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Yes, we know things look like crap so use "IPS Default (Grey)" theme for now, see The Help Desk for Status Update thread

Emperor Diocletian II

As the title says, we're well aware that things look like crap around here :p


Please be patient with us as we attempt to get things back in order after the upgrade.  The fact of the matter is that we might have to replace our old themes with new ones that are compatible with the new 4.5 version of the board software so that will take some time too!


Here are the options for themes until we get everything fixed:


  1. IPS Default (blindingly white)
  2. IPS Grey (think oldschool IGN Boards colorscheme for the most part)
  3. Playstation (black)


Playstation is kinda borked in that it'll definitely look screwy in places, but it's usable enough if you have to have a black theme, especially considering it's only until we can get everything fixed.

So, please be patient - we'll get there.  Eventually!


For updates, see this thread in The Help Desk:



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