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  2. It’s funny that Welling is much bigger than Cryer for when he got decked I’m hoping there’s another Welling cameo though it seems unlikely. Alas.
  3. Oh well! Maybe someday they’ll like me!
  4. Trump wants a private citizen to brief intelligence officials on intelligence?
  5. Ok adding a couple of more to my not-in-order list as I continue to think about it. Mass Effect 2 GTA V The Witcher 3 Skyrim PUBG Halo Reach Portal 2
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  7. I have it. It’s fine - certainly the worst option of any recent machine. The dungeons can be a bit too dark I remember. I bought it to kill time on a flight to and from japan, and it worked real nicely there, but I really have no reason to play it now. I would say especially if you’ve never played it, it’s fine.
  8. Huh, so it is. I thought it was 2010 or 11. Strike it from the list!
  9. Yeah, RE2 is really incredible. I played the demo alone for several hours (one-shot my ass!) because of how smooth it felt. Just controlling your character feels so awesome. It's what I've been saying for years: Your horror character doesn't have to control like shit for you to feel helpless or afraid, that was always the worst excuse and I will never accept it. And I didn't even hate tank controls, just found them a little clunky. All in all I've beat RE2 on every single difficulty multiple times just because each difficulty was fun for different reasons. Then I played through it again with cheat engine just to fuck with the game and see how everything worked. I never do this with ANY game. Playing through a game twice is an extreme rarity for me, let alone firing it up again 6+ times before ever putting it down. I have to say I kind of agree with how RE4 has aged though. I still find it very playable, and I'd already beaten it several times when it was new, but nowadays once I get past the village, or rather once I get to the castle, I kind of lose interest. That village opening is just so damned good. It was unlike anything I'd ever played when it was new, and being able to enter all the houses and avoid enemies while running from them and exhausting your resources... I just don't think any other point of the game reached that crazy good level design/encounter design of the very first village. The rest of it isn't bad, that part was just so good. All this talk about it kind of makes me want to go reinstall it, though!
  10. It's not my most disliked, that honor goes to Attack of the Clones, but dear god is the movie overrated. A mess of a story, completely forgettable characters that are straight out of a b-budget RPG and a narrative that REEKS of studio notes and a fix-it in post approach. OH and Forrest Whitaker as some kind of futuristic, bionic Fred Sanford. He was better in Jedi Fallen Order.
  11. Looks like the Conservatives under Boris Johnson are going to win a majority with around 43% of the vote. And even though a majority would vote to remain in the EU today, Johnson will likely initiate a hard Brexit and imo start the beginning of the end of the UK. And we have Russia to mostly thank for this movement. Russia is doing a bang-up job of destroying the west. Imagine if, instead of abandoning them in the 90s to gloat, the US had partnered with Russia and bailed it out, brought it into NATO, etc? Also Corbyn is possibly one of the worst leaders in western democratic history.
  12. I also think Solo is the best Disney tainted Star Wars. Though I haven’t watched any of them more than 2-3 times.
  13. I know! A whole $5 space bucks earned from gaming Valve’s economy. But seriously, I don’t play horror themed games so often. This seems like a good entry point into Souls-dom. ... I’ll probably buy Jedi first at this rate.
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