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Animal Crossing: New Leaf |OT| Where hoarding is cute

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
(Animal Forest: Jump Out in Japan)

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo EAD


Not City Folk (Simulation???)

Save Slots:
1 village, with 1 mayor and 3 additional players

Up to 4 players both online and local play, no download play

$35 MSRP

6002 Blocks
6336 Blocks
8192 Blocks | Don't take these numbers as 100% fact yet, there's some confusion still.

Release Dates

November 8th, 2012

South Korea:
February 7th, 2013

North America:
June 9th, 2013

June 14th, 2013

June 15th, 2013

New Features to New Leaf

Play as the Mayor!
Build Public Work Projects around your village such as benches, fountains, campsites, bridges, new buildings, and more. Also, set a town Ordinance to control shop hours and more.

The Island returns from the original Gamecube version with mini games to play online with friends.

A new Main Street area across the train tracks with plenty of shops and other new buildings. If you played City Folk, this is basically a much improved version of the City.

New customization features allow you to add custom pattern designs to many furniture items like couches, pillows, chairs, and more.

Use QR Codes for easy sharing of custom pattern designs. I expect everyone in this thread to share!

Many of the holidays have been reimagined for this version. New versions of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more are available.

A LOT of new furniture and furniture sets. The developers say there's about 50% more furniture over City Folk. If you've played Animal Crossing before, you know that means a lot! Some of the new sets include the Balloon series, Mermaid series, and Ice series.

Decorate your village even more with new flowers, bushes, and bamboo.

The outside of your house doesn't have to be same as everyone else. With the new exterior parts available from Tom Nook, you can change your door, fence, mailbox, roof, and more!

The characters have grown taller! Say goodbye to just plain old regular shirts... Now there's pants, short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, dresses, skirts, and more.

You can swim. You can stack fruit. Next-gen is finally here.

The Village

The Village is, well, your village! It's the place you'll be spending most of your time in New Leaf at. Here's a list of some of the buildings you'll find around town:


A humble recycling shop in your village operated by two new Alpaca characters named Reese and Cyrus. Sell your items to Reese if you're too lazy to head out to Main Street or purchase new furniture. You can even put your own items up for sale at the store for the villagers or friends online to purchase. It's kind of similar to the Flea Market from the past games.

Town Hall

The base of your operations as Mayor of the village! With your fancy office and eager secretary Isabelle, you can start the construction of Public Work Projects and enact ordinances.

Town Tree Plaza

The Town Tree Plaza is the base of the many holidays, events, and visitors you'll discover in your time playing Animal Crossing.. Whenever something is happening in your town, head over to the Town Tree Plaza! It's also where you accomplish your first act as Mayor: Planting the town tree. It even grows as you progress through the game!

Your House

Arguably one of the most addicting aspects of Animal Crossing is decorating your ever expanding house. With 6 whole rooms in this version, you'll have space for everything! It doesn't come cheap though with the fully expanded house running 7 million bells total.

Spoiler Locations Unlocked later in the game:

Coffee Shop
(Public Work Project - Unlocked Later)

Join Brewster in his new standalone Coffee Shop! If you get friendly enough with him, you might even find yourself working a part time job as a barista at the shop.

Police Station
(Public Work Project - Unlocked Later)

It's back from the Gamecube version! Choose to build either the Modern station with Copper or the Classic station with Brooker. Inside you'll find a convenient lost and found.

Reset Surveillance Center
(Public Work Project - Unlocked Later)

If you choose to, you can build a manhole which will give you access to Resetti's Surveillance Center on certain nights! Inside, you'll find Resetti and his brother. Talk to them enough and you might just get their pictures!

(Public Work Project - Unlocked Later)

Build a campsite in your village and you might find some new villagers setting up a tent or igloo (depending on the season) in your town! Talk to them a lot and they may just choose to move in to your village properly.

Main Street

The Main Street shopping area is where you'll do the majority of your shopping in New Leaf. In addition, there's also non-shopping buildings located here such as the Museum. A great aspect of the game is that new buildings will be constructed and others will be remodeled as you play and accomplish goals.

