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  2. She's confused? So many reporters are just entirely incapable of doing their job.
  3. Microsoft already finances every SKU they release now without trade-ups. If the whole plan was to push people to step up to a different monthly plan after the cross-gen period ends, why not just do it with the X1X as the segway machine instead?
  4. Are you a doctor or something? The guy definitely has COVID.
  5. The guy coughed. I've gotten choked on spit before that triggered a coughing fit. Unless other shit goes down, I'm inclined to see this as an unfortunate coincidence.
  6. Our beloved Emperor has said something along those lines a few times.
  7. Do you think posting "two nukes were not nearly enough" in a thread about a Japanese game would get you fired from Fox?
  8. What if... Lockhart is only available to purchase through Xbox All Access, and in 2 or 3 years, when the payment or whatever it is is done, they have you upgrade to the Series X that you trade in the Lockhart for and continue the Xbox All Access on a new plan. That way they plan to phase out Series S's out in a 2/3 year timespan. So that way the Series S is a stop gap for early adopters to get into the ecosystem for like $25 a month for Xbox Gamepass Ultimate and a Series S. They build Game Pass subscribers up huge by having such a low cost of entry to get into Next Gen gaming. Then when the time is up, you can keep the Series S as a xCloud Machine, or streaming box. Microsoft said they want to try to emulate a phone plan, where you generally have a 18 month or 2 year contract then upgrade. Could this possibly be a strategy they want to implement?
  9. I have had a similar problem wanting to play my world on PS4 and mobile. My main world is one I have worked on for 3+ years on my PS4, but sometimes it's nice to relax and do smaller stuff on the phone. I am in an even worse situation because PS4 Bedrock doesn't even support Realms yet. What I found the easiest thing for me to do is if I want to play on my phone I just run the game on my PS4 like a server and connect directly like a Lan game using the same router. Since I often like to afk at farms this works out anyway. It sounds like your game save is on the wrong system for you, though. You would probably prefer to run the PC like a server and connect with the Switch. I believe there are third party apps that allow you to transfer saves from system to system, but I couldn't get any of them to work. If you want to do this, though, you can do the Realms free trial. You can upload your Switch world into a Realm, then download it to the Windows 10 Bedrock and then it will play like any other offline game save you have. This is all a little complicated, so if something I said didn't make sense feel free to ask me to clarify. The solution I found is passible but not ideal because one version is always reliant on the other running as well, or you have to pay for Realms and be online if you want to go that route.
  10. I mean not even loosely. If a business fails, shareholders and employees go down. If the government fails, we all feel the effects. The incentives and goals are wholly different too. They're nothing alike. Interpersonal relationships only matter in a company for a CEO depends on the board and a few other execs and customers and suppliers. not a 500+ member democratically elected chamber, and a cabinet and a judiciary. It's not the same!
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  12. I just checked his Twitter account and today he was indoors at a sheriff's office and at a farmers market. Always without masks, not social distancing. Jesus these fucking people
  13. Operative word was loosely. I'm not advocating it, but it does make a tiny bit more sense than if you're talking about a con artist like Trump.
  14. http://eyeonhousing.org/2019/03/homeownership-rates-by-race-and-ethnicity/ Hmm wonder why they'll help homeowners and not renters hmmmmmm
  15. Maybe I am projecting, but to me the crowd reaction sounds like such a complex symphony of mixed emotions. Like, some nervous laughter as they quickly grasp the insanity of the situation they have put themselves in and how stupid they will immediately look when it goes up on Twitter. Some defiant cheers as they shove down that little voice trying to tell them this is a bad idea. Followed by a little impatience for the guy on the mic to say something. Perhaps lead them all in an inspiring round of "we're here, we're infected. Get used to it!". And ultimately some unease as they stop thinking about the political ramifications and realize they all may have been, or actively are, being exposed to a potentially deadly virus. And the guy on the mic even seemed to pick up on all of this. Not sure if his impotent hackings of "ok, ok" were meant to reassure the crowd or a slightly self aware admission that he knew how absurd he looked...maybe it was a little of both.
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