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~The D1P Official Trading/Selling/Buying Feedback Thread~

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Perhaps we can get this pinned, but I think itll be nice to have ourselves an ongoing feedback thread to build up a semi feedback rep and post a brief line or two on our experiences. Lets try to keep this thread without really any discussion, just more or less if you've recently bought or sold or traded with someone, post the experience here.

Ill start since I have recently made a deal:

Darkness35 - Sold my EVGA GTX 780 and it was a quick and smooth transaction, quick payment!

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@The_Dude I love you

@ I also love you for sending me that copy of Ninja Gaiden :D

@Crash331 I was able to buy his unopened 32 GB vita card hassle-free. Thanks again man!


@AndrewDean84 - I forgot to mention a while ago that I got his copy of SMT IV when I just purchased my 3DS about two years ago. You're also cool for this.

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On 4/21/2014 at 10:20 PM, darkness35 said:

Just bought Diablo III: Reaper of Souls key from @prodigal. Despite slowdowns with D1P forums, it went very smooth. :)



Thanks again man!


@Prodigal Just reminding everyone if anyone wants those keys from him.  He's good.

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