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In Topic: They threw the Jews down the well!

26 July 2015 - 10:41 AM

Walk, do not run, to the ovens people

In Topic: Has anyone tried Apple Music yet? Because it's really bad right now.

07 July 2015 - 09:33 PM

View Postort, on 07 July 2015 - 10:56 AM, said:

This shiz is buggy... half of my album artwork has disappeared today and it's duplicating playlists for no reason I can comprehend. i.e. I've got a playlist called MEGA, which is in a folder with like 20 other playlists. For some reason, I have my folder with all of my playlists, and now MEGA 1, MEGA 2 and several other duplicate playlists. The number of songs contained within doesn't match either.

I really don't get it. How hard can this be? Honestly, the music syncing on all of the iPhones has been riddled with problems for years. The iPod / iTunes combo worked together much better than the iPhone / iTunes combo does. Smart playlists don't live update anymore and haven't for years. Always worked fine on the iPod. Not so much on the iPhone. It's frustrating.

It's shocking how embarrassingly garbage and buggy this service is.

In a library of about 6000 songs I currently have 600 songs "missing" because turning on the iCloud Library service in order to use Apple Music messed up the tags. I have no idea how that hell that happened. I also just figured out that instead of synching your own fucking music to your iPhone when using Apple Music, it matches your music to Apple Music tracks, and those Apple Music tracks are saved to your iPhone. it will only upload your own versions if it doesn't recognize them. Unfortunately, the Apple Music matching feature is absolute garbage and it gets confused between different versions of songs. On my iPhone Apple Music can't distinguish between Nirvana "On a Plain" MTV Unplugged Version and Live at Reading Version for example.

To add insult to injury while fixing the hundreds of tagging errors that resulted from turning on the iCloud Library feature, iTunes is constantly crashing as I try to locate songs manually.

In Topic: Has anyone tried Apple Music yet? Because it's really bad right now.

03 July 2015 - 05:22 PM

I really like having my personal music and streaming library side by side seamlessly integrated.

I don't like that iTunes has seemingly messed up the tags for hundreds of my songs that I'm trying to fix. I also don't like that the app gets confused when songs have the same name and displays the wrong album info.

In Topic: WWDC 2015 - Apple's biggest event of the year

08 June 2015 - 05:16 PM

I'm definitely excited to see how Apple Music works. If there's good integration between the music I own and upload, and music through the streaming service, I'll dump Spotify in a heartbeat.

In Topic: Israeli Election Thread: Netanyahu claims that the Arabs are "voting in d...

19 March 2015 - 07:03 AM

View Postheyyoudvd, on 18 March 2015 - 07:38 PM, said:

No one "went around" anything. The President was informed of the invitation and he didn't say anything until AFTER Netanyahu accepted. Like I already pointed out, Netanyahu went about this in the exact same way as he did in 2011 and there was no issue then. But this time. Obama decided to manufacture a controversy out of pettiness.

Sorry, but "inappropriate" is not an argument. That's an ambiguous word that you can use towards anything you don't like.

Your condescension won't change the fact that you're spouting nonsense. You can say that the President conducts foreign policy all you like, but that won't change the fact that nothing wrong was done here. Aside from the fact that there's nothing illegal or unconstitutional about it, the fact that there's direct precedent (ie. Netanyahu's very last speech, which didn't cause any commotion) - proves that there's nothing inappropriate about the matter, either.

I do appreciate how you keep making sure to insert the phrase "a month before his election". That betrays any claim of reason or objectivity that you might have, and it proves that you're just regurgitating Obama's talking points on the matter.

Here are the facts:

1. Congress is a separate branch of government and does not have to run anything by the President if it wishes to invite a foreign speaker.  
2. Congress invited Netanyahu to come speak.
3. Netanyahu didn't accept the invitation until AFTER Obama was informed of the matter.
4. Netanyahu went about this in the exact same manner as he did for his 2011 speech, and there was no issue then.
5. Obama, despite having already known about the pending invitation, didn't raise a fuss about it until AFTER Netanyahu accepted it, proving that the President was looking for a fight.

It's really quite simple. Netanyahu did nothing wrong here, but because Obama realized that this speech would further expose Iran's nuclear ambitions and thus, would indirectly expose Obama's total capitulation to Iran, Obama decided to throw a temper tantrum, act petty, and go out of his way to demonize a Prime Minister who was merely trying to defend his own nation from an existential threat.

That's all this is.


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