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In Topic: Does D1P Do Extra Life?

Today, 09:45 AM

I guess I'm trying to ask is if there is an official D1P group or are we all going to do it individually?

In Topic: WWE 2k15 Hulkamania Edition back in stock at Gamestop.com

Today, 04:09 AM

for 50 he'll come as suburban commando.


Today, 01:36 AM

yeah you didn't mids much except for the hilariously bad CGI

In Topic: Pretty sure my psu just died

Yesterday, 11:20 PM

USB stick dies=give away PC to d1p member

In Topic: What AMD cpu should i get for budget of 150 dollar?

Yesterday, 11:17 PM

might as well go with the eight core.  6300 is fine for an extreme budget nut the eight cores ate faster