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  2. This is a permanent problem for people unless there's a stimulus check on the way that's large enough to cover the multiple months of rent people owe since we opted to put a moratorium on evictions and not rent/mortgage payments. After which we'll we'll have landlords that will legally keep security deposits to make up for the lost rent, leaving renters on the hook for new homes they may or likely do not have security deposits for. Also, good luck on getting accepted to new rentals if their credit took a hit while they were out of work and coming off a fresh eviction. Washington will pass some legislation to force banks to forgive late mortgage payments and do nothing for renters. Renters problems are, very likely, permanent. Any scratching renters have done over the past years to get ahead in life is probably lost.
  3. This comment probably needs its own thread, but early 3d games have aged like garbage. Most snes games are still great... Not star fox. As a matter of fact most n64 and ps1 games I can't look at anymore. In their day I loved them. Now I would rather play a NES game.
  4. I’ll be the judge of if this is just a joke to make it seem like you’re seeing the word ‘fuck’ for the first time
  5. 95. Twisted Metal or Chrono Trigger. I looked at the list for that year... I didn't play much at all. Also not a great year for games.
  6. Done with Romancing Saga 2. Started Command & Conquer Remastered.
  7. Just a joke to make it seem like you're seeing the word 'fuck' for the first time
  8. Okay that's been on my to-do list. How do you feel about the new title? We can start up a new Existing While Black thread once we have an appropriate news story to kick it off.
  9. It's interesting to me that a megathread about "existing while black" has become a catch all for racism against all groups. The other day I wanted to share a story about racism against Asian Americans and had no idea where to put it. I guess I could have put that Goya boycott story in the existing while black thread except it just didn't seem right since it wasn't about black people... Maybe we should just have a megathread about racist pieces of shit and not lump everyone's individual experiences in a thread called "existing while black" especially since most of the folks who post in that thread have ZERO idea of what it's like to exist while black... just a thought.
  10. You're an adult you should have seen that word before now
  11. You just got to live on the edge and be a pro deepwebber like me, then you'll catch all the new posts.
  12. Nah, they're not doing nothing. They're throwing dried logs and more tinder to make sure it's the biggest fire possible.
  13. Snagged Saints Row 2 from Games with Gold and played a little. It had been years.
  14. Today
  15. I've been saying this for ages; it's no surprise saying "fuck" gets people's attention easily.
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