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    The independent governor of Alaska dropped out and is endorsing the dem candidate because a three way race would given the race to the republican.
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    I've never watched the purge flicks, only caught bits and pieces of the first one on TV, but dang I've been DVRing the series and finally got around to starting it the other day. Now 5 episodes in I have to say this is surprisingly good and surprisingly brutal for USA network.
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    No offense but that chair looks like it was pulled from some high school kids 88 honda civic with a coffee can exhaust.
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    I'm voting for the GOP candidate for Oregon governor. He's not a Trumpkin, so he's got that going for him. Plus his first name is Knute. There a school bond on the ballot this year: $235 million to build 3 new grade schools and a new high school. The bond length is 50 years, so with interest it will end up costing around $500 million for a town of 14,000. Our county already has one of the highest property tax rates in Oregon, and this will make it even higher for those in within the district boundaries. As much as I want to see our schools replaced, I'm not sure this bond the way to go about it. I'm leaning towards voting no on this one.
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    They could also easily replace Dave Bautista just like they did with Terrence Howard.
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    I always love it when these scandals take a week to come out with a "She's from Canada, you wouldn't know her" level excuses.
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    I run 20-25 minutes 5 days a week. If I don't, I feel like garbage and stress/anxiety starts to overtake me (along with chronic pain).
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    There won't be a vacuum, there just won't be a single global hegemon like post-WWII USA has been.
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    “So, I’m speaking now for the people of California” As a native Californian, I can very much assure you that is not the case.
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    I’ve flirted with the idea of buying a gaming chair but they are pricey for what they seem they are. Maybe someday.
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    Andrew: "Loot crates. They make people spend more money to enjoy a better version of the game." Bob: "What?" Andrew: "Like when you go to Magic Kingdom, and you pay for a ticket, and you think you get the same experience as every other visitor, but the resort guests still get into the park an hour earlier than you, so the lines are still at a 90-minute wait, even though the park just opened. So if you want to actually ride a lot of rides without the NOW LIMITED NUMBER of fast passes you're allowed, you have to pay extra to stay in a resort." Bob: "Ah, gotcha!" Kathleen: "But do these loot crates benefit lesbians and blacks more than white men?" Andrew: "No, Kathleen. The odds don't change depending on race, gender, or sexual orientation." Kathleen: "I'll pass."
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    This too. Buckle up buttercups... we're gonna look back at the late 20th Century early 21st Century as "The Golden Years"
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    I think there is a lot more room for mediocrity with dark tones and much less room for greatness. Having a generally light tone helps make the serious and dark moments stand out better, but having a dark tone often discourages the player from feeling attached to what is happening in the game. Personally, I can think of very few games that commit to a dark tone and pull it off masterfully. Off the top of my head, all I can think of is Kentucky Route Zero. Also, dark games are generally more susceptible to the garbage storytelling that has been endemic to video games since the beginning.
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    I like to vote in person so I can get into shouting/shoving matches with the opposing candidate's supporters.
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    Ive been revisting one of my favorite hardcore/metalcore bands from Flordia - Morning Again. I broke out their compilation album called Hand of the Martyr which includes both Hand of Hope LP and Martyr EP. I never got to see them live back in the day. I went to see them once and they had to cancel. A band from NJ called "For the Love Of" filled in for them and they were fucking amazing. One of my favorite metalcore bands. They recently reformed to record some new music and will be touring...and I am not fucking missing them this time.
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    My takeaway from all this is I'm going to end up wasting time, replaying missions, and reloading saves because my horse died.