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    How is this country this fucking broken? What the fuck is wrong with this place!? Everyday day brings another piece of insanity. We're governed by absolute morons put in power by absolute morons.
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    Cool, let's all just kill ourselves now since you guys have every worst-case scenario mapped out until the heat death of the universe.
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    No amount of education and no amount of social services will fix a society that was fundamentally broken from its very inception. The very concept of America IS based on ignorance and fear - those are the foundational bedrock upon which practically the entire society and its institutions are built.
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    Threads like these are why i always chuckle when I hear white people say that black people are obsessed with race...
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    Can we dispel with this bullshit notion that either everything is ok to joke about or nothing is? How come comedy seems to be the only area where intelligent people try to justify such an ignorant and extreme point of view? There's nuance and discretion involved with everything but comics seem to want to be exceptions. Basically it's a catch all cover for when they fuck up... which usually involves a " joke" that is not only offensive but worse, UNFUNNY. That's the bigger offense here... also stop confusing DELIBERATELY OFFENSIVE AND DESPERATELY PROVOCATIVE with being clever and edgy. This shit was a lazy, unfunny attempt at getting a being... something, and it failed. Let him deal with the consequences and not give stupid shit like this anymore attention.
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    No, by society as a whole. It’s the downfall of many, and the gathering point for the angry mob.
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    Greetings, Tovarish! We are happy to have you reconnected with the world via the Russianet and, as a citizen of the former United States of America yourself, we would like to welcome you to the newest territory of the Russian empire: the Confederate States of Russia. We are happy to have you as part of our family and you are among our newest additions alongside the nation state of Georgia and the region of Crimea. Much has changed since you last heard about the western hemisphere via the "Internet." Allow me to provide you with a few quick facts and reminders to be able to guide you through this brave new world where we serve alongside Comrade Papa Bear Putin for the glory of Mother Russia! First: Since reforming your government the role of "President of the United States" has become obsolete. Your former President Donald Trump now serves faithfully in his role as "cuck bitch durak in chief" (afterwards: CBDC) of the Confederate Russian territories. To the surprise of nobody, your former Vice President was found committing homosexual acts and was promptly executed since this is Russian law. Vice cuck bitch durak Paul Ryan now serves alongside CBDC. This is a mostly ceremonial role that involves helping CBDC to do things such as wipe his ass, accept criticism for and in behalf of CBDC, etc. This is of course modeled after how CBDC does this for Comrade Papa Bear Putin. VCBD and CBDC serve to further your interests and well-being--which, of course, are the interests and well-being of the Russian state--which, of course, are the interests and well-being of the few pure-blood Russian elites and oligarchy. Second: The first and greatest perk of being a slav is our tangy vodka. Also track suits. Please provide us with your address so we can ship these to you post haste. We will not use this information to put you on a list of potential dissenters. Third: Though you are a participant of the Russian empire, you do not have full citizenship rights, and thus cannot exercise such privileges as forming relationships with our beautiful Eastern European women, growing your own potatoes and/or beets, or chain-smoking day and night since your cigarette rations are limited to one pack per week. These are the most immediate and useful facts you need to know in this moment. A full pamphlet and identification kit will be shipped with your track suit and vodka. For the glory of Mother Russia, -GeneticBlueprint Ministry of Truth, Peace, Plenty, and Love (TPPL or "Topple")
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    This thread also known as, “Blue Balls 2: This Time It’s Personal”