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    @HardAct I wouldn't even know where to begin in being able to process everything that you're going through at this very moment, so I'm not going to even bother trying. All I can say is that PLEASE take advantage of any counseling services that are being offered as your mental well-being is of utmost importance for both you and your family. That should be priority one above all things. Next, I'll be more than happy to provide financial assistance for immediate needs of food, clothing, and shelter as well as setting up some form of crowdfunding campaign as well. I have no experience with that type of endeavor, so anyone from the D1P community who knows about it please let me know. @HardAct - please PM me so we can discuss a way for me to get some immediate funds over to you.
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    No Insurance to cover getting shot the second time, because getting shot the first time was a pre-existing condition.
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    You guys are fucking incredible! I've never been a social media guy, ever. Meaning, liking / sharing, daily posting lifestyle events, etc. Always been kinda private. My wife is, but not me. Funny note. I've only ever been on facebook a few times! I do/did have a facebook page, but I didnt make it. My wife did to cheat on farmville way way back in the day.....lol Believe it or not D1P and its past versions have really only been my media escape. I read alot, I do visit Ign.com some and stuff like that, but this site and you "geeks" (no offence) has really been all I've ever needed. I do love gaming and always have. All my kids are quite competitive gaming wise and it's always been a good release. I'm overwhelmed by your support and thank each and everyone one you. I have just my phone, and I'm quite slow fingered (that came out wrong, OR DID IT?) I honestly from the bottom of my heart, had mixed emotions on liking the fund here, as like I said I've personally never asked for help! My mom did what she did, and I'm grateful. I'll be on much more soon, and look forward to all the electronic, gaming, chatter, and Comaraderie this site has in spades! Side note: I wasnt left with no nothing. Even though I lost 2 xbox ones x, 2 ps4 pros, my gaming PC, etc. I did have my switch in my truck. So late nights I've been trucking through diablo 3, dark souls remastered, and the new mario. Only cartridge i have is donky kong but it's enough. I dont have the dock obviously, but sooner than later I'll have a place of my own again. One good thing gaming wise, is I had switched to almost entirely digital, so when I do finally get a new xbox one x (it will be white finally!) And a new ps4 pro, 80% of all my games this generation will be available again. As will my Steam library. God I will miss by high speed internet as hot spots and hotel wifi suck....lol Thank you guys, our plan is to get through all the legal shit, insurance shit, and move closer to my son during his treatment that starts in 1 week. It's an easy move, as I honestly have just 3 large boxes and my dog to my name right now. Easiest move EVER! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, Your friend Glenn / HardAct /Sullivan Plz forgive grammar, spelling, I'm trying!
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    I've been wanting couple of new tattoos but haven't had the time. Today I finally got my second tattoo something to represent my wedding to be. Last tattoo I had was 12 year ago! My next one which I've been wanting so bad is Xenomorph on my back. Anyone with tattoo plans? Or has gotten a new one recently??
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    So my wife got together with some Girl friends to support each other. Like I said,not only did we lose our house, but my daughter all my neighbors and most of all my friends. Simply apocalyptic! Glad she was able to do this with some friends and start the healing process. While shes been gone the cal-fire people finally released a street picture of my House. They had been updating it daily but for whatever reason it took till today to get a look at how bad it actually is / was! Their saying another week at least just to start allowing us / people back to see their property!! So of course the flood waters started to fall again. Even though we knew it was gone, seeing it was really tough. I know my wife had a really fun day {lots of crying, she said I would've hated it} she'll be back here at our hotel in an hour, and then I'll have to show here the picture of our home and do it all over again! At least was closure in that we wont find anything! It just looks like a Nuclear bomb went off! You'll notice in the GoFundMe account, I did not mention my Son Donnie {well my mom didn't} as we didn't want to pull that frikk'in hard on the heart strings! I know because I'm living this, it just sounds like too much, and it is! I'm also typing a bit faster as I have a Microsoft Surface Pro {that is being loaned to me by a nice lady in the room next door while I'm here at the motel} That phone was killing me, though it is a note 8. I was able to access my steam account and play some HD Poker! Can't play anything with fancy graphics {or anything that has graphics....lol} but it does feel a bit more like home! Thanks guys, This forum has been a great release, knowing how big this family is is awesome . . . . .
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    I never ment to leave anyone hanging. We were 0 dark 30 for awhile the first 2 days. We slept in my truck at chico's fair grounds! Had a big break today! Finally got through to allstate to claim my wife's 2006 Toyota camery with 157k miles on it. They totaled it on the phone and direct deposited 5400 bucks!!! Never thought it was worth that much, perfect timing. We now have clothes, and food, hotel, and were safe! Along with the generous donations were not having to use credit cards. Thanks again everyone, really mean it! Glenn & family!
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    Bring a shitty pillow and just swap them. BOOM, the perfect crime.
