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    What a shock that he’s refusing to pull out.
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    As a PC & Switch owner, this is how my year watching PS4 has been going. Start of year looking at existing exclusives on PS4 (Uncharted, HZD, Last Guardian, Bloodborne) God of War releases E3 videos for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Last of Us Part 2 Spiderman releases Red Dead 2 previews
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    Has anyone ever seen her birth certificate to verify that she's ACTUALLY a woman?
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    I hate that everything in this administration needs to be ever, in history, of all-time. Like, it’s alright to give a good speech.
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    No, Bumblebee is just a standalone film within the same universe. Paramount wanted its own cinematic universe, but Last Knight flopped which scrapped those plans. Bumblebee was too far along in production to cancel it. To address your second point, Last Knight retconned that point and made the Transformers part of Earth's history. https://screenrant.com/bumblebee-movie-transformers-reboot/
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    They really forgot about Dre, didn’t they. The irony tree, as always, bears bitter fruit.
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    Remember when the world wasn't going to laugh at us anymore? Now they do it for real and to our faces,
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    I am of the opinion that judges should essentially be "legal monks/nuns": - unmarried, no children - locked away in courthouses doing nothing but studying, considering, and discussing the law every day when they are not presiding a case - never be seen or heard from in public, and the only words you will ever read from them are their legal decisions In essence, their entire existence would be devoted to the law in the same way that the existence of a monk or nun is devoted to God.
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    I got tired of loose portable cartridges last night and found some things to print on thingiverse for storage and organization. Im currently doing the same for the other loose carts.
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    He reported 8 shots fired 17 minutes ago near where he lives. Said he would get back to us if he is dead or not and 17 minutes later still no response. Does vic run this place again now?
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    It's been reported you can get a seed of light this week from making an offering to the Oracle
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    Fixed. Though I will be putting up new pics hopefully later today. My leadbeltcher was old and I didn't shake it enough so some parts came out really dark. I bought a new leadbeltcher last night on a whim and will do another pass on everything.
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    The most popular Star Wars stuff is kid friendly, and the animation looks good. Between that and Alien Gunner shitting on it, I’m intrigued.
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    I can finally tell the robots apart from each other!
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    Damnit, I meant to do last week's and just forgot on Thursday to do it. Will definitely be joining back in this week!
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    Same, seems like the best console and controller for this game. Cant wait! No offence to those buying it for their ps4pro, I have one too!! Peace!
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    I am utterly convinced that the design research for that...whatever it is...involved visiting the offices of multiple child psychologists and asking to see the drawings made by their most emotionally-disturbed patients. It's the only reasonable explanation I can come up with for THAT.
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    Well shit. With that new bundle coming out I guess I have to get a PS4 now. I was going to wait for RDR to come to PC, but I don't think I can.
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    Yeah, I really do not like Gambit. I really wish Bungie would stop making me play their shitty MP game modes to complete quests. I wish instead of wasting time.on Gambit and crucible they just worked on more loot and unique SP content. This is probably the most insulting DLC they have done. You can see they put so much work into it, and forgot to make any of it fun and engaging. Character progression is such a slog fest, and 100% RNG, which Destiny has and still is absolutely terrible at [RNG].
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    Booger McFarland is a million times more interesting than Witten who's as dull as a board. Why don't they have him in the booth instead?
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    He's likely not going to have the issues you're complaining about on his powerful PC.
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    I always tell my friends I never apologize for a win in the NFL. That shit ain’t easy.
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    NYT taking credit for his firing, even though other more credible reports have shown that the NYT got suckered and their article wasn't accurate: If anyone is still subscribing to the NYT, I would recommend dropping them as they clearly don't deserve your money. Their line should read: "Rod Rosenstein is expected to leave the Justice Dept. after The Times revealed that White House sources say he discussed the president’s removal, which was later contradicted by more in-depth reporting that showed he never discussed his removal, only that he made a joke sarcastically about someone else wanting to record his conversations. He oversees Robert Mueller. "
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    The guy's hair looks like a wet dog and he's worried about the headset?
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    I wish Trump would just fucking drop dead of a stroke or heart attack every day. I've never despised a public figure so much.
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    In an alternate universe where Hillary campaigned in Wisconsin, President Hillary would have fired Comey, and he would now be a hero to conservatives. TCOTs would be buying his book instead of the #resistance.
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    It's not that they believe their own nonsense - it's that they've convinced the #Resistance to believe it and are raking in the dough for it!
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    Arkham City is one of my favourite games. It just felt so good to be Batman.
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