    We can be sure it wasn't Man of -I wasn't good enough to beat Bloodborne- Culture then. Right, @SaysWho?
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    I'm on media blackout for this, the first trailer is all I needed to see. I'm getting this shit day fucking one, my dudes.
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    I've trained Markov Q-learning agents that are more rational than Molyneux. This is a really funny joke if you work in reinforcement learning.
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    I mean... kind of? 2016 sucked and was horrible and we’ve got issues but this whole “the continued existence of HRC and the mere discussion of progressive policies will doom Democrats in 2020” is a BIT much.
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    I hope it's just a video clip of him saying he owns the shutdown every time he's said it. I hope Pelosi calls him a pussy.
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    When I saw that you quoted me, I went to find this exact tweet before you did to show it to you, and now here we are.
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    I agree that a carbon tax plus "soak the rich" is the best combination!
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    Carbon tax and allowing big write-offs for investing in green energy sound like big winners. I'm just tired of removing regulation after regulation to help rich assholes. I don't want vague, "We'll look at it," ideas. We gave Rick Scott a promotion here after he slashes regulations, including on septic tanks, and now those septic tanks are so dirty and disgusting that they contributed to our blue-green algae bloom. Even I've felt more like a populist in recent years with shit like this, especially the more I talk with rich people (who are in high quantities in this state) who grew up with daddy buying boats for them and never lived in an apartment who tell me, "It's not about how much money you have. You don't need it to be happy!" Fuck off. I find more diplomatic ways to tell them that.
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    Americans hate the word socialism, but support many socialist policies. It's the same way they hate being called racist, but love being racist.
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    Rather than tank election prospects it would appear that she’s juiced legitimate discussions over a) what marginal tax rates are, b) what is really appropriate, c) whether it’s enough, d) a reminder of America’s prosperous past with high top marginal rates, and e) skewering Republican’s decades long disinformation campaign to confuse people over how they get taxed. It would seem that rather than harming Democrats chances she eating the republicans for fucking lunch. This is how I want all Democrats talking to the media.
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    On another note, I bought LaunchBox/BigBox and have started setting that up. All those Epic Games Store freebies convinced me to look beyond Steam as a library manager. No regrets at all. It’s so much better than Big Picture Mode. I’ll post a thread about it later.
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    I definitely track the specific scenes in my head (like 'hey, wonder when that one scene will be coming up' or 'x is about to happen next in this scene') But I can't say I've ended up disappointed that something was 'spoiled', since the context and overall narrative changes things so much. Case in point (about to mention God of War, I'll tag it for the spoiler chuds): Knowing what to expect doesn't have to negatively affect enjoyment, otherwise large swaths of human life would be vastly different. Media culture, and in particular nerd culture, just seems to have a hard on for MIND BLOWING reveals, and anything short of that is a disappointment.
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    Supreme Court refuses to block mystery grand jury subpoena
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    @Kal-El814, I'm mixing all the dough right now. You aren't allergic to eggs, are you?
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    I did a little more reading. The port *is* the same. Higher bandwidth support is achieved by two means: increase the clock rate on each channel (the most straightforward thing you can do) *and* allow for a new data format that allows embedding the timing information in each respective channel. By changing to that data format, they're able to use a channel that was previously dedicated to timing information for data. The clock rate isn't an issue (in that we don't need to transmit on a higher clock rate since we've resigned ourselves to low-bandwidth). The data format might be depending on how flexible Nvidia made their GPUs. However, even then that's only an issue *if* using VRR requires transmitting data in the new format. It need not, but I haven't yet found an answer to that.
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    Jonathan Karl definitely fact checked the shit out of Mike Pence today. No wonder he's called Mike Dense. EDIT: Holy shit, I just watched that other video. Back in the gimp cage for you Pence.
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    The Ragnorok trailer is basically a 2-minute cut of the film.
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    If this doesn't put gun owners under the guillotine its a hard no from me.
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    Your expression of ocular interaction is appreciated; however, its duration was 0.5 seconds longer than optimally necessary.
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    Of course! Of all the more capitalist people who have ever posted here, you're one of the few whose intentions I trust.
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    If the end result is they have less to control all the wealth and that their failure doesn't necessarily mean we're fucked since 11 men won't control half the economy, then I'll be thrilled. We already went through that in 2008.
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    Being from Canada, you should know that what the Americans here are hoping for is still to the right of what Canada has had for what, 50+ years? True our university isn't totally free, but it's very heavily subsidized (and free in many provinces if you are under a certain family income), and we have universal healthcare. Canada is a much better place to live as a result, on average.
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    Not smart, Cyberpunk already has all the 2019 GOTY awards wrapped up.
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    Mike Pompeo is looking more and more like he's been subjected to whatever Magneto did to Senator Kelly in X1.
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    Just think, this could have been Bernie but he blew it.
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    Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman would like a word about that.
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    Hmmm, right, good point! I keep thinking it does, mainly because I've been eyeing a move to a 4K 120Hz OLED. HDMI 2.1 will be needed strictly from a bandwidth perspective, but I keep erroneously included the bevy of other features as if they require the HDMI2.1. It would appear that my techo greed hem is showing!
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    Anything with vitamin C.
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