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FFXIV: ARR - Character List, Servers, and general discussion

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Post your character's full name and what server you're on below and I will update the OP as we get them together. It's a bit difficult to do a friend request in game because both people have to be online to get added to their lists, so this will help us find each other :sun: . Bookmark the thread for easy reference and posting updates.

Remember the game is cross platform, the platform is just for info purposes and the stuff we can't think of.


D1P Name -- Character Name -- Platform


Durrrtyd -- Spryte Jem -- PS3


NextGen -- Dyce Eris -- PC


foosh -- Right Bicep -- PS3

Pent -- Pent Aghram -- PC

Pentr -- Insect Paste -- PC

Squeesnightmare -- Zap Rowsdower -- PC


best3444 -- John Wallace -- PC


VKPButcher -- Kaalia Y'shada


AndrewDean84 -- Phillip O'neil -- PS4

avier1 -- Falknor Strike -- PC

BillTheConqueror -- Bill Conqueror -- PC

bobbyB -- Lexxar Mallik -- PC and PS4

edgekun - Harsgalt Daeas - PC

eventide11 -- Eventide Astora -- PC

Iczelion74 -- Hikari Kuramori -- PC

KupoBitches -- Kupo Sujo -- PS4

Kyio -- Kyio Nitor -- PC

larzdm -- Galeren Hellspear -- PS4

LionFranco -- Jeroak Nelave -- PC

Lion Franco -- Rutaruta Nelave -- PC

Scape Zero -- Rakan Buuyon -- PC

Runny -- Chile Con'Queso -- PS3

Stanicle -- Aetton Staniclies -- PC

Teva -- King Teva --

The Dude -- Gann Hammerfall -- PC

The Dude -- Magnus Painkiller -- PC

The Dude -- Setharion Lionheart -- PC

TheLeon -- Leona Sol -- PC

Z3M0G -- Tarek Darichian -- PC


EvilFriedBacon -- Red Winters -- PC


njs15 -- Chief Keef -- PS3


Vacu1ty -- Vakkus Kerregor -- PC


Xbob42 -- Sentinel Smith -- PC

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Damn... not sure what server I'm on.

John Wallace is my name and playing on PC

Btw, the game is fantastic! Graphically it is very impressive with great music. I'm only a level 8 but so far it has been nothing but a joy to play

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So they finally brought back the Auction House???????

omgogmgomgogm please tell me that's true

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@TheLeon :lol:

I was just copy pasting to get the info up there and moved everyone by server name. I assumed you spelled something wrong but then I saw your post :P

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I am playing it tonight so I will put the server in.

Everyone still enjoying the game?

Soooo much fun. Ran through more dungeons last night and progressed farther in the story.

This story is seriously shaping up to be one of my favorite FF stories. It is so enjoyable and building up so many characters and twists I can feel it.

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