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    Sam Harris self-deplatforming in the name of solidarity with racists and misogynists is fucking hilarious.
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    I understand why a POC would look up to the Obamas but in general admiring politicians is fucking gross.
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    The names on those lists make me want to shoot myself.
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    I don't see this as a way to nullify the 2016 election, the damage is already done and you can't walk back from that. Yet to say we should hope there was no tampering is also a horrible way to look at this. I look at this as an exercise in that if something illegal was done to tamper with the elections/democracy that the system is healthy enough to charge and convict those who broke the law. For the most part mueller and his team have been doing just that. It's very important that this works specially with all the fuckery we've seen in state elections over the last election.
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    Not sure if it was in legends or not, but I thought I had read that Plagueous performed amd experiment/ritual to make himself ...and I think Sidious stronger in the Darkside. It failed, but the disturbance was felt by many Jedi, and the Force reacted to it by creating a chosen one. Personally, I like this quite a bit more than the idea that Anakin was created by Sidious or his master.
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    I don't trust demos after the last few years myself actually. I bashed Prey after playing the demo and it ended up being one of my favorite games of the past few years for example. I just think in general that a game like DMC that is pure skill-based gameplay will demo awkwardly.
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    I don't trust demos, and we'll see what reviews bring, but DMC as a game series is unique and to finally get a sequel to DMC 4 (and technically chronologically the first one finally set after DMC 2) after 10 years is awesome.
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    I just think DMC games will demo like shit and that's unfortunate. The bottom line is that just moving gracefully and quickly is a skill on its own in DMC and takes a bit of time to get down. I love that about it but every time I go back to DMC3 after a few years, it always takes me a bit to get back into the groove of things. I think Sekiro is going to be the real fucking deal, no doubt in my mind. It looks like the best aspects of the first Tenchu, Bloodborne and Ninja Gaiden all in one and the specifically name-dropped Dark Souls 1 for the world design. I can't even wait man...
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    I mean, do you really...really...wanna know? For example, I will never be able to read any of @Dodger's posts the same way again.
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    "Just isn't for you" is the 2018 version of "go fuck yourself, you tasteless cunt". I respect that.
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    You're also a more reasonable, balanced human being than myself. I somehow have a scorned mobster mentality against Capcom for doing me like that on SFV. In its defense, from what I saw they gave you the bare bones set of moves to work with which in DMC3 for example feels boring and awkward until you get to buy some essentials. Unlike SFV, I actually have a pro-DMC agenda so I'll pick that up Day 1.
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    I was a Genesis kid and played the original 3, so I'm basically obligated to get this day 1.
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    If the person you admire most in the entire world is Donald Trump, feel free to kill yourself.
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    I really have a stick up my ass about SFV to be honest. It's petty, but the fact they shipped such a bare bones bullshit product for full price upon release that didn't even include an Arcade mode...just no, keep it, my single-player self will just play the fifty billion other amazing Street Fighter titles again. Monster Hunter World really still interests me but I'm a bit worried about what a time sink it'll be honestly. I can only afford like one or two games of that magnitude per year time-wise. Looks awesome though.
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    This thread title sounds like the premise for a very boring Horror movie. Shoes and socks are one of the things I am going to miss brick and mortar stores for. Most things I am not too picky about, and you usually find better deals online for anyway, but I have a hell of a time finding the right shoes. Can't imagine trying to find the right ones online.
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    Hasn't stopped Trump before. I mean just last week Trump said within a few minutes that we need a wall because the border isn't secure, and that the border is secure.
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    Let me tell you, it looks ridiculously good and I was incredibly skeptical. Getting the Deluxe Edition for the OG soundtrack.
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    He really hates him but he didn't punch him in the face while sitting beside him at Bush's funeral. He has his limits, my man.
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    Perhaps the racists/misogynists should "man up" by accepting that they're not owed a platform instead of being whiny.
