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So, I bought Last of Us today, and the walmart guy passed me a promo code for a free di...

14 August 2014 - 01:26 PM

Anyone else have this happen?

If its truly a seperate digital game code and not dlc or some exclusive shit, i'll be more than happy to pass it on to a d1p'er. It specifically says it is a digital copy though, and was handed to me by the teller, it wasn't in the game case.

It mentions its a Canadian offer on the card, so any canucks here get this deal?

For those who hate DS4 battery life,

08 August 2014 - 10:20 AM

Ok, just something I thought I should make a thread about, instead of some obscure post in a thread about a seperate problem.

First step, buy a battery at your local electronics store..

The swap is really as simple as just removing both controller backs, 4 screws each. Pop the back open, remove the connecting ribbons from the battery. I suggest needlenose pliers to re-insert the ribbon later. Take out the battery, and just swap it. Suddenly your DS4 will get over double the battery life.

You can also buy bigger aftermarket batteries, I went with a 2000mah, which is a bigger battery, heavier, but fits well anyway. I think even the 2400mah battery I saw would have fit, but I wasn't positive so I went with a high end 2000mah.

I am positive that there are video's about this. I was told of it by a friend, he and I went out to got the needed parts to mod our controllers (including a stiffer trigger spring and xbone thumbsticks at amazon, and the batteries at radioshack), and once the were delivered, we modded 3 controllers in less than 15 minutes.

If you have any questions, or need to know anything about the batteries, or even modding the thumb sticks, just ask below and i'll help you find what you need.

Anyone else here still play Diablo 3?

30 July 2014 - 04:40 PM

I play a lot more now since the expansion, and i'm always looking for more to play with. Satansblade#1982 on battle.net to add me. We do a lot of Torment 3&4 right now, and everyone is well geared and knows their builds. We play pretty much exclusivly in adventure mode, since legendary drop rate is doubled there.

Also, if anyone is interested in starting some Hardcore characters, i'd be up for it. I used to play a lot of d2 in hardcore mode.

Alienware 17 review and thoughts after *honeymoon phase*

28 July 2014 - 02:55 PM

Had the new laptop for a couple of weeks now, so I thought i'd make a thread that goes beyond my initial opinion. Theres always that amazing new feeling with things like this, before you even know and understand all the nuances and differences involved with your purchase.

To be fair, my opinion has not changed very much, I am very pleased with my laptop. My model has an i7 4940iq, 32 gb DDR3 2300mhz ram, GTX 880m, as well as a quad 256gb SSD raid array. On the performance side, the laptop is blazingly fast, in and out of gaming, its just a marvel in the speed with which it processes data. I dare say, except for high end gaming, it is just as fast as my desktop. Programs just load, with very little lag between mouse click and program open. Some large games might take a couple of seconds longer, but its negligable and not really worth mentioning.

This rig is built for gaming, the only thing it is missing is mechanical keys. Alienware includes software to suppress other programs to reserve memory and processing power for the game your playing. All this is completely by choice, with plenty of options. It logs usage and performance records (for however long you decide to set it), allowing you to see where dips in fps ocurr, as well as connection stability with simple realtime graphs. In game, the 880m is a champ. Witcher 2 on uber runs at ~60fps, dipping into the mid 30's during intense battles. Much higher with skyrim. I've been in massive battles in Diablo 3 on Torment 3, and not seen the frame rate drop below 90fps, except when there is connection lag, when im not plugged in sometimes.

The laptop itself is big. Its heavy, and its very sturdy and well built. The casing is fairly thick aluminum, while the surfaces around the screen and keyboard have a layer of rubber over them, with a sort of seal around the screen so that nothing can get between the base and screen while closed. Its those little details that really make the fantastic form factor of this pc. Of course you want a light laptop, this isn't for you. Personally I love the weight and build. Its functional, and looks good. The case also has 10 lighting areas, allowing you to choose a preset color combo, or create your own out of 20 colours, giving you some riculous number of like 20 million combos or something. Its minor, and I tend to use the faithful "Alien Blood' green, but people always want to see its diso color changing setting.

My only major complaint was how hot it got while gaming at first. The first few days it was extremely hot when I was gaming with it, but I went out and bought an angled cooler base for it, usb powered with 3 fans. Its very quiet, much more comfy than flat, and now my laptop barely even gets warm to the touch during gaming sessions. It also keeps my lap cool when i'm relaxed in my chair with it. Now its not even a slight problem for me.

Battery life is fair for the power this rig is drawing. Gaming, I can get about two hours out of it. When writing, surfing the web, and other general use, I get about three and a half. I think that is pretty well to be expected, nobody should expect more.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase. Ive had very few hiccups, it ran perfectly out of the box, and has not given me a bit of trouble since..

PC is Decimating consoles

28 July 2014 - 11:27 AM


Interesting article, it makes a lot of points that are already known, and also talks about VR, though I disagree with him on that aspect, although he does admit that the experience was fantastic.

Hate linking to IGN, but it was the only place I saw the article.