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Super Smash Bros Soundtrack

28 February 2015 - 04:38 PM

I received mine today from Club Nintendo. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet though.

Its 2 CDs The Red disc is with 36 tracks from the 3DS and Blue one with 26 songs from the Wii U version.  

What a nice Free bonus! Mew-Two codes should also be coming soon!

Please Recommend a Screen Recording & Video Editing software

11 December 2014 - 01:24 PM

I've tried the demo of Camtasia but this doesn't appear to work of full screen mode. Its also $300.

Is there a good cheap one?

Borderlands PS $39.99 at Amazon

17 November 2014 - 09:18 AM

Its the deal of the day.

PS4 Far Cry 4 and GTA5 Preloading?

16 November 2014 - 02:08 PM

I just checked my PS4. Isn't there preloads for these games?

I need steam help.

30 October 2014 - 08:32 AM

I have two problems i need help with.

My power supply went out and I just installed a new one. Now a bunch of my Steam games are missing. Is there a quick and easy way to get steam to recognize the games? Right now im going through the games one at a a time and redownloading them. Steam recognizes them and then they are good to go.  

My 2nd problem is i'm trying too add a folder on another hard drive that previously had games. When i try to create the new folder.  I go to: Settings, downloads, steam library folders, add library folder, create folder. And i get an error "Failed to add new steam folder". I've tried multiple names and nothing will work. I have over 750gb of free space there.

Any help would be appreciated.