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In Topic: Is it really worth getting a dedicated sound card these days, for gaming?

Yesterday, 08:10 PM

That Techsyndicate video posted earlier was kind of lame (they didn't show enough proof about the things they were claiming, just making general statements), but I do have to agree with one thing if you are an audiophile or have good speakers then an external DAC is the way to go instead of a sound card.

In Topic: Craig Sager Jr. Interviews Pop

Yesterday, 07:21 PM


In Topic: What does your current gen library look like so far? (PS4, XBO, WiiU)

Yesterday, 12:20 PM


In Topic: For those who watched at the time: why didn't Shelton Benjamin get a worl...

19 April 2014 - 07:28 PM

I loved him, but he wasn't comfortable on the mic.  Plus had a lisp.  That's why he wasn't pushed most likely.

I still remember that match he had with HBK on RAW.  He took that superkick like a fucking champ.

In Topic: In your opinion when you're going for a cheap build what is priority?

18 April 2014 - 06:24 PM

3.8 boost to constant 4.4 is a pretty decent gain.