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  2. Just got back... And it's good - not great. There were plenty of good moments and call backs to the 10 year franchise as a whole that will really please the fans who have invested into it all. But the story was simple and straight to the point. Nothing special happened, and minus 2 little threads that can continue other character franchise, this was literally the ending of what we have been building up to - and that's it. There were pluses and minuses, but it's all spoilerific to really talk about now. I will say that nothing here was as grand or as emotional as Infinity Wars was, and some plot conveniences of "who does what" in this movie were pretty shrug worthy. The best parts are definitely in the middle while the worst are towards the end. The intro? Eh... there could have been more world building, but the Russo's didn't give it and the audience didn't necessarily miss it. Still, overall what we got was fine. Hype will absolutely dominate people's perception of this movie right now. But the real review of it will come in the coming years when people are allowed to see it up against the other movies we've already seen. Certainly while watching this tonight I knew I was paying attention to this movie more because of how Infinity War left us wanting and not because of what this movie was giving me. And I knew that seeing Endgame for the first time wouldn't allow me to review it fairly, but when all was said and done I left the theater feeling good. B/B+ effort for this movie, which ends an outstanding 10 year franchise If anyone cares, I'll throw some spoiler thoughts below:
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  4. Haha not quite, but I am trying to start back up streaming myself again soon.
  5. I always buy these games, from the first to this one, and beyond I put 35 minutes into it this morning. Amazing graphics. Started the story mode on hard difficulty and thus got my ass kicked a few times in a row. I'll need a few hours before I see any of you online. But I will see you there soon!
  6. This whole revenue share drama is bullshit. It'd be like MS telling Sony to drop down their revenue share and they'll stop buying exclusives.
  7. No, because i'm fine with it in cases where we 100% know who the perpetrators are. The Byrd killers, Timothy McVeigh, school shooters etc. I don't care if they die, i'm fine with the state killing them. Some people don't deserve a next breath. I just think we need some kind of standard of evidence for the death penalty. I'm fine with it in clear cut cases where there is no possibility the wrong person was convicted.
  8. Yup. She's the least genuine and probably fakest candidate ever. At least Trump was his own miserable, hateful self. Hillary was like an actor, but not a good actor. Like a daytime soap actor.
  9. Whoa there. It was good. It's not even in the top 30 beest films ive ever seen. It was a blast, a spectacle, lots of fun, but it's still a superhero movie. And not the best one at that (Dark Knight and Logan are both better). I mean calling any Marvel movie ""Best movie I've ever seen in my life" is a bit of ridiculous hyperbole.
  10. Dear God Best movie I've ever seen in my life. The only flaw that I could think of Oh my God such a good movie I need to see it again
  11. I don’t get why people are upset by that line of dialogue. She’s clearly saying it tongue and cheek. I’ve said corny shit like that to my wife before to try and make her laugh 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. Played the first mission or “storyline” and it was good. Tired tho so can’t play anymore. Gonna play tomorrow after I watch Endgame
  13. Movie hadn't even came out yet, and I got fucking spoiled. I even avoided Reddit, FB, YT, and twitter. Like, fucking christ. I am not that salty, just the movie wasn't even out for general audiences at the time.
  14. A lot of our own members are mixer famous. Like @JPDunks4 and @mudads
  15. I watch Mixer in the background as i do office work. Some of their official MS streams aren't too bad, but some of them make me want to jab pencils in my ears.
  16. Apparently it's a thing. Both biker lingo, and some sort of in joke where she told him not to say it at their engagement. Someone had to have seen this coming though.
  17. I wish I was still in NYC, I saw it was shot entirely in IMAX, and Lincoln Square IMAX is mostly showing it in 2D. It's a PITA to get to the real IMAX here (Universal Studios) and the LieMAX in Century City had all the reasonable seats sold out. So I'm skipping out of work for a 12:30 showing tomorrow on Arclight Widescreen with Atmos, was able to grab a good seat even though I only booked this week.
  18. And they got a ton more picks haha. Classic Seahawks.
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