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In Topic: So who is on board the VR train?

Today, 06:15 AM

I will order CV1 the second it is available barring some disaster but I have no interest in spending hundreds of dollars to beta test especially when the founder of the company specifically said if you aren't a developer you shouldn't buy DK2.

In Topic: Rumor: Nvidia to debut GTX870/880 at Gamescom, bench indicates +20% gain over...

Yesterday, 06:35 AM

Still likely holding out on updating my desktop until OR CV1 hits which probably at least year away. We damn well better have 20nm by then, I remember thinking we would have had it last year.

In Topic: Paul E. and Brock's promo from last night.

22 July 2014 - 01:47 PM

Really wish Brock did something besides just stand there. Walk out annihilate some random guys in the ring, throw the announce table into the crowd, F5 a ref on steps for no reason.

In Topic: 7-21-14 I'm going to Raw thread (plus Main Event, NXT, Smackdown!)

22 July 2014 - 06:29 AM

Wooo Brock is back. Boo he comes out and does absolutely nothing but stand there like a log, I think we all were looking forward to him coming out Brocking the shit out of half the roster.

In Topic: 7-21-14 I'm going to Raw thread (plus Main Event, NXT, Smackdown!)

21 July 2014 - 08:49 PM

So they spent the last 4 months fucking up all the momentum Cesaro had built over the previous year for what exactly? He just quits Heyman in a backstage segments but stays heel.