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  2. I thought that janky horizon would be something I want, then i warched the video and realized it is not. I would be down for a new Nightmare Creatures this halloween though, does Square own that now?
  3. This is the correct response.
  4. Not enough. I probably average 5'ish hours a night. This is fine every now and again but when it's all the time it wears on you.
  5. Not just Sony. Anyone that starts a trend. That's why they bought Mojang and tried to buy Bluehole. At the very least, I have to give it them that a new Fable would walk back some of Phil's recent comments a little. IMO, the last thing they should be doing is chasing the multiplayer cash cows of today. Lawbreakers and Paragon are a great indication that the space is too crowded. I worry that next E3, that's going to be their main focus.
  6. I used to be a total night person. But waking up at 4 a.m. for work eventually subsumed my entire sleep schedule, even on my days off. Which leads me to get about 6-7 hours on work nights. And often only 3 or 4 on my days off because my inclination is still to stay up past midnight....but then my body is like, "Hey, it's 5...get up!". I get all the sleep at once, but on work nights it's a very light sleep where I am up constantly because I don't use an alarm.
  7. I'm sorry man, it was a good IP!
  8. I mean . . . that's capitalism. It HAS to have winners and losers. And that's why a "pure" capitalist economic system without democratic socialist enhancements to it doesn't work if one's goal is to help everybody without impinging on anyone else's success. But I agree with you completely.
  9. NIGHTMARCHERS (Because Nightwalkers was taken!)

    You made me think about Nightmare Creatures, and now I'm sad that IP is still dead.
  10. That's...that's something alright!
  11. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/michael-wolffs-fire-fury-become-tv-series-1075346
  12. Roblox is hella popular at my daughters school too. She wants me to spend real money on it, and I'm like, hell no. I'll buy her a $60 switch game before giving her $5 to spend on that shit.
  13. Declaration of New California!

    Given what I said above about not being able to properly place LA on a map, they seem to have just randomly grabbed counties for this.
  14. It isn’t worth for the Publisher either. Why would they want to setup a used market when one does not exist and lose out on 25%? Makes no sense.
  15. Declaration of New California!

    Indeed werd. - Slug
  16. GoW Stone Mason Edition (CE)

    Gamestop only https://m.gamestop.com/product/ps4/games/god-of-war-stone-mason-edition/158235?utm_source=linkshare&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=deeplink&cid=afl_10000087&affid=77777&sourceid=oelfibimgtk-wonccyqqmagvud2uztsjzw
  17. Please, I prefer "jank"!
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