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In Topic: No Zelda for U!

Today, 07:22 AM

 iczelion74, on 27 March 2015 - 07:48 PM, said:

I pretty much figured this would happen the second they announced the NX. Why release a system seller for a system you aren't really trying to sell anymore?

Also launching a system in the psat with a Zelda title seemed to pay off really well for them. Well that and some game called Wii Sports.

Depending on the NX's power level, or lack thereof, they could pull a Twilight princess and launch on both WiiU and NX at same time.

Possibly.  But it would suck that the WiiU wouldn't get an exclusive Zelda game.   Really the main reason I bought a WiiU is for a new Zelda adventure.  If they co-release the next Zelda game for two systems, I would not want to play it in the inferior fashion.  I would basically have to buy the new console to feed my cravings.

And let's speculate about what will make the NX so appealing.  A fresh Zelda experience will certainly draw customers, but that alone won't make it a successful console.  The Wii was successful because it was cheap and had a hook (motion controls).  Previous Nintendo consoles sold exceptionally or adequately because they had some semblance of third party support.  The NX will either have to be cheap + have a hook to sell like hotcakes as the Wii did, or the NX will have to powerful enough for third parties to easily port their popular games to (Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, sports games, etc).  Oh and they'll have to up their online features either way.

In Topic: First teaser trailer for "SPECTRE"

Today, 07:13 AM

Oh good gracious I hope the movie retains the tone of that trailer.

In Topic: Amiibos... You buyin'?

Today, 07:04 AM

I've got a spare Gold Mario on hold for another week or so.  If anyone wants let me know.  It'll cost ya less than $20, price of the item + whatever shipping comes to + buck or two for gas since it's 30 miles out of my way.

In Topic: No Zelda for U!

Yesterday, 07:38 PM

View PostChairslinger, on 27 March 2015 - 05:58 PM, said:

Most of Ninty's consoles have had at least one big franchise skip an entry.

N64 didn't get Metroid. Wii didn't get Star Fox or F-Zero. GBA didn't get an original Mario Platformer(or even a Nintendo dev'd Zelda....Minish Cap was Capcom). It wouldn't be that surprising if WiiU didn't get a Zelda since it's gotten most everything else.

Zelda has been a focus on every console.  WiiU would be the biggest failure if it doesn't get one.

In Topic: No Zelda for U!

Yesterday, 05:41 PM

I was expecting that... but I would be really bummed if they indeed did this game like they did Twilight Princess.

The GCN already got a a full fledged Zelda game in Wind Waker, so porting Twilight Princess over was not as big of a deal as it is now.  Fans buy Nintendo systems for their IPs, but if they delay Zelda for the NX console that could mean Wii U won't see an exclusive Zelda or Metroid game.  That would be unreal to me.