Here's a brief list of the many buildings you'll find in the Main Street:

Able Sisters

The Able Sisters shop is where you'll head for all of your fashion needs. They sell shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, hats, glasses, and other accessories.

A new unique feature to New Leaf is the ability to share your custom created patterns using QR codes. This feature is very useful for sharing patterns compared to the previous methods.

Nooklings Store (Timmy & Tommy)

Previous players of the series will remember Tom Nook's shop but in New Leaf, his assistants Timmy & Tommy have taken over operation completely with Tom Nook as a proper real estate agent. This shop is where you'll go to purchase new tools, furniture, wallpaper, carpet, K.K. Slider records, and more.


Head over to the Main Street Museum to donate fish, bugs, fossils, paintings, and statues!

Nook's Homes

At Nook's Homes, you'll find Tom Nook's brand new official housing agency. Here you can purchase parts to customize the exterior of your house including doors, fences, mailboxes, roofs, and more!

Photo Booth

For a small fee, this photo booth will take a picture of you for your ID card.

Post Office

The Post Office offers mail and this is where you'll pay your debt to Tom Nook through an ATM. You can also pick up DLC items through the internet here.

More spoiler locations unlocked as you progress through the game:

Club LOL
(Unlocked Later)

Dream Suite
(Public Work Project - Unlocked Later)

Fortune House
(Public Work Project - Unlocked Later)

Garden Shop
(Unlocked Later)

Happy Home Showcase
(Unlocked Later)

(Unlocked Later)

Museum - Second Floor
(Public Work Project - Unlocked Later)

(Unlocked Later)

Tortimer Island

Those who played the original Animal Crossing on N64/Gamecube may remember the Island. It's back in New Leaf (no Gameboy Advance required!) with a selection of Island Tours (mini-games?) to play online with either your friends or random players through Club Tortimer. These vary from simple bug hunts to the more complex Hide & Seek and Fruit Maze tours. There's even an item shop on the Island operated by Kappn's family, you'll need to earn medals from the Island Tours to purchase the items.

Another benefit of Tortimer Island is the summer season all year long, providing the ideal location to hunt bugs and fish during the winter. Also new to the series is the ability to swim in the ocean either on the Island or back home at your Village. Don't forget your swimsuit!







Iwata Asks


Tips & Tricks

Are you new to Animal Crossing or coming back after a long break? In this section, I've written down some handy tips and tricks for your first days in New Leaf.

Make Sure Your Clock is Accurate

Before you start playing, please double check and be sure that the date and time on your 3DS is as accurate as possible! Animal Crossing is very reliant on the real-time clock, it won't be as fun if your date and time isn't accurate.

Choosing Your Face

At the opening of the game, you'll be asked a couple seemingly meaningless questions. Your answers to these questions decide the fate of your eyes and face for the game. You can't change the majority of this later down the line so if your look is important to you,
consider using this handy Face Guide
. Just answer the questions as stated in the guide for the face of your choice!

The Money Rock

You might notice there are a number of rocks around your town. But don't worry, they're not useless! Everyday in your village, one of these rocks will be the "money rock". If you find that rock and hit it with a shovel, money bags will come flying out for every shovel hit until the timer ends! You might even want to consider digging some holes behind you to maximize your return.

Where to Sell?

There's two shops... Re-Tail and Nookling Junction? But where do you sell your items? It depends. For most cases, you want to sell to Re-Tail for 20% more Bells than Nookling Junction. However, Re-Tail will
you for them to take you trash and other items which don't give you Bells. Nookling Junction will take them for free. So keep that in mind.

Buried Treasure

Look around your town... do you see any "starfish" or "X" spots in the ground? Take out your shovel and get digging! If you find a fossil, don't go selling it ASAP. Head over to the Museum in Main Street to have your fossils examined by Blathers. You can either donate them to the Museum (which will yield rewards in the future) or head over to Re-Tail for some quick Bells.
If you find a gyroid... well....


Can I play this game online with friends?

You certainly can! Almost everything that you can