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  2. Biden out there getting Obama numbers being nominated but I'm supposed to be worried about "enthusiasm"? It's pathetic. Bernie stans are no more than four weeks from crying (again) for the smoke filled rooms to nominate their boy even after years of campaigning against that as a moral abomination.
  3. Biden doesn't voters to be enthusiastic about him, the voters just need to remain enthusiastic about voting against Trump
  4. This is a game that is literally called ver.1.22474487139... (the ... is actually part of the title), i’m not surprised there isn’t much clarity yet. :P
  5. Bernie couldn't even inspire his own fanbase to get out and vote for him. I'm not a Biden fan, but come on.
  6. I picked up good job yesterday. While I love the concept and what the game is doing I'm also a bit disappointed in some aspects (like on the first floor if you spill water the guy will mop it, nothing even remotely like that happens anywhere else, which makes it disappointing nobody cares what you do). I think my biggest gripe is really the only thing the game cares is you solve the issue as quickly as possible. The damage scores or broken item scores mean dick. Hell to an extent even your final score means dick in the game. I wish the game gave more criteria to completing the levels. =/ Other then that the destructive open nature is satisfying during levels. So it leads to many ways you can solve the level. One extra node, I did have a few bugs that put me in a stuck state where I have to restart the level. This happen a lot on a few specific levels. In one case I got force sat on a row of chairs and the game would not let me get off or I had a guy on a chair get stuck in a part I could not remove him from. =(
  7. Before it gets to that point, no, Darksiders is not like Zelda and it sucks.
  8. I only remember not liking it. I don't recall it being like zelda either.
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  10. Orange is the New Black Breaking bad Batter call Saul Iliza shlessinger (spelling) Schitts Creek
  11. Hmmm, I would like more clarity then - I assumed it was just an upres, etc.
  12. My governor, Phil Murphy, has been such a fucking beast during all this. A bit behind Cuomo overall but has really been one of the most forward thinking and fastest acting governors in the nation. He also e-fellates Trump and Pence daily on Twitter because he knows he will be treated better and have his requests taken seriously if he does, which I do appreciate right now.
  13. Gotta admit, he somehow finds ways to hit new lows consistently.
  14. I am a fan of Daredevil. The Witcher is pretty good too. If you have never seen Drive(starring Gosling) it is currently on Netflix. It is a really great movie, IMO. I also like the Jim & Andy documentary.
  15. At this point it would be safer to record all deaths from pneumonia as COVID-19 rather than the other way around (if untested).
  16. You should spend a solid 30-45 minutes looking around at all the options, then just randomly put on an episode of the office while you fall asleep.
  17. I have the first game on steam but that is 2D style Zelda, and it really isn't that good. Especially the ocean parts. Like, it feels like I am playing a shitty version of Phantom Hourglass.
  18. I wish XBC would be out in April. Be nice to have a good RPG.
  19. So their death toll numbers are actually WORSE. This is what it's about for him... added to the fact that he hasn't been able to do his ego stroking rallies and these ratings numbers are like cocaine to him.
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