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  2. I like Colossus. And no, the Javelins are all different play styles. lol. Reviewers are the reason that games fail sometimes because people believe their opinions are facts.
  3. Harden is great in commercials and meaningless games in November.
  4. Haha, that's pretty broad. Do you / your wife have any favorite genres you generally gravitate towards?
  5. You probably think James Harden is too. Lol jk
  6. I will definitely file that under “no shit, Sherlock”. Not you, Polygon. I said this paiges ago. These “reviewers” knew. most would not be playing the game until 2/22 at the earliest, and they knew there was a huge day one patch addressing many of their issues with game. Yet they had to rush to publication to proclaim Anthem to be garbage and irredeemable. lol Skillup titled his review “BioWare made the wrong game and made it badly.” Which sounds like he hated what Anthem was trying to be, and even in his review he laments that it isn’t Mass Effect. Sounds like Anthem wasn’t going to get a fair shake. Anthem is not perfect. But it seems like even the flaws it has it shares with its genre counterparts and the ones that were due to (and now have been) fixed are being blown way out of proportion, to the point BioWare and Anthem are being vilified. The guy at the Quartering said that if the anyone enjoying Anthem is blind to being ripped off. I mean, what? lol
  7. But the Javelins all play the same! I know because the reviewer dude on the internet told me!
  8. skillzdadirecta

    Television Surviving R. Kelly

    His lawyer said that "All of these women are lying." Great defense you got there buddy... but if it worked for Trump
  9. Always better to make your own from scratch at home. I mean you're already preparing the salad and all its accoutrements so why not whip up a dressing as well?
  10. With James Gunn's Script according to Kevin Feige
  11. Think of the tier thing as bonus experience and a sort of bar you fill up each week. Like a mini-leveling progression. Basically, aside from the experience, if you and your friends (people in your rando groups are irrelevant, I think, so don't worry about them. It probably shouldn't even show their tiers as it confuses things.) have higher tiers at the end of the week, you get lots of extra bonus Coin, which is the currency you use to buy stuff. Essentially, you do more stuff, your tier goes up, you get more stuff from that. Reset at end of week, repeat. So your experience points continue to have at least some affect.
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  13. I think I’m missing something with alliance tiers. I’m getting grouped with players a level or 2 lower but I’m by far the lowest on alliance tiers. I think I’m at tier 2 and other are like 4-6. Is there something I’m supposed do to increase that?
  14. outsida

    The Official Thread of Existing While Black

    see what I’m saying, the right is using this to claim there are no victims of hate crimes and that they are the victims.
  15. It’s a me Mario! So far Super Mario in one form or another doesn’t have issues getting a new release. I also hear Madden’s next slogan is going to be where else are you going to play an NFL game?
  16. I truly believe tho once the rhetoric is set people just go with it and everyone follows suit, and then it just domino effects from there downward. The game is alot of fun tho, I'm enjoying it... And once they continue to tighten it up even further, optimize it more, add quality of life tweaks.... It'll be pretty solid. I do want to see some more enemy variety and things of that nature, but that can all come in time What I'm loving is how the gameplay from one class to another is very different, and opens doors to enjoying many playstyles
  17. During the times early access trial I went to settings and returned to the home screen before quitting to make sure the game knew I quit and the timer didn't keep running. A couple of folks I know had the timer keep running on them. Now with the full game, I just shut down like any other. In other news, this Polygon article seems to acknowledge that most of these "reviews" didn't take into account the day one patch of the release date and may have jumped the gun... https://www.polygon.com/2019/2/23/18236665/anthem-early-access-reaction-analysis I've seen sites do reviews in progress fir games like this so why a lot if official sites didn't do that for this game is beyond me but if you guys think I didn't pay attention to the joke that is videogame reviews before, they've REALLY become irrelevant for me now.
  18. I have a question. When you are finished playing how do you shut down your session? Do you go to settings and return to start up screen or can you simply just shut down the game at anytime?
  19. Nokra

    The Thread of Sensible Chuckles

    Hey everybody, ready for some nightmares?
  20. I'd never even heard of green goddess dressing until maybe a month ago and suddenly it's everywhere. WTF, @Chris-, get out of my head! Since there sadly isn't a Trader Joe's in Germany, I'll have to take your word for it. But someday, victory will be mine.
  21. Review opinions are like buttholes. We all gottem. And they know a good review won’t get as many clicks as a edgy bad review.
  22. Boy, Destiny is the king of shit load times. You float in space watch your ship, your ship flies above the planet and you watch it fly there then there is another load while you load into the planet. Make sure you do all your stuff on the planet because you don't want to go through that again.
  23. That’s because most of the complaints aren’t really that major. Many already got patched, or are pretty typical for the looter shooter genre. For example mission/objective variety, which is no worse than Division’s or Destiny’s. Or story and world building which has so far been handled better than Division and Destiny. This video from Aztecross can give you an idea.
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