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He doesn’t have a Kickstarter to make a series of half-hour videos so he necessarily has to focus on certain examples Posted Image

In Topic: Far Cry 4 Discussion

Today, 05:42 PM

Those six games will last you for over two months? Damn, I need to pace myself a bit more, it seems ...

In Topic: The semantics of gay pride

Today, 05:32 PM

That very first tweet is something I could’ve written. Probably something I have written at some point ... although in the context of nationalistic pride, I think.

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Today, 05:30 PM

You sick, sadistic fuck! No one deserves that!

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Today, 05:24 PM

View PostKeyser_Soze, on 30 October 2014 - 05:22 PM, said:

Aww yess. I've been waiting for a @Demut @Greatoneshere exchange for days now.

I expect a 5 page thread now. :daydream:
Actually, I think we’re done here. I explained to him that I enjoyed Django Unchained but that I wasn’t happy with the “DUDE, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT OR YOU’RE A FUCKING NOBODY” attitude that certain people in this thread exuded (no offense to @nobody).