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In Topic: New Hearthstone Expansion - The Grand Tournament

Today, 03:13 PM

View PostAnzo, on 03 August 2015 - 02:55 PM, said:

Gotta love the Blizzard boards. You won't find a greater hive of salt and despair. Every new card sucks, everything needs to be nerfed, game is P2W etc. "The Grand Dust Tournament" is what they are calling this. Seems to me that people have no imaginations to work the cards into new deck motifs. I'm really liking the variety of what has been revealed.

Question for some of you veterans. I now have 1600 dust and want to craft a legendary. Top picks are
1) Dr. Boom,
2) Sylvannas
3) Antonidas (mage is my favorite class)
4) Ragnaros

In that order. Any thoughts? Should I wait until the expansion? I know that Dr. Boom could be nerfed anytime but don't they give you full dust value when they nerf something?

that seems like the correct order and yes in the past they have given full value if they nerf something

In Topic: I'll soon be a member of the home owner club

Today, 10:00 AM

View PostAlpha1Cowboy, on 01 August 2015 - 09:57 AM, said:

Same boat here. I don't want to put any money into it because we are gonna pull the entire top of the house when we expand in 2 years.

I am really debating how much I want to put into my place. It is a 1000sqft ranch with about another 500sqft of finished basement, it is basic but it meets all my needs and most importantly I own it free and clear. Right now I would say it is worth about 100k, the kitchen needs a complete gut and redo but even if the house was absolutely gorgeous inside and out my neighborhood tops out at 115k-120k and those prices are for bigger houses. I'm saving up to either really fix up my current place or buy a new one but our taxes here are just obscene(about $4000+ per 100k of appraisal).

So either I sink the money into the current house and stay for a long time or buy a new place and get raped by taxes.

In Topic: New Hearthstone Expansion - The Grand Tournament

Today, 06:35 AM

View PostCitizenVectron, on 03 August 2015 - 01:58 AM, said:

I am only rank 23 but I just played a guy with almost all rares or better and I thought...how the hell is this guy only 23 if he has that many good cards? He destroyed me.

That is a problem right now, when the game came out you used to be able to be fully competitive with just a basic deck(cards you unlocked by playing the computer) in fact some of the streamers used to be able to get legend rank without using a single card from a pack, there is no way in hell you can do that now and that I think is the biggest problem with the game.

It is also the start of a new month so the match ups are little screwy until people get more wins/loses and things settle in.

In Topic: I 'officially' start my new 'side job' tomorrow

Today, 06:30 AM

View PostFirewithin, on 02 August 2015 - 07:36 PM, said:

the real question not being asked...........did you show them the PCCB?

not going to lie, this was my first thought after reading the OP

In Topic: Justice League Gods & Monsters

01 August 2015 - 09:55 PM

 Spork3245, on 01 August 2015 - 09:34 PM, said:

There's a few that have really stood out, IMO (Apocalypse, Doom, Flashpoint Paradox, etc), was hoping this was at "that" level :(

I did like flashpoint but I am sucker for the trope of the alternate universe where everything has gone to shit