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To pre-purchase GTAV or not to pre-purchase GTAV?

Today, 08:27 AM

I'm kind of sorely tempted just because I kind of have a lot of money right now and what the fuck, right?

Then again, if I really wanted that "$1,200,000 pre-order bonus!" Steam keeps harping on about, I could just use a trainer and give myself unlimited money, if I'm already being a dick about it. I bet a trainer will be released within 6 hours of the game being out. Or I could put an unrealistic amount of effort in and use a hex editor to give myself like a billion dollars.

There's also the issue of the multiple delays. This could be a broken port.

Also I already played through the game on PS3.

I mean, I guess I know the answer. I shouldn't pre-purchase it. This should probably be the case for all games - there's no reason to pre-purchase.

But I want to have iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. :(


Today, 08:26 AM


Middle-earth just got turned upside down (or expanded)

Today, 05:32 AM

I'm watching The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies, and I just noticed... there's an asian person from Lake Town.

Posted Image

This just, like, raises so many questions...

Networking help because I'm an idiot

26 March 2015 - 05:16 AM

So I've been trying for a while now to set up my main PC as a sort of media server for all my other devices. I've done it before where my wireless network worked just fine, however that does not seem to be case anymore, for whatever reason. As I've mentioned on here before, I can't so much as stream a 720p movie from one PC to the other on my wireless network, even though both PCs are in the same goddamn room and both get a great signal from the router.

I've tried all kinds of wired networking shit now, but I seem to always run into the same problem: any wired connection I try with Windows 7 short of just plugging the PC straight into the router (not an option, I'm on the 3rd floor, router is on the first, that's where the only cable connection is) results in the connection being an "unidentified network" that I can't really do anything with. I've tried changing both of my PC's IP addresses, I've tried using a powerline adapter, I've tried just straight connecting 2 PC's via ethernet, and it's always the same. I've been able to get the "unidentified network" to change to a Home network temporarily, allowing me to transfer things, but it resets every time one of my PCs reboots and I need to do it over again, and I can't even remember how I did it in the first place.

So, clearly I'm an idiot and there's something obvious that I just don't know because I don't know anything about these things.

All I want to do is be able to browse my shit, stream movies and transfer game install folders from my main PC to my HTPC and other stuff. What do I need to do to make that happen?

Last windows update killed my PC

11 March 2015 - 05:51 AM

WIndows updated yesterday, and since that exact moment, my PC blue screens every time it boots. I've tried restoring the system to a previous date in safe mode, but every time that happens, the system locks up while booting, then the cycle repeats.

Any tips for what to do?