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  2. I don’t think I have ever seen that picture. Message boards: here and gamespot (both left leaning). Edit: I use to mess with godlikeproductions, but their racism stopped being funny and original. No social media.
  3. It pretty much started with the right wing, jesus, dude. The most commonly shared meme is a young, angry, liberal looking woman with the word TRIGGERED stamped over it.
  4. I guess man. Just how I’ve seen it. Message boards, and news article comments are where I see it. I don’t really internet other than that, so really I don’t come across many conservative posters. Edit: not saying it doesn’t happen the other way.
  5. Would have never known it was a “right winger” thing. Have pretty much only seen it used against conservative people on message boards.
  6. NHL '94 not being in the top ten makes this list invalid.
  7. Also there are some VERY big spoiler images now floating around, so be careful. I've only seen one shot from (presumably) near the end of the film which gives away a character arc.
  8. Basically this. I have no hope that Abrams + Justice League writer can make a good story. Instead, it will be jammed with stuff from the OT (and maybe PT). I mean, yes, the US military still uses airplanes from 30-40 years ago. At the same time, a lot of new stuff has come about. Yet in the ST we only see the old Rebel designs...it's really silly.
  9. That's surprising. Didn't think anything would beat any sort of Endgame record. Curious what the "final" numbers will be.
  10. The private Instagram account of Lev Parnas, one of Rudy Giuliani's indicted associates, has uncovered photos of Parnas with Trump's legal team a day after AG Barr's summary of the Mueller report, Parnas at the White House, and more https://www.msnbc.com/all-in/watch/the-instagram-page-of-an-indicted-giuliani-associate-71789637711
  11. I was pleasantly surprised to hear all the local sports talk guys crushing the Astros for their handling of the situation all day long.
  12. Mine was more of a snarky response to the anti-taxites, sorry if you felt included.
  13. I find it more weird that Portal is in the Top 20 and Portal 2 in the Top 10. I mean, they're both excellent games, but really? Anyway, no one needs to take these lists seriously. They do them too often.
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  15. I am all but convinced that the damage already inflicted upon this deliberately rickety system of government is irreparable and irreversible.
  16. swinton is OK since she can literally play anyone or anything
  17. With this latest testimony, it is now about as clear as it gets that we have an authoritarian criminal as president. Republicans staying so supportive of the guy is so fucking frustrating. This isn’t the dry Mueller Report. The guy is setting us up for constitutional crisis scenarios and lying every fucking minute while reputable diplomats are testifying under oath that he committed a high crime. Remove his ass!
  18. Six of the top ten are Nintendo games... I thought you guys would be creaming yourselves in agreement over this list
  19. I'm playing through Wind Waker at the moment, after which I'll also be playing Twilight Princess. Let me know what you think as you move along!
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