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    and now Day One Patch owes me child support... starting October 22'ish. You may think that the timeline doesn't add up, but I assure you it does. THIS IS ON YOU, WADE... or corrupt databases, I'm not sure which. It's a girl...
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    No that can’t be right. My confirmation bias penis doesn’t get erect when i read thread titles for just no reason.
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    So help me god I'll pull a Paul and consolidate EVERYTHING into a Cars Board!
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    How many aides do you think it took to keep him from referring to her as 'Mongoloid Max'?
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    This guy has terrible delivery, but seems to know what he is talking about:
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    I don't like doing it, myself, but this is pretty much a result of this same behavior coming from interviewing companies. I don't know how many times I've gone in for first, second, or even third time interviews and then complete radio silence. After a while I'll just assume I didn't get the job. That happens to you enough, it's bound to start going the other way. If enough time goes by, I'll just write the company off as someone I don't ever want to work. So here's my shocked face. I'm shocked that something that companies that have made this kind of professionalism a norm are now dealing with the repercussions.
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    Just did some research and apparently the final group matches are played at the same time to prevent collusion between other teams to prevent another from advancing.
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    The final season of The Walking Dead will be the last Telltale series to use its buggy, glitch-ridden crapfest of an engine.
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    It's just like, if you've spent hundreds of hours creating a house of cards and then it gets knocked over... do you start over? Or do you just fondly remember how epic it was before it got knocked over? Maybe one day.
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    I think they should be denied service. It's literally what they argued in the case of the baker.
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    @Dodger you got this. It’s homerun or nothing it seems like. And I’m tired of these damn shifts. I’m even more tired of these ball players not taking a sure hit/single when that shift is on. If more players would take the single and punish the other team for implementing the shift it would stop a lot of it. Like you said, it used to be just for the stars but now every scrub batting 200 is getting his own personal shift.
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    He might not know what it literally means but there is ZERO CHANCE that Trump is unaware of the word mongoloid.
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    I think Americans in general love hearing about immigrants becoming citizens. Frankly it should be easier and quicker to become one. The more we can get immigrants to drink the cool-aid the better off we as a nation are.
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    I am shocked that you are incapable of identifying parody. Shocked I say!
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    It actually has been kind of nice to start over. Got that new board smell again
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    Glad to be of service. I'm OK with the no kissing -- don't want to get my missus jealous!
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    But there have also been studies indicating that fat shaming makes people fatter and adversely affects weight loss efforts, so it’s not as simple as ‘body positivity is bad’. Moreover, the conclusion doesn’t follow; surveying someone’s perception of their weight against their actual weight doesn’t test the affect of a social movement, it just tests their self-perception. The researchers are assuming that their perception is dependent upon the movement, which isn’t how research works.
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    This is a good rundown for people who have never played a game and the similarity/differences between Yakuza and GTA.
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    @SFLUFAN i reread my comment, and just to be clear, Wade, I wasn't being sarcastic. It was two totally separate thoughts. i don't care about changing my avatar, it was long overdue. AND I truly appreciate what you do.
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    I used this video. One thing he didn't mention is to make the pieces of tape very small, so the tape pieces do not overlap. Rather than add tape to the pivot ball, I put two small squares on top of each other in the middle of the board where the ball would sit. I did have to try it twice because the first time I covered too much of the contact and the left direction was missing presses. Tape right up to the notch on the contact, not over it, like the image below. It isn't hard. The trickiest bit would be reattaching the ribbon, but if you've ever done that before you'll be fine. I didn't feel like I could really screw it up. There's no strong prying to get the controller apart, so you don't really have to worry about forcing something and snapping plastic. But like you said, expensive controller. Be careful. For me it was worth the risk, pressing any direction would read as a diagonal. The dpad was totally useless.
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    Huh, I always thought PlayStation was full width. But now that I think of it, I did make that change. I will look into it tomorrow.
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    It’s beautiful @Emblazon Thank you.
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    No you won't. I listen to the podcast. Sorry, Sully. Also your Name is Sully, D1P name is Victor, you are literally him.
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    And the first recipient of the post-D1Pocalypse era is @Dawnguard2001 - what do you want and for what system? Also many thanks to @Firewithin for the gift!
