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  2. No wonder why that update was so huge. I have to give it a try tonight to see how bad it really is. If it's that bad, I will make my voice heard like I am sure that other players will.
  3. Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou released on C$10 million bail.
  4. Jason

    ~* Tripe/Counter-Tripe *~

  5. He made it! Lol. It’s all downhill from here.
  6. SimpleG

    General Gaming Anthem: closed-alpha registrations now open

    Just an FYI,that article is bullshit. He had nothing in is Library other then Anthem. https://www.twitch.tv/smokethrone/clip/AgitatedAttractiveTeaNotATK
  7. Holy shit... I never said anything about "comic accuracy". I said he was the closest to the comic book interpretation of the character and I gave reasons why I thought he was. Bale's Batman wasn't close to the comic interpretation because it was never intended to be. Nolan never wanted an "Uber Batman" who could take on Galactus with enough planning and prep time so he didn't portray him that way deliberately. Snyder and Affleck's Batman was literally pulled from The Dark Knight Returns. Like LITERALLY. That doesn't make Nolan and Bale's Batman inferior in any way. Just that he's "NOT AS CLOSE TO THE COMIC" As Affleck's Batman. Does he have characteristics inherent to the character? Sure. But they were distilled through a "real world" lens designed to ground the character in a believable world which was Nolan's approach to the character. Again, nothing wrong with that, but they deliberately moved away from the more comic-booky elements of the character. Snyder and Affleck didn't. Which is why I made my initial statement. If you disagree... cool.
  8. I tell you what....I had a dream. In that dream, I played a game that was born from The Division, Mass Effect and Destiny. That game....it was glorious. Jumping, sprinting, flying, shooting, dying. And not bad on the eyes. Glorious.
  9. Kal-El814

    Airplane coffee and tea may not be safe to drink?

    I drink airplane coffee or have them give me a cup with ice. YOLO.
  10. But didnt u say he was closest to comic book batman cause he was "A paranoid loner who hopes for the best but plans for the worse, is scientifically gifted and a brilliant detective." I listed examples of that but now its just realistic but not comic accurate.. the hell? Either way, Affleck is a big loss (on par with losing Cavill), I had hoped he'd have enough enjoyment from the role to get us that Reeves film made.. thats a big missed opportunity..
  11. CastlevaniaNut18

    Airplane coffee and tea may not be safe to drink?

    I thought this has long been known? I've read many an article about not drinking airplane water. I've never done it, I just stick to a Coke in a can or bottle water.
  12. Oh, this must be a F2P title! In that case, I see no real probl... Wait, this is a full-price game?!?
  13. It fits this Batman and the more realistic and grounded approach Nolan took in making these films sure... and I don't dispute that. Which is why I said Affleck's Batman is closer to the comic book version who would have never been that sloppy and would have planned for some thing like that. Again.... my initial statement was Affleck's Batman is the closest to the comic book version. Not that he was the most "realistic" version.
  14. Today
  15. Well he didnt exactly figure it out cause he heard Bruce Wayne cough.. he was digging into the files of the Company digging for stuff... its a plausible thing that makes sense... its an alternate way of addressing questions as to why nobody at Wayne company recognizes the vehicle, its no more a silly situation than where a man builds an entire suit of armor in a cave with no tech beyond plot armor of hes a genius... plus if he planned for every contingency there would be no movie all crime is solved 🤔
  16. I'd complain, but I do not own that game, nor do I have any interest in owning it.
  17. 3DS version or Zelda Master’s Quest edition for GameCube. Which you could also play on Wii (... or Dolphin.) I loved Master’s Quest. Hardest dungeons in the series. It’s a great way to revisit the game with a novel twist.
  18. https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/is-airplane-coffee-safe-to-drink-new-study-says-probably-not/ar-BBQOT9b
  19. An accountant figured out who Bale's Batman was... an accountant. Think about that and come back and tell me he's a guy who "plans for every contingency."
  20. https://www.engadget.com/2018/12/09/street-fighter-v-ads-december-11th/
  21. Bale's Batman lacked the scientific and detective skills? Um, did we watch different movies?
  22. Keaton, the sword fight in the alley was done well enough, as was the fight against the big goon in the cathedral.. just dont ask Keaton bats to show u his arms Bale, planning and detective work... he did investigations to get info from flass about the drugs, scoped out the house in the narrows, took on Ras on Train with gordon as backup in tumbler.... used irradiated bills to track mob money... was so genius that he got fingerprint off a bullet in a method so convoluted scholars still trying to decipher it... knew all the cops by name and had general knowledge of them... the Lau capture was well synchronized... Pruitt building takedown was done on the fly to save lives... What Bale needed was a better fight/action choreographer.. and a friend good enough to slap him out of that dark knight voice.. Affleck Batman.. well I accept his state of mind and why he acts the way he does.. there just wasnt enough "true" batman in there for me... he deserved a better film.. I dont count Justice League (just imagening his stupid fangirl fawning when Superman arrives at the final battle)...🤢 i guess I would still choose Bale, but put Affleck in the Dark Knight and its perfect.. I still insist Dark Knight Rises is a clusterfuck of missed opportunities.. Bane and Catwoman are the only redeeming parts.. Well that and "Risen from Darkness on the soundtrack
  23. It looks good, but I doubt it will pass the Bechdel test.
  24. Not sure I missed anything then. My very point was the value of this change was more than the financials for actresses or "trickledown" from it. That is, you should care about this independent of the payouts. No worries. I wasn't objecting to your rejection of that Well. I suppose it depends on what you mean by "justice." That's not how I would characterize the impact.
  25. I remember getting this, and spending the subsequent school break playing it with my friend, like yesterday. This was such a step forward the way I remember it. It felt so fresh and new, great times and I have lots of nostalgia for this year. I unfortunately have not played it since as a matter of fact. What's the easiest/best way to play it these days? I stupidly enough never bought it on Wii's Virtual Console. Only Majora's Mask and the timer thing turns me off to the point I never started playing it somehow... I really want to play this now, damn.
  26. Yup, he just can't help himself. If he contemplated walking back owning the shutdown for even a moment it went out the window the second he heard someone say Schumer tricked him into saying it. Now he'll own it even harder to prove Chuck didn't trick him, it was his plan all along!
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