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I suppose it might be easier to see the light when you're surrounded by darkness :P

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View PostMr. Victor Twenty, on 23 October 2014 - 03:37 PM, said:


Life is a terrible unfair game that is rigger for death and other folly from the start. With that in mind, we try and make the best of something that never was going to be so! :sun:

A point is an infinitely small area in space only given substance by our thought and imagination.  So the adage "life is pointless" rings true in the regard we have to give it substance in our minds.  There is no pointless without point.

Sometimes it's just really hard to do that.

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Today, 03:14 PM

You guys are great.  Seriously you warm my heart.  It's been a really shitty day.  Well, a really shitty past four years, and days like today make me question why I even exist in the first place.

But you guys give me a little bit of hope.  The pessimist in me keeps calling me a fool for believing in it, though, for hanging on.  The optimist in me thanks you.

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You never cease to amaze me @Mr. Victor Twenty

My year has just been average. I finally threw in the white flag and have started the process of filing for disablity. Unfortunately, it takes 14+ months to go through this process. So it has been tough around here for a while now. I sold most everything that I was able to sell except for my PC and a couple of the amazing people here at D1P have helped me and my family tremendously and I can't thank them enough. They know who they are. But, my wife and I are keeping positive thoughts that 2015 is going to be a much better year and that we will finally be able to get back on our feet.

Here are the couple things that I have been mulling over:



To keep my PC tidy and clean and keep it running for a very long time!



Kindle version of Chris Jericho's book

Hit me up I'll gift you Jericho's book.

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Damn I don't even meet the minimum specs anymore.

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Clock may be good but also check the date.  Wrong date = certificate errors.

Clear the Widnows DNS cache.  In the console type "ipconfig /flushdns".

Go ahead and scan for malware.