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    You're experiencing image retention, not temp burn-in. Image retention scared many of people away from plasma too because people were concerned an image would burn into the display when in most cases it'll vanish over time. I've gamed on a plasma for 7 years now and my plasma is an IR magnet. I've had HUD's stuck on the screen for days to even a week before, but they always vanished in the end. OLED's have a nice feature in that when the set is powered off, they don't actually turn off right away, you just think it did since the blacks are perfect. In reality, it's scrubbing the screen to try to clean it of IR before it fully powers down. The other thing about OLED, LG is working to make burn-in less of a reality with each new generation of OLED displays. While I don't own one personally as I'm waiting for HDMI 2.1 to move to 4k unless my ribbon cable on my plasma finally fails for good, my folks were early adopters of the LG sets. They own a 1080p OLED model. Every morning they run MSNBC on it for a few hours until the afternoon when the channel is changed or the TV is turned off and their set hasn't shown any traces of burn-in. I'm jumping to OLED myself personally, but I'm a plasma owner so I know the risks and have my TV habbits trained to run content with no logos at the end of the day just to give the pixels some healthy content. If you want more opinions, I'd head over to the AVS Forums and ask fellow gamers over there what their experiences have been.
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    Agreed. Once I saw one in action I knew that I had to have one. However - if you watch a lot of sports or like to leave the news on for extended period...not the best choice
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    Microsoft and Nintendo have no desire to let Sony's unwillingness to open up cross play go forgotten.
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    You know another thing I hate? The amount of people I used to like that I can’t stand to be around because of their really sick views. I liked it better when I didn’t know.
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    Can't say I'm upset about it. I'm sure there are people out there that really wanted it on Xbox but support for VR just isn't there yet. Cheaper headsets are becoming more a thing but even on PlayStation VR good games aren't as plentyful as one would like after making the investment.
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    Lots of deals on the new LG OLEDs @ 65". Ive seen that at 2400ish already from authorized reseller. If you dont watch a lot of sports or news.... its probably the best choice. Otherwise, look at the Sony 9XXf series.
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    I am too old to know if they still do LAN parties.... I haven't been to one since the 90s... However, $150 for a bag to carry around your tower is a little excessive for MOST people..
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    With Nvidia's GTX 1180 incoming, graphics card makers are keeping GPU prices high Graphics card makers are still counting the cost of the weak cryptocurrency mining demand and are expecting to see shipments fall even further for the rest of this year. But that hasn’t stopped them from still maintaining artificially high margins for their GPUs, even though supply is high and demand is relatively low. I wonder why... DigiTimes is reporting the Taiwanese add-in board partners (AIBs) - Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and TUL - are all now holding large inventories of stock, but are still keeping their gross margins at around 20%. For reference, at the start of last year the same graphics cards held margins of 8-10%. That is still a pretty considerable drop compared with the height of the GPU mining boom, where they were able to add on margins of 40-50% on top of the standard retail price, but despite miners no longer investing in graphics cards as they once did the prices remain artificially high. The DigiTimes report claims that because of the weak mining demand for the rest of the year the AIBs are now turning back to the traditional gaming audience to keep their revenue momentum going in the right direction. Both Bitcoin and the GPU-based currencies, such as Etherium, have suffered further price drops over the last few months, with a seven-month low pulling the markets down last week. And while the prospects don’t look none too positive for the crypto-mining boom times to return any time soon - boosting the falling profits of the GPU manufacturers - it might seem odd that they’re stubbornly holding onto their high margins in the face of a large volume of cards sitting in the channel. You could easily put that down to greediness on their behalf, not wanting to give up on the chance of cashing in on the last vestiges of GPU demand, but I’m not convinced it’s that simple. I’m fairly sure it’s because they’re aware there is a new generation of Nvidia GPUs lurking just over the horizon. There have been reports that the AIBs are starting to brief their engineers on the specifics of the new GeForce cards, and if they are coming in the next few months, as is widely expected, then they would have received some sort of notification by now. If they were convinced the graphics card status quo was going to stick around for the foreseeable then they could confidently play the long game and drop their margins back to previous levels. But by keeping their margins as high as they can reasonably get away with it looks like they’re simply cashing in on the current-gen stock as much as they can for the short term before the next-gen Nvidia GTX 1180, GTX 2080, V80 GTX, or whatever they end up being called, finally drop into their factories. Or maybe they are just being super stubborn...
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    I liked Solo even with the part were it was suggested that Lando had sex with a that droid. Speaking of that droid I found it pretty hilarious that she was way over the top and a obvious parody of SJW's. The movie was fine but it wasn't advertised well and followed the dismal That Last Jedi. I doubt the Rian Johnson trilogy is ever going to happen. I'm pretty confident he'll never be allowed to fuck up Star Wars again.
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