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    This is who Pelosi has ALWAYS been... not sure why folks are so surprised now. She's always been sharp and an effective politician.
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    It was a super fun movie and while the quality varied a little there wasn’t anything that happened that I could say I didn’t like. The tonal shifts reminded me of some Chinese flicks I’ve seen (particularly Stephen Chow’s JOURNEY TO THE WEST, which also blends high adventure and fantastic horror) so maybe not all that surprising that it’s doing so well there. Momoa is a potential megastar, I hope he has a better agent than The Rock. Heard is fine but the role doesn’t ask a lot from her so she can’t really stretch her acting legs here. Great to see Lundgren really getting back into the swing of things, and turns out he’s a great actor too (although again this role doesn’t have a lot for him). Really enjoyed Wilson as Orm, we get to see some more of his range here, I really bought Orm as being driven by a sadness over what’s happened to his mother and his land (sea). Yahya was quite menacing, doing that with just your voice ain’t easy. AQUAMAN is basically all I ask from a superhero movie — that it do at least the minimum to have an engaging story with something to say and have some fun telling the story. It was more than the minimum too and wound up being quite a nice time in the theater. Wan is particularly talented with action sequences and atmosphere and takes a movie that’s pretty good and at times elevates it to greatness.
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    Don't Republicans call him "Mike Dense" behind his back? Also, the reason Manafort most likely told Trump to pick him was because he would be like the gimp from Pulp Fiction.
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    The funny thing is I remember when Dems won in 06 and people were worried her as a leader would hurt Dems because the party would look too liberal. Now it's AOC and she's not a leader.
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    I think it has a lot to do with the fact that 8 years ago most of us probably weren't as engaged, I had never voted yet for example, so most of us probably see her as helpless and hurting the party, not understanding that she was out of power and couldn't do anything.
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    Bullshit. Pence has repeatedly been described as dumb as shit. Why would you presume he has any savviness whatsoever? https://hyperallergic.com/339631/vice-president-elect-mike-pence-made-strange-comic-strips-while-in-law-school/
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    What if Pence is actually negotiating with Congressional leaders on Trump's eventual impeachment and conviction???
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    That guy looks like Moby gave up on life.
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    It’s a really good and scary horror experience that was dropped out of nowhere with a collective effort to figure out its arbitrary progression.
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    Shouldn't Mitt Romney, CEOs and Hedge funds that kill companies to sell for parts be charged with murder?
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    kinda makes me want to see the Hollywood version of this... just to see the design meet its full potential... As for Gamera, it irks me that the 3 Gamera movies from the 90s are significantly superior to the majority of all Godzilla movies (save the top 5 or so)..
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    Well if they do, you should murder them back because fairs fair!
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    We are waiting for our wedding pictures probably another week. But we have plenty of Disney familymoon vacation pictures!
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    I would personally keep the tv you have now unless you have a ton of 4k content ready to watch and play. I'm using a plasma TV from 2013 that l still get compliments on all the time whenever somebody comes over. We have a 43" LG 4k HDR tv in the bedroom that usually just streams Netflix. It was a cheaper set so while I can notice the resolution difference, it still isn't THAT amazing especially compared to my plasma that has much better blacks. I'll only replace my plasma someday with an oled or a really high end Qled from Samsung.