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  2. Amateur hour. Wait for the inevitable AC Origins bugs to meme all over the web, the price to tank, and imagine the savings.
  3. I've had some deep contemplation of getting rid of facebook in the wake of this revelation. The ultimate irony is that I maintain my facebook so I can keep up with my Russian and Ukrainian friends.
  4. I think the direct links to posts are timestamps that count in seconds...I think Wade beat me by literally 1 second.
  5. I'm neutral for now. It's Shane Black writing and directing - he's literally never made a bad movie (though there are some who'd say Iron Man 3 was bad). So it's hard for me to fathom someone like him, who starred in Predator and loves the material and is otherwise a fantastic filmmaker making something bad. I'd say based on the resume it should be good.
  6. Official Blade Runner 2049 Thread (Spoilers Marked)

    Let me guess, Deckard is a replicant? But seriously, I will try and avoid the spoilers, especially if the movie turns out great.
  7. Without about 10% of the ballots counted in the non-binding referendum, the pro-independence vote is winning 92% to 8%. Naturally, the Arabs/Turks/Persians are less-than-pleased. Iraq orders Kurdistan to surrender the airports on Kurdish territory Erdogan threatens military response, says Iraqi Kurds threaten "ethnic war" Iran vows to stand with Baghdad and Ankara in opposition to an independent Kurdistan
  8. This is the Atari Console?

    I'd buy one. Nostalgia's a bitch.
  9. Trump vs Goodell...

    The comments on that WaPo article are just downright depressing. Anyone who doesn't believe that capital R Racism isn't a real problem in this country RIGHT NOW, just need to read that giant wall of ignorant shit.
  10. We're just over a week away from one of my most anticipated films of the year, and the first impressions that are coming in only make me more excited. It certainly sounds like we might actually get the Blade Runner movie we all hoped it could be. Besides being very positive, the early buzz indicates that everything about the film is a spoiler, and I've seen a few people recommend against reading any reviews because even the premise is something you might not want to know going in. Here's the RT page once reviews start coming in. Before seeing it in theaters you might want to check out the shorts that setup the story, including the anime by Shinichiro Watanabe:
  11. Pepito made me sad to find out that the reason I keep getting sub-leveled gear is because I have too many mods.
  12. This post is #146225 on the board and Jason's is 146226. Therefore as the board post-count arbiter, I declare this the official thread.
  13. This is the Atari Console?

    When I read the title I assumed it was some sort of "Atari Classic" console, like what Nintendo is doing with the NES and SNES. Is this actually an attempt at a new, real console?
  14. Best deal on an SD card for my switch?

    That's a total bummer. Well, thankfully I don't have too much at the moment so downloading again won't be so bad. I'm looking at this for an upgrade: http://a.co/8bgGMal
  15. I thought the US had the biggest Air Force and Navy in the world.
  16. Yooka Laylee on Switch has some Final Issues still

    Hard to see the point? If the game looks interesting and fun, then that's all there is to it. Get the game and enjoy it. Mario doesn't have to and shouldn't be a reason NOT to get it. Why wouldn't you want an extra game to play and fuck around with and/or get 100% on?!
  17. This is the Atari Console?

    What market on Earth are they aiming for with this thing?!? They can't be serious!
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