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What games are you playing on your Android?

12 May 2013 - 05:47 PM

Since I modded my HP Touchpad with CyanogenMod that made it an Android device around xmas 2012, I have become a (willing!) slave to a handful of tablet games. The last console/PC game I played for more than 10 minutes in the last few months was Bio Infinite, and that was only 2 or so hours. Gaming ADD, maybe.

I've been traveling for work extensively lately, so the loss of gaming options (NOT bringing my 360 with me, and my work laptop, new as it may be, is not much for modern titles) makes the tablet very attractive to fit my needs...all it needed was good games...and they are most certainly here IMO... Tablet gaming has taken over for me...

I had no idea there were such robust titles out there! I'm partial to the city-builder freemium titles, but of course I like my variety, like I do on consoles.

Here's my list of most-played titles; wondering what others' on the board enjoy, if only to get some ideas on new stuff I can waste my dead time at work with:

Simpsons: Tapped Out- (I adore this game...any Simpsons fan has to have this title) Also not surprised it's grossed $50 mil since launch already! I guess there was quite the untapped market.

Shipwrecked- More building stuff ad nauseum, but the tropical setting and art style make me want to keep exploring.

NBA Jam- Touch controls work great, good gfx, what else can you ask.

Fieldrunners 2- Awesome tower defense title, huge upgrade over 1.

PAC-Man Tournament- The way they did touch controls is very well done. And it's free...

Plants Vs Zombies- This may be the 20th time I go through this game, but it still impresses.

Air Attack HD- shmup with above average gfx, again controls very well.

Crime City- Mafia Wars evolution. PvP, build stuff. Simple but addicting in that farmville way.

Warzone- City builder/rts. Controls take some getting used to, but there are tons of players now and it's fun to battle.

Dungeon Hunter 4- freemium Diablo-style title. Beautiful gfx...the pay model is a bit restrictive, but it's great to have such a high-quality hack and slash on the tablet.

The Sims: Free Play- The Sims, for free, on your tablet/phone. Great production values/controls. You can play for what seems like forever without paying for anything..all vanity stuff.

Asphalt 7- Phenomenal graphics, multiple (decent) control options. Progression is a bit of a pain, but that's serviceable. The game that made me think of getting the PS3 controller app.

Zen Pinball HD- My fab pinball game. Identical to the XBLA version, except portable and cheaper.

The Tribes- Yet another city-builder, but the charming graphics and sense of progression make it hard to not check in.

There are more I like, but these are my daily players.

The freemium model works great for me, due to the sheer number of games I play...By the time I've made my rounds and do other (irl) stuff, enough time has passed to get to that next milestone, whatever it may be.

I've spent over $100 (closer to $200 I'd wager) on the Simpsons, another $20-30 buying titles that weren't free, and maybe $50 on microtransactions with all the other games combined. Considering the entertainment value, I'd say I got a bargain. I realize most of these titles don't have the story/complexity/variety of console titles...but I think as I get older, I care less about that stuff and just want to be entertained. Then again, GTA 3 and VC are working just fine... :P

Speaking of more robust offerings, has anyone picked up any of the Square Enix titles (FF Dimensions, Bard's Tale, etc)? Or anything along those lines?

Viva la Android!