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  2. I am a fan of Daredevil. The Witcher is pretty good too. If you have never seen Drive(starring Gosling) it is currently on Netflix. It is a really great movie, IMO. I also like the Jim & Andy documentary.
  3. At this point it would be safer to record all deaths from pneumonia as COVID-19 rather than the other way around (if untested).
  4. You should spend a solid 30-45 minutes looking around at all the options, then just randomly put on an episode of the office while you fall asleep.
  5. I have the first game on steam but that is 2D style Zelda, and it really isn't that good. Especially the ocean parts. Like, it feels like I am playing a shitty version of Phantom Hourglass.
  6. I wish XBC would be out in April. Be nice to have a good RPG.
  7. So their death toll numbers are actually WORSE. This is what it's about for him... added to the fact that he hasn't been able to do his ego stroking rallies and these ratings numbers are like cocaine to him.
  8. Oceanhorn series is a great Zelda clone, if you haven't played it already.
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  10. They've been pretty explicit in that they made Alyx in VR specifically to push game design forward. They felt that VR is where the greatest room for innovation existed, so that is the place they wanted to explore. I understand the frustration that people have when it comes to wanting something to exist that doesn't, but I think reading Alyx's existence as Valve's desire to push hardware forward is completely wrong. The Index represents that, but Valve went far out of their way optimizing Alyx to work with as many VR systems as possible.
  11. Mindhunter The Haunting of Hill House Ozark Sex Education Bojack Horsemen The Witcher Dead to Me I Think You Should Leave they have a ton of good stuff. This is what I thought of off the top of my head.
  12. Well they said it’s not a remaster or a remake, it’s a “version up” whatever that means. I think of remaster in how some of those are just the original game in higher res/frame rate. This has added content at the very least and I imagine it’s been reworked graphically enough to the extent they aren’t able to easily put it on switch because otherwise with the Japanese audience being what it is, it would be weird to skip it.
  13. they definitely missed an opportunity to take the game up to the next level with actual multiplayer
  14. I watched the first season of Stranger Things on DVD so I am sure I'll jump in and watch the rest of that seasons, but what are some must-sees, both movies and series?
  15. Is anyone else just getting an error when trying to connect to the internet at the airport? I downloaded the game via the eshop so the console is definitely connected to the internet.
  16. I understand its one guy, and what he's doing is impressive. My thing is, I want someone to take the concept of Animal Crossing, and just push it forward, not bring it back. I don't care to just have another single player Animal Crossing on PC. I want something a little more social, a little more in depth than the simplicity of AC. My Time at Portia was a game I actually thought did a lot of things really well, but it was ultimately just Single player and made me eventually lose interest.
  17. I can't speak for Alyx, but my hope is that Valve is just as motivated to push the envelope in regard to game design as they are technology. Portal and Portal 2 certainly didn't herald a new era of gaming tech, but they (particularly 2) remain some of the best examples to me of radical gameplay innovation. Graphics, and to an extent VR, have a fairly limited impact on my enjoyment when playing games, and there are all sorts of ways to drive video games forward without the seeming sole focus of higher specs, faster drives, and augmented control methods. I get that this is what inspires Valve, and I'm just happy that they might be interested in making games again. Whatever it takes to deliver Left 4 Dead 3.
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