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  2. It's not my most disliked, that honor goes to Attack of the Clones, but dear god is the movie overrated. A mess of a story, completely forgettable characters that are straight out of a b-budget RPG and a narrative that REEKS of studio notes and a fix-it in post approach. OH and Forrest Whitaker as some kind of futuristic, bionic Fred Sanford. He was better in Jedi Fallen Order.
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  4. Looks like the Conservatives under Boris Johnson are going to win a majority with around 43% of the vote. And even though a majority would vote to remain in the EU today, Johnson will likely initiate a hard Brexit and imo start the beginning of the end of the UK. And we have Russia to mostly thank for this movement. Russia is doing a bang-up job of destroying the west. Imagine if, instead of abandoning them in the 90s to gloat, the US had partnered with Russia and bailed it out, brought it into NATO, etc? Also Corbyn is possibly one of the worst leaders in western democratic history.
  5. I also think Solo is the best Disney tainted Star Wars. Though I haven’t watched any of them more than 2-3 times.
  6. I know! A whole $5 space bucks earned from gaming Valve’s economy. But seriously, I don’t play horror themed games so often. This seems like a good entry point into Souls-dom. ... I’ll probably buy Jedi first at this rate.
  7. So it's the times being a shit rag again Though the Trump admin enforcing it will be a 1A issue because you know they're going to come after critics of Israel
  8. Hard to choose just 10 from a block of 10 years worth of games, lol Bayonetta Rock Band 3 Batman: Arkham City Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Star Wars: The Old Republic Tomb Raider (2013) Ultra Street Fighter IV Alien: Isolation Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
  9. Why not do something like a entertainment/game room?
  10. Our living room is what you se when you first walk into our house and it’s set up like a contemporary family room. There’s a secondary great room downstairs and it’s the game room. Nothing but video games. one spare bedroom is my husband’s project room and there’s a futon for an extra guest and the other spare bedroom is a guest room/my library.
  11. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/12/11/21010986/trump-executive-order-anti-semitism-college-campus A pretty good example of how people just make things up about anything the Trump admin does. Like, these clowns do enough legitimately awful things that we don’t need to invent fake ones to be outraged at. ”The Nazis did the same thing!!!11!1!”
  12. What have I been telling you? It’s inevitable. He is The One.
  13. It's not a question of free will. What seems as something that hasn't happened yet already has, our perception hasn't got there yet. You aren't "always" going to pick snickers, you already did pick it.
  14. Skyrim The Last of Us DOOM The Witcher 3 Bloodborne Dark Souls 1-3 (gun to my head I pick 1 if I can only have 1) PUBG Metal Gear Solid V Portal 2 Diablo 3 I know I’m forgetting a few that are probably in contention, but this is probably about as accurate as I’ll get. Edit: I didn’t even think to order them. I might try that later.
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