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  2. Disturbing behaviour? That's a thing now? What does that even mean?
  3. Very nice. I'm assuming on Xbox One again? With this we have now doubled our completed games from last year!
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  5. Not sure if this is legit, but I'll share this.. Edit: I'll wait and see if bigger media breaks it, article is iffy.
  6. Two things made me loose all respect for Skillz: 1. When he came in support of the merger. 2. When he said that Kevin Hart’s jokes about beating his gay son are “no big deal”. Clearly. Double a heterosexist standard. Would Skillz be okay with a white comedian making a joke about beating his adopted black son because he’s acting too black?
  7. Skillz has a long history on this board of supporting the bottom line above all. If anyone criticizes Marvel he just points to their profits. Oh, they must be doing something right if they are making so much money, he argues. When Kevin Hart made jokes about physically beating his gay son Skillz argued that he was forgiven because it didn’t hurt the profits of his latest movie. He has no soul when it comes to movies and entertainment. It’s all money and profit for him. Again, Skillz has repeatedly said that jokes about beating up gay kids is okay because it doesn’t hurt profits. He supported James Gunn being fired not because he cared about the quality of the movie, but because he cares about $$ Skillz argues that it’s okay for the Rock to be selective about how he presents himself to the public because it makes him money. Do you know how else was very successful at crafting an image for the public? Trump.
  8. Supporting Disney and their merger at this point is the movie fan equivant of being a Trump supporter. Once you tell me you support the merger, I can no longer take you or your movie opinions seriously. Skillz is equal to a Trumo supporter in my eyes.
  9. Minor spoilers ahead. When I first started I went to Giants Deep first and everytime I reached the end of the cycle the music played and the screen turned white after a while but I never saw any animation. After punting around on Giants Deep for a while I went to Brittle Hollow and the first time I actually saw the sun explode it was through the center of the planet and it was a pretty mindblowing experience since I had gone through a bunch of cycles but didn't know there was more to it than the screen suddenly turning white.
  10. I hear they're all drug addicts.
  11. The Washington Examiner is basically a Daily Caller that's managed to fool people into thinking it's a respectable news outlet, fwiw.
  12. "mistakenly" If it was really an accident then some neo-Nazi at DoJ was browsing Daily Stormer or whatever, ctrl-c'ed a neo-Nazi link to their clipboad, and the ctrl-c of the link the meant to sent didn't take. You don't just accidentally email shit like this around without at SOME point having intentionally looked at it.
  13. I've heard working at Zappos headquarters is essentially like a giant swingers party.
  14. Oh man, I'm really looking forward to "Trumpian douchebag" becoming a villain archetype for decades to come.
  15. I recall thinking the first act is the worst part of the game, and it probably is, but I also loaded up my end game save and I really felt no different playing than playing the start of the game, at least combat wise. You constantly dodge or parry and then the game goes into slow-mo for some free shit and you can do this with every type of move. Giant Magical Ice AoE? Yeah you can dodge or parry that shit and you won't take damage as long as it is perfect, and that isn't hard to do. Magic is total shit. Fireball, Firewall, Fireshield, and Fireweapon. No point in using wall or shield as long as you can dodge and block well enough. Then, when it comes to weapons, there are 3 heavy weapon types, and 1 light weapon type, daggers. There is also a Heavy Weapon skill tree and a Light Weapon skill tree. You are basically better off sticking to one skill tree. So, you either just use daggers or heavy weapons. Daggers are far better as you can only dodge and sneak with daggers. Dodge is more forgiving than Parrying as even if it isn't a perfect dodge, it is still a dodge. There is also a Magic skill tree, but that is only good for buffing the the good fire spells. Oh, and all of the heavy weapon types are basically all the same. Big sword, big axe, big hammer. Swords are faster than axes, which are faster than hammers. Axes get the most crit% and hammers the most stun%. They all swing the same outside of their speed. Even with swords being 75% swing speed and hammers being 0% swing speed, there isn't a huge difference, at least at lower levels where the percents are lower, so I just went for more speed.
  16. I loved it last year when the Reloaded series ran where Alton re-evaluated many of his most cherished episodes to see where he may have been wrong, how things have changed & evolved not just in his own cooking process but that industry wide incorporating some modern techniques without getting too frivolous about it. Really helped me grow in my own culinary adventures and thought about the ways my processes have evolved as well and why that is. Cooking is just like transcendental meditation for me.
  17. It seems relevant to point out that the Boring Company "flamethrowers" are basically just industrial torches. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/01/elon-musks-flamethrower-looks-like-its-a-propane-torch-inside-an-airsoft-gun/
  18. Fucked if I know... I watched the trailer once. I think Thomas Wayne is a Trumpian bad guy in this.
  19. If the Democrats aren't controlled opposition they're doing a really fucking good job of acting like they are.
  20. It's more of a neutral term than anything. Eurojank in a bad game just makes it worse! But somehow in a good game it adds to the charm. To a degree. Don't wanna go overboard, sometimes it just holds a potentially incredible game back. I remember I was a little disappointed in Bound by Flame, but I still finished it, which is rare for me as I'm not a guy who finishes a ton of games. It wasn't great, but the story had something that kept me entertained, and it wasn't terribly long. Wouldn't recommend going back to it since it probably aged in a way that makes it even worse than it was, but I also don't regret playing it!
  21. Is that young boy in the trailer not a young Bruce?
  22. The (((Soros))) conspiracy theories, which are ripped straight out of the pages of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, have been mainstream GOP talking points for YEARS, yet there's been basically no Democratic denunciation of them. But god fucking forbid a Muslim Democrat get caught saying something that basically echoes what AIPAC has said about itself.
  23. I remember a lot of people were hyped for The Witcher 3 and this was a game that tied them over... at least this is why I bought it I don't remember how far I got before I stopped playing.
  24. No, you don't. I just went and reinstalled the game and it is far worse than I remember. There are 5 party members and you can only have one active at a time. The combat is just awful, and there is an over use of the crafting system for mundane things. All the endings are lame as fuck. As you play there is this constant feeling like the game wasn't even halfway finished and yet they still released it. I am not sure what I liked about the game when it came out now that I have tried playing it again. Maybe I was hungry for this type of game back then? Idk. I mean, it really isn't god awful or anything, but I will not be finishing this playthru I started.
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