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    Reading up on it, apparently this was also an issue with the original, since while the spell is only needed for the Shadow Temple in that version, it's not amazingly well telegraphed. The first Great Fairy does tell you she has a sister at Hyrule Castle (they each give a hint about the next) but that's not really the same as "HEY BRO THIS IS IMPORTANT." I think someone at Castle Town also brings it up, maybe? I imagine it was a lot more likely you'd have found the spell by the time you got to the Shadow Temple, as I think you do the Fire Temple quite a bit earlier, so the Master Quest probably assumes you played the original first and are somewhat familiar with it. But I totally agree, I hate that kind of thing. You don't even feel bad for looking it up, just annoyed that it was something you'd never consider in a million years. To my knowledge, there's nothing else like that in the game, but it's been a long time since I played Master Quest.
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    First Christmas in a long time I only got 2 games!! given the circumstances that's plenty too . . . Thanks to @SFLUFAN I got Battlefield V for PC {laptop} and a copy of Monopoly for Switch!
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    Waypoint Lists Austin Walker 10. Sea of Thieves 9. Tetris Effect 8. Frozen Synapse 2 7. Ashen - @Nokt 6. Valkyria Chronicles 4 5. No Man’s Sky Next 4. Monster Hunter: World 3. Into the Breach 2. Heaven Will Be Mine 1. BattleTech Rob Zacny 10. Frostpunk 9. Sea of Thieves 8. Return of the Obra Dinn 7. Armored Brigade 6. Northgard 5. Valkyria Chronicles 4 4. Forza Horizon 4 3. Tetris Effect 2. Vampyr 1. BattleTech Natalie Watson 10. Picross S2 9. DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE 8. Sea of Thieves 7. Monster Hunter: World 6. Into the Breach 5. Fortnite 4. Minit 3. Bloodborne 2. Undertale 1. Hollow Knight Ricardo Conteras Return of the Obra Dinn BattleTech Into the Breach Life Is Strange 2 – Episode 1 Dragon Ball FighterZ Deltarune Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Destiny 2: Forsaken Hollow Knight Monster Hunter: World Danielle Riendeau 10 - Iconoclasts 9 - Donut County 8 - Assemblance: Oversight 7 - Minit 6 - All Our Asias 5 - Hitman 2 4 - Dandara 3 - Life is Strange 2 Episode 1 2 - Prey: Mooncrash 1 - Into the Breach Patrick Klepek 10. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden 9. Monster Hunter World 8. God of War 7. Dead Cells 6. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit 5. Spider-Man 4. Hollow Knight 3. Vampyr 2. Astro Bot 1. Celeste Cameron Kunzelman 10. Magic: The Gathering Arena 9. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 8. Circle Empires 7. Paratopic 6. SkateRide 5.5 Dead In Vinland 5. Northgard 4. The Haunted Island, A Frog Detective Game 3. Hitman 2 2. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom 1. The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved The World
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    I got Fist of the North Star for PS4, The Xcom 2 Bundle and Thronebreaker both for Xbox. Also a 4TB Hard Drive.
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    It totally worked I got it cheap like $38 after taxes
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    I played Fortnite for about a week. Had a blast but then was over it like that.
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    So we're not believing Cohen now? I thought we were now that he was cooperating with Mueller.
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    Wait you mean people grabbed their dicks and started pumping too quickly on this topic? Well I do declare.
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    You don't have to pay with the wallet app. You can just scan it for the Cartwheel then pay like you normally do. But of course, you can save an extra 5% with a Red Card! There are credit and debit options available, and when integrated with the Target Wallet, saving has never been easier!
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    Leadership really needs to punish these people. Reduction in rank, at the very least.
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    Kidding aside, no new games but I did get an airbrush and a compressor for painting!
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    No presents at all, my wife and I just finalized buying a business last week. I mean I guess that's a game in a way...
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    I think the bigger issue is that most of America are not intellectuals who are willing to actually listen, REALLY listen, to the opinions of others and be open to changing their views on things. Sometimes you need to shut up and listen instead of yelling out your opinion. If you can’t listen with an open mind then you can’t have an engaging productive conversation about these things.
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    I am kinda getting tired of legitimate criticism of Islam being turned into "you're a xenophobe and a racist." Yes, some people who hate Islam are racist, but you can voice serious criticisms and not be a racist. I just criticize all religion, regardless of tue color of the adherents.
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    The worst is when the rest won't come out until you've been standing for a minute or two.
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