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  2. He still does his freakin facial hair like Tony Stark. I think this is a Jim Carry/Man on the Moon situation.
  3. Rivers and rail lines are still the most efficient way to transport raw/industrial materials.
  4. I pre-ordered FFVII for one main reason: it was the most fun looking game at E3 2019. $10 off from Amazon is the cherry on top. As long as they flesh it out into a long enough game, I'll be happy. Cliffhangers I don't care about, I've already seen this story to its end before.
  5. Well, there's also chasing down people on bikes. Stealth / escape missions. Taking on an ambushes with a partner. Playing along in some more heavily scripted story sequence. Etc. I think a sequel could get more original in those tasks, but after those first two areas, the pacing is good. I hope they keep the structure of letting you chose what order to do some story beats.
  6. It's...not bad! I'm trying to trim my waistline a little bit, and it's a good option for something that satiates the desire for a nightly drink or two, while also cutting a little corner. It doesn't pack a whole lot of flavor, but what's there is good. Hopefully it sells well and they don't end production.
  7. I knew we shipped from the great lakes. I just didn't know that river shipping was still a thing. Although from some basic Googling it looks like Canada may have some barges in the Mckenzie River. What a world.
  8. I've been playing Watch Dogs 2 but I was kind of craving a game with Shadow of Mordor's combat... then I realized I still haven't played the last DLC to Shadow of War. So I'll be starting that soon.
  9. Need to find an efficient way of piping this water from the Midwest and over the Rockies. Lake Mead is pretty low.
  10. I guess I just take it for granted, because I live right by a lock and dam and I grew up around the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers and I've known tons of people who work on the barges. Did you guys not realize shipped is still done via the Great Lakes, too?
  11. Best calling someone odd, now that’s fucking odd.
  12. It seriously is. I don't know what I was thinking before when I said y'all were crazy for thinking it, but one say it just struck me and I'm like "how did I not see this before?" I admit when I'm wrong.
  13. Wheat barges on the Columbia make the best wake for a jetski.
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  15. A bunch of weeks ago someone from AEW's top brass said something like "Just because you're coming form the WWE doesn't mean we'll have any interest." So I wonder just who AEW would want versus who they would pass up
  16. I spent a winter working in Memphis at a site directly on the Mississippi River. For 9 hours a day, I overlooked barge traffic going up and down the river. There were probably 3 or 4 barges that would pass either going upriver or downriver in an hour. It was truly surprising.
  17. Sure, the entirety of playing games is repetitive, I mainly meant that the story missions weren't dragging - they stayed fresh the whole time. It was always just shooting dudes or burning zombies, but there were interesting areas to be doing those things and for interesting reasons.
  18. How long was your recovery time? I took the following week off of work just in case but yeah.
  19. Not gonna do better than the first comment on the article
  20. Dragon Quest Builders came in the mail finally from Target. Game takes a bit longer to jump in from what I remembered, but I'm still having fun. Still grinding Destiny 2, gotta get ready for Iron Banner next week. Probably going to download Bioshock Infinite and play the DLC (finally)
  21. The only action RPG from square I have liked is FFXII, but I liked what I saw from 7.
  22. I was about to give you the guillotine because once again you're a sourpuss who criticizes almost everything and can't imagine why people like things you complain about. But then you mentioned FF VI and that sorta evened it out.
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