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If you could turn a comic series into a movie series, what would you pick?

Today, 08:14 PM

Personally, I would have to go with The Invisibles, with 100 Bullets as a runner up. Grant Morrisons Invisibles is one of the best series I have ever read outside of DC's superhero universe (Yes, I know Vertigo is still DC). I still remember picking up the first issue, unsure about it, but I've always had faith in Morrison. By the ed of that issue, I went straight to the comic shop to pick up the next two (those were the only comics released at the time), and then read every issue created after that. I cannot remember a single bad issue, and it would fit perfectly into a movie world.

So, lets have it. What are yours?

Looking for New 52 Batman Issue 25 Variants..

11 March 2015 - 06:32 PM

The only variants I'm missing amongst my monthly subs. I need all three of the variants, I have the original.

I need the blue lined/blue logo version of the original. the grey/black variant, and the one with batman in front of a skull of light, hands reaching toward the reader. Ill add links.

I'll pay the going rates, and add a nice finder fee. Find more than one, bugger finder fee :) And of course i'll have them shipped, preferably in a comic shipping box I will provide, but any box will do as long as its sturdy enough to protect them. I don't expect anyone to go looking, just to look out for them when you are browsing your favorite comic shop, and if you see them, I will either e-mail or paypal the money so you can pick the stuff up once you recieve the cash.

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Last nights Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was the best of the series so far.

11 March 2015 - 02:26 PM

A few years ago, when all the new Superhero TV Shows were announced, First Arrow from DC/CW, then SHIELD was announced, Flash was getting talked about soon after, then the slew of Netflix shows that are coming, I would never believe that DC would lead the way with great superhero tv shows.

I am a longtime DC fanboy, and Green Arrow is one of my favorite superhero's of all time, along with Batman, Green Lantern (Preferably Hal Jordan), and Swamp Thing. DC/Vertigo Comics have long been the best and most interesting line of comics out there. They have been known to let their universes sprawl a bit too large, but the important titles are fantastic. The New 52 product line has by and large been fantastic. Not everything can pull big numbers, but they have introduced some fantastic reimagined characters, and tweakled others who had become far too powerful (Superman), and kept their best characters interesting (The whole Batman, superman, Flash, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and so many others, have just killed it. Suicide Squad, Justice League, JLA, Sinestro. I can go on and on, and I don't think that Marvel can compete, in the COMIC arena.

We all know that DC will never be able to make movies at the caliber and frequency that Marvel and now Marvel/Disney can. And with Joss Whedon running your universe, very little can go wrong (as Fox isn't pulling the strings, pricks). So if you would have told me 4 years ago that DC's Arrow, and now Flash, would be better, or even able to compete with a Marvel TV series, I would have called you a nutbar. In no part of the multiverse could that be possible...  Except for this one. Again with Agent Carter, they have dropped the ball (IMO), though Gotham is a horrrible experiment as well.

THIS WEEK THOUGH!!! Fucking fantastic.


I havent beeen around in a bit, and haven't kept up on peoples opinions of it. So, what does everyone here think? Can it be saved? Or do you enjoy it already? And if you watched this weeks show, how did you like it?

What is your favourite Space based Sci-Fi universe?

14 October 2014 - 12:31 PM

For the space and sci-fi fans here, just as the poll asks, what is your favourite sci-fi universe? And what episode stands out for you as your favorite?

I'm including all extended universe materials for each series, such as novels, comics, cartoons, video games, even toys. Which one truly captured your imagination and made itself dear to you?

Personally, I need to go with Star Trek. While I will admit that my 3 favourite series of all time were Firefly, BSG (the Olmos remake, not the original), and Deep Space 9, I have to choose Star Trek as my overall favourite. As a very young child, repeats of TOS caught my eye and my imagination, followed by TNG which blew me away as 7-8 year old child. And I loved DS9 and Enterprise, while I just liked Voyager, I thought it was the weak link. All of those series have fantastic novels and comics, way too many toys and collectibles. I know its a sanitary look at the future of space travel, everything perfect, not a hair out of place, but something about the show has just always drawn me to it. The political aspect, the idea that Starfleet are supposed to be actual explorers, not glorified warships (while yes, I do know EVERY Starfleet vessel is supposed to be a Ship of the Line) looking for a fight, but explorers looking to forge new relationships with other space faring series, while having very strict guidelines on not polluting other non space faring cultures.

It doesn't have the realistic desperation of BSG, or the gritty nature and realistic problems of Firefly, but it has hope for the future of our species, and theres is something comforting about that.

Of course none of them are any kind of reality, but that is not why we watch these shows.

As for my favourite  ST episode are "In a Mirror, Darkly" (Enterprise) two parter, and DS9's 'In the Pale Moonlight', which saw Sisko make some extremely hard decisions, doing things in a way we've never seen a star fleet captain operate before, realizing that the rules just might have to be set aside to effectively fight the Dominion, leading into the best two seasons of Star Trek EVER! (Minus the loss of Jadzia, even though Ezri was still a great character).

So, lets hear it?

Sperm extractor... Seriosly!?!?!?!?

21 September 2014 - 11:31 AM


Only in china. Feeling uninspired, and can't just rub one out? Try the Chinese Sperm Extractor.

I watched the video, read the article, and im still shaking my head. WTF?