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    I have a philosophy degree from the top ranked program in the entire world, so I'm eminently qualified to say you are all dumb and should shut up.
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    Wait, your name is literally Kenny G? Everything suddenly makes sense.
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    Thanks Bryan and Tricia love you
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    You didn't wear your wedding dress all day? You could have gone on splash mountain Florida version and had an epic pic.
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    Anzo and his magical mystery arm!
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    ITT a discussion about racism that gradually becomes several pages of honkeys arguing about what should/shouldn't be considered racist behavior, minus viewpoints of users who have experienced systemic racism.
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    When they renew their vows she'll wear a wedding tiara with her hair up.
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    You guys looked great! And like you mentioned that wind wasnt going to quit on your hair lol. Congrats!
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    Oops I read your post from email and didn't realize Emblazon already posted
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    I'm not sure when we will have our wedding pics but I have couple Emblazon took.. I love this one it was after photo session where I took off the vail that didn't cooperate in the wind. At one point my dress was flying and bunch of leaves were on my dress, in my hair amd eyes. We had to pick em all off before continuing on And we sneeked in a selfie Anzo has a cooler pic from last night of is three not sure if he wanted to post or not.
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    I finally got a job in IT! I just got hired for an L1 service support position. Just had my first week there and I have been enjoying it. A refreshing environment than what I am used to. Everyone is super friendly. Even when I went to my interviews I noticed people just making conversations in the elevator even when on different floors and departments. I'm really glad that I chose to make the career change sooner than always holding it off because I didn't feel ready to go back to school. I definitely recommend anyone that wants to find a better place to work to make that effort.
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    Ads aren't that bad. I ain't paying to use YouTube.
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    Another job for Mick Mulveney
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    Because either the left or moderates will have their heads so far up their own asses that they'll sit it out/ vote third party and some dumbasses may even vote Trump. Fight it out now, get over it and then support the only opponent with a chance
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