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    Ok, So I went a complete day without touching my phone. Or watching the news. Another big hurdle has been Doctors visits and prescriptions. So many with us didnt grab medications. That along with all the doctor offices we went to are all burned down. So just trying to get something filled or see a doctor means long lines and wait times. Sometimes, it's all day! My wife stood in line in Chico California (big college town 20 minutes south of paradise and magalia) just to get our mail, only to find it hasn't made it there. Everything is in turmoil. We still haven't been able to go see our place or the devastation in person. I've lived in this area almost 27 years. Its gonna be a huge shock to see just what we escaped. Fire everywhere, people running, 2 lane roads, turned into 7 lane roads, every one just panicking, doing anything and everything just to get out. Lost the use of the laptop, the lady that was loaning me her surface pro was moved to another Motel. She was amazing and so have so many people affected. So back to thumb typing on my phone, (Oh, and I could go buy a cheap laptop, but it just dosent seem like a necessity right now) The hotel were in is half filled with First Responders. Were staying in Anderson, an hour + away from our home, but still 2 hours away from our son. They drive every morning over an hour to battle the fire, or any of the other amazing things they do, and return late at night in the big red and green/yellow fire engines filling the parking lot, surrounding my little truck. Yesturday we donated 200 dollars to their fund, best I've felt in a long time, As even though they weren't able to save our home or neighborhood, they do save many homes and people each and everyday. We feel blessed and its humbling to just see and hear them leave so early each and every morning, only to return after everyone's sleeping, only to go do it again the next day. AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS!! I stay up and wait for them to return, only then do I go to sleep (trucks are loud too). Sometimes, I go down to the lobby, just to hold the door for them as they all carry their gear towards the hotel, or just sit there and have a cup of coffie and listen to their stories. I try and stay as anonymous as possible. Weird, I know. They have no idea who we are, or that we have lost what we lost. Just weird people staying in a hotel, visiting family in Redding for the holidays probably! My dog Juno gets attention though, as shes a pretty 6year old Shepard (very biased opinion admitted )So, theres that weird guy who never sleeps with the big dog......lol My son starts treatment next week! By now we've all come to grips with what were facing or at least we have put on that face. It's not going to end well, that's for sure. But maybe, just maybe we can have another year with him, and his kids and our grandkids will have him longer that the average. We stopped concentrating on what they say will happen, and are just gonna take this one day,Week,Month at a time. I haven't bought much of anytime as it all has to fit in my truck. Along with Juno our German Shepard. Everytime we move. We repack up the truck, and its getting old. Wifes so afraid to lose anything else, that we grab almost everything when we just go to the store. Plz know that we aren't or feel alone, my wife facebook and for me this site means everything right now. Our extended family (you guys ) have grown expeditiously, were greatful to all of you. Thanks for the well wishes, The donations, and all the support. Your all appreciated more that you'll ever know Thanks again, Glenn & Barbara Sullivan
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    Hello guys, Thanks for all the kind words and support. It means alot, so humbling. I've been off social media for awhile, my wife and I are in shock still. Yes we had insurance! We still owed what the replacement cost was, but it will be paid off at least and we wont have a 1200 dollar mortgage payment hanging without a house to live in. Things are moving in slow motion, and at times I feel I cant take it. I have never accepted any form of charity, never ever. My mom set up this https://www.gofundme.com/100-Loss-to-Fire-Magalia-CA GoFundMe account and I feel sick posting it. Were living in a motel literally with just the clothes on our back. I wont drown you all with the details on my son too, only that he is termanal and that added to the fire is crushing us. Still no word on insurance claim. I'm kinda at a loss for words. Funny, 7 days ago I was complaining about my gaming backlog. I just want to fucking wake up. Thank all of you, I'll try and stop in more. So many kind people amazing. Recap: the fire now has leveled the towns of paradise and magalia (our home), kill 50, burned 150k acres, and a whopping 7600 homes. Thanks all, Glenn sullivan aka HardAct
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    I normally don't even post "owns" but gee zuz, she's a wordsmith.
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    Fuck all these old money fuckwads. A bunch of worthless nitwits, the whole lot of them. Let's see how your life would be if you weren't born into a unimaginable wealth. These people are all useless idiots. They have no idea what it means to be a normal person trying to get by. They should not be leading us. They live in an alternate reality that has nothing to do with the day-to-day goings on of 99.9999% of Americans.They can't even begin to understand the needs and wants of normal people. Ivanka Trump is a useless garbage person that adds no value to society. I'm tired of hearing her name, looking at her face or thinking about her at all.
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    Why does Bezos despise us Prime members so very much?
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    On Sunday, the world will mark the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War, a devastating conflict that claimed 20 million lives and changed the world in ways that we're still experiencing to this day. And what better way to mark such a solemn occasion than with a giveaway for a game where you assassinate targets in creatively hilarious/hilariously creative ways! To be eligible, all you have to do is post in this thread over the weekend and the RNG gods may smile upon you. To get a little extra consideration, post your favorite assassination that you accomplished over the long history of this series! Good luck!
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    Let's not pretend the north isn't a racist shithole either, it's just what flavor of racist shithole your prefer. The south is what you'd call your traditional racist. A bunch of useless poor white trash clinging to the only thing no one can take from them which is their whiteness and the feelings of superiority it brings. They erect monuments to their racists and their racist past because they've got nothing else worth remembering. The south is like the local former quarterback that went all state but now is an out of shape drunk working at his dad's gas station with his old trophies still on display and won't shut the fuck up about some touchdown pass he made three decades ago. The only thing keeping him going is the notion of what life could have been, and he's too clueless to realize it never would have happened in the first place. The north however, is your fair weather racist. They know enough to hide their shame, but it will pop up when they feel safe or in fellow company. Often it will be disguised as "irony" or "humor" or some other such bullshit and they'll scoff at the notion that what they're doing is racist or offensive. They're not some confederate flag waving dullard, they're educated and above those things. They'll justify their beliefs with Joe Rogan esque theories and similar freshman year bio/psych trash they can find. They're neither better or worse than their southern brethren for while they're at least smart enough to know they shouldn't broadcast it loudly, they're too chickenshit to admit to what they truly are and will cling to whatever invented justification they can like liferaft outside the Titanic.
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    At this point, seeing Trump go down is secondary to you motherfuckers just being proven wrong.
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    This is an op-ed piece written in the WSJ by a former adviser which means that it should be taken with a mountain of salt. However, I will ONCE AGAIN quote Oliver Cromwell in his speech to the Rump Parliament: "You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”
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    Winston Churchill's grandson has some feelings on the matter: