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ITT Songs we think would make good Bond themes

21 August 2014 - 05:50 PM

Cite a specific era that you feel like your proposed tune would fit. Use spoiler tags to keep the thread loading quick. For instance:

Heard this new Beck tune off Morning Phase called Wave the other night. To me it just sounds like a theme to James Bond, maybe circa Casino Royale.


If you can't think of anything that would make for a good James Bond song, feel free to just post your favorite song that is off an actual Bond soundtrack.

Watched Bengals pre-season game HOLY WOW WHATAFINISH

08 August 2014 - 01:09 AM

I have no idea who this Matt Scott is. Some 4th stringer QB. I want his jersey now. Dude is the most epic person I've ever seen. And that was the most entertaining end to a pre-season I've ever seen. And not because we won (we didn't)!

Dalton in for a couple series. Drops a bomb to Green. Looks good. They sit him.

Campbell in until early in the 3rd. Nice spirals but some bad decision. He takes a hit and hurts his non-throwing arm.

AJ McCarron not active -- shoulder injury.

In comes Matt Scott. 4th stringer NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OF. Decides he's going to fucking win this game. Takes hits, shrugs 'em off. Runs for 35 yards, doesn't slide.

Final 2 minutes, down by 10. Screaming and gesturing at his clueless 5th string wide receivers and offensive line. Audible on live television "GET ON THE FUCKING BALL!!!" Runs for more first downs to keep the drive alive.

In the middle of the field now, pre-snap. Throws up. Rewind. Yup, that just happened. Dude yuked all over the field. Runs a play. Throws up AGAIN. Multiple streams of vomit out of his mouth. Ball is snapped. THROWS A TOUCHDOWN.

For no discernible reason (avoid OT I guess??) decides to go for two. Runs it in himself. CONVERSION SUCCESSFUL.

Onside kick try: Bengals fail. Why? Probably cuz they didn't have Matt Scott kick the ball.

Anyways, that was some wildly entertaining preseason action.

US economy grows by 4% as Fed cuts stimulus

30 July 2014 - 02:31 PM

US economy grows by 4% as Fed cuts stimulus

The growth during the second quarter reverses the contraction seen earlier in the year.

Following the report, the Federal Reserve said it would continue to ease back on its stimulus efforts.

Tom Poetter (running against Boehner) AMA

21 July 2014 - 04:27 PM


Nothing too Earth shattering. Nor would unseating Boehner really be that game changing (perhaps embarrassing for the GOP though). Seems like an alright guy though.


I strongly prefer Rectify to The Leftovers

20 July 2014 - 11:24 PM

I realize they're not entirely comparable -- one is based off of a global sci-fi (religious?) incident as its essential concept and one is about a man who spent years on death row before his sentence was vacated "due to a technicality". Both are slow burns and Rectify has had more time to get going, but just on the basis of characters that interest me (not necessarily likeable, but interesting) Rectify is something I feel I can recommend to people.

With The Leftovers, I feel like they've invented a world where assault is justified. Every time someone does something moronic, frustrating, self- or otherwise destructive, it should be totally legal to assault them. Which, I guess things are getting towards that direction or at least the police have finally gotten around to abusing their powers in useful ways.

As for Rectify, well, this clip actually *isn't* the "best moment". Just one of many good ones.