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    Thank You, Minnesota Fatz. We'll be looking for a baby sitter soon, so I'll be in touch.
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    Tonight's recipient is @Firewithin I promise that the gift he gave me earlier had zero influence on the RNG!
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    and now Day One Patch owes me child support... starting October 22'ish. You may think that the timeline doesn't add up, but I assure you it does. THIS IS ON YOU, WADE... or corrupt databases, I'm not sure which. It's a girl...
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    No that can’t be right. My confirmation bias penis doesn’t get erect when i read thread titles for just no reason.
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    I assume no liability or responsibility for your reproductive activities! And...congratulations!
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    So help me god I'll pull a Paul and consolidate EVERYTHING into a Cars Board!
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    How many aides do you think it took to keep him from referring to her as 'Mongoloid Max'?
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    This guy has terrible delivery, but seems to know what he is talking about:
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    I don't like doing it, myself, but this is pretty much a result of this same behavior coming from interviewing companies. I don't know how many times I've gone in for first, second, or even third time interviews and then complete radio silence. After a while I'll just assume I didn't get the job. That happens to you enough, it's bound to start going the other way. If enough time goes by, I'll just write the company off as someone I don't ever want to work. So here's my shocked face. I'm shocked that something that companies that have made this kind of professionalism a norm are now dealing with the repercussions.
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    I'm here and glad things are back! I missed you all!
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    Just did some research and apparently the final group matches are played at the same time to prevent collusion between other teams to prevent another from advancing.
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    The new Xbox theme is now up. Hope you guys like it! @Anzo @Biggie @mudads @jaethos
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    It's just like, if you've spent hundreds of hours creating a house of cards and then it gets knocked over... do you start over? Or do you just fondly remember how epic it was before it got knocked over? Maybe one day.
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    This is the glare of my B7A And this is the glare of my X900F My living room is much brighter than my bedroom where the B7A is. I'd say the anti reflection is much better on the LG but like @nacthenud said it doesn't get as bright as the X900F.
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    I have never personally owned a plasma, so I can't really speak to that, but I can tell you that the LG B7 OLED has a glossy, not matte, screen so it can pick up reflections, but the anti-glare coating on the screen generally does a good job and I've never had any complaints about mine. The only time I see a reflection is if I have a light directly behind me, like my hall light - then I can see it in the screen, but I don't get any glare from the lights above in the same room or the windows from the side when the blinds are up. If you're going to be watching it with a bright window directly across from the TV behind where you're sitting, then an OLED isn't going to be the best choice anyway, because you want something brighter - ie a very bright LED LCD.
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    On the plus side this eliminates the double topic problem where people would post the same thing on two different boards.
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    I am shocked that you are incapable of identifying parody. Shocked I say!
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    She might come back tomorrow and cry in front of the press at how she has been treated by other private citizens. Then the NYT and WaPo will write articles about how the left needs to behave itself, and will ignore another news cycle worth of coverage of the continuing child detention camps and attempt at elimination of due process for migrants.
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    This is a good rundown for people who have never played a game and the similarity/differences between Yakuza and GTA.
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    Trump's Mar-a-Lago Hit With 13 Health Violations in January 2017 @SaysWho?
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    @SFLUFAN i reread my comment, and just to be clear, Wade, I wasn't being sarcastic. It was two totally separate thoughts. i don't care about changing my avatar, it was long overdue. AND I truly appreciate what you do.
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    Huh, I always thought PlayStation was full width. But now that I think of it, I did make that change. I will look into it tomorrow.
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    I used to be @Nokra and then the fucker camped the name.
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    No you won't. I listen to the podcast. Sorry, Sully. Also your Name is Sully, D1P name is Victor, you are literally him.
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    Holy shit. Now this is a theme.
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    I really need to finish Hellblade... that is a great example of cinematic storytelling in games.
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    From an organizational standpoint there was also just a lot of cruft, and other stuff where nobody really remembered who set something a certain way (or why they did), that was the cumulative result of the site ownership/management changing hands multiple times, and we were kind of stuck just trying not to break any of it. Look at what happened when Wade tried to consolidate the gaming boards for example, that wasn't exactly a good sign for the underlying health of the site. Plus the fact that the very DIY nature of the Dreamhost setup made more sense for people like niggles and kyio who do that kind of webdev stuff for work. This was certainly a good excuse to start fresh on that end plus get us over to a host who can actually help us maintain the IPB software end of things--it wouldn't have even occurred to me to look into whether Invision offers hosting if we hadn't gotten to the point of having to seriously consider the possibility of needing to completely start over.
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    And the first recipient of the post-D1Pocalypse era is @Dawnguard2001 - what do you want and for what system? Also many thanks to @Firewithin for the gift!
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    You're experiencing image retention, not temp burn-in. Image retention scared many of people away from plasma too because people were concerned an image would burn into the display when in most cases it'll vanish over time. I've gamed on a plasma for 7 years now and my plasma is an IR magnet. I've had HUD's stuck on the screen for days to even a week before, but they always vanished in the end. OLED's have a nice feature in that when the set is powered off, they don't actually turn off right away, you just think it did since the blacks are perfect. In reality, it's scrubbing the screen to try to clean it of IR before it fully powers down. The other thing about OLED, LG is working to make burn-in less of a reality with each new generation of OLED displays. While I don't own one personally as I'm waiting for HDMI 2.1 to move to 4k unless my ribbon cable on my plasma finally fails for good, my folks were early adopters of the LG sets. They own a 1080p OLED model. Every morning they run MSNBC on it for a few hours until the afternoon when the channel is changed or the TV is turned off and their set hasn't shown any traces of burn-in. I'm jumping to OLED myself personally, but I'm a plasma owner so I know the risks and have my TV habbits trained to run content with no logos at the end of the day just to give the pixels some healthy content. If you want more opinions, I'd head over to the AVS Forums and ask fellow gamers over there what their experiences have been.
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    I bought Wolfenstein II for $30 shortly after it's release on the Xbox Store. You have to check out their sales. They have lots of them.
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    It . . . could be. Who is writing it hasn't quite been sorted out yet (too many have come through, need to wait until official credits come out for that) but it is being directed by Tim Miller, whose sole previous directorial credit is Deadpool 1. That's not a great metric for a completely different kind of movie like Terminator, but he did direct Deadpool 1 pretty well, so this could be good. Linda Hamilton looks good in those shots at least. I'm always wary of films though that choose what counts as canon and not canon. It starts diluting the stories and confusing the mythology of that series and can ruin some of the things you liked about some of the movies since some stuff is never picked up on again (I for one enjoyed Terminator Salvation and like where Terminator 3 and Salvation took the Terminator story after Terminator 2). Predators ignored Predator 2, the AvP movies wrecked the Alien (and Predator) mythos (and we have no idea what Prometheus and Alien: Covenant consider canon or not canon). The new Halloween movie counts Halloween 1 and maybe 2? But not the others, which also starred Jamie Lee Curtis, which this new one also has. It's like . . . she was in ones that don't count for this one? It's just annoying. I get why it's done, but it can be annoying and hurt the story being told.
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    Can't say I'm upset about it. I'm sure there are people out there that really wanted it on Xbox but support for VR just isn't there yet. Cheaper headsets are becoming more a thing but even on PlayStation VR good games aren't as plentyful as one would like after making the investment.
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    I am too old to know if they still do LAN parties.... I haven't been to one since the 90s... However, $150 for a bag to carry around your tower is a little excessive for MOST people..
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    I guess it is possibly nice for people that go to LAN parties. Are those still a thing? I haven't went to one since my son was born back in the early 2000s.
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    One of NVIDIA’s Major OEM Partners Allegedly Returned 300,000 GPUs, Major Inventory Issues Being Cited For Next-Gen GeForce Launch Delay NVIDIA seems to be having lots of trouble managing their GPU inventory or the excess of it as highlighted in new reports from Taiwanese based sources. Now the inventory issues may have exploded at NVIDIA HQ since a major Taiwanese OEM has allegedly returned 300,000 GPU units back to NVIDIA, that may end up causing a delay for the next-gen GeForce parts. Could NVIDIA GPU Inventory Issues Delay Next-Gen GeForce Launch? Major Taiwanese OEM Allegedly Returned 300,000 GPUs In a report published by SeekingAlpha, it is stated the one major OEM who also falls in the “Taiwan Top 3” has returned 300,000 GPUs back to NVIDIA. Following is the summary of the report which is also quoting other sources: The issue is not that there’s no supply available for OEMs, the issue is that they have actually manufactured an inventory which they cannot manage now. That’s why one of their biggest original equipment manufacturing partner had to return a mass total of 300,000 GPUs using NVIDIA’s current GPU architecture, aka Pascal. Now there could be several reasons why NVIDIA produced such a large quantity of GPUs which is causing the inventory issues right now. First of all, Jensen wanted to return back to gaming market as soon as the cryptocurrency market started slowing down. Following is Jensen’s statement from February 2018: Gamers had been deprived of GeForce 10 gaming cards for several quarters after the mining spree started in 2017. The mining craze affected both NVIDIA and AMD, causing severe price inflations on gaming cards, and to top that up, the cards were in such a short supply that those who wanted to pay the hefty price for gaming cards had to wait for them to be actually available in retail & online outlets. We are talking about prices that reached over $2000 US for the Radeon RX Vega 64 and the GeForce GTX 1080 which retailed for $699 at launch. NVIDIA had their own estimates on when the mining craze would start dwindling and prices would return to normal. They had estimated that GPU prices would fall and start normalizing after Q3 ’18 however, we know now that prices are back at a reasonable level and it’s just Q2 ’18. NVIDIA didn’t expect the price plunge so early or the mining craze to end this soon. Both AMD and NVIDIA had expected a 40% plunge in crypto demand by April, so they still kept manufacturing the GPUs, hoping for a new spree of mining to get users buying more cards. And so NVIDIA just kept on increasing supply. The overestimation of the crypto demand and increased supply seemed to have backfired at NVIDIA. DigiTimes, in their latest report, highlights the dim prospects of crypto mining, so much so that Taiwanese suppliers of graphics cards are expecting major shipments and profit downfall in the current quarter. Due to crypto fall, NVIDIA OEM partners are returning the excess of supply. Now NVIDIA is known to have a tight grip on their top partners with programs such as NVIDIA Green Light and GPP (the highly controversial GeForce Partner Program which they pulled the plug from last month), but it looks like this time they have no option than to accept the GPU supply return. You might know that NVIDIA partners offer several GeForce SKUs such as the GTX 1060 with 5 GB memory and also a 3 GB variant of the GTX 1050. All of these are to reduce the huge inventory that NVIDIA and their partners currently have a hold of. It is also stated that NVIDIA is buying large supplies of GDDR5 memory to feature on graphics boards featuring their overstocked GPUs. NVIDIA might try to sell the cards themselves to limit inventory but 300,000 is a huge number and gamers have been waiting for two years since the previous GeForce gaming cards to get something new for their PCs. But this overstock can actually result in a short delay for the upcoming generation since who’ll buy older cards when new ones are just around the horizon? This would also explain why Jensen Huang, NVIDIA’s CEO, said during Computex 2018 that next-gen GeForce cards are a long way from now. Jensen has also previously insisted people to buy the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti that is the fastest gaming graphics cards to date but I personally have been using the card for over a year now and would love to upgrade my own PC. We have slight tidbits about the new GeForce cards but I would like NVIDIA to make some official statement sooner rather than later.
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