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Anyone have experience with Ubiquiti Unifi AP's?

Yesterday, 06:41 PM

(see topic)

I was thinking about picking a few up to extend a strong Wifi signal to the front and back yards respectively.

What cable modem to own

20 April 2015 - 10:01 AM

The SB6183 is the only logical choice yes?

Old game kiosks

19 April 2015 - 07:26 PM


Thought you guys might get a kick out of these..

False Vacuum Theory

12 April 2015 - 04:11 PM

The more I read up on this theory, the more it haunts me.

@legend pls tell me that the universe isn't going to instantaneously disappear, or by disappearing, we're just part of the Transcension Hypothesis?

Anyone using a 21:9 monitor?

05 April 2015 - 05:21 PM

I want one so bad it hurts.

Somebody please make a 34" 3440x1440 resolution IPS display with something like 20-144hz adaptive Freesync. They'll get all my money. Then you could sandwich that beauty with two cheap Microcenter/Monoprice/Korean 1440p monitors on either side, for a totally immersive Eyefinity resolution of 8560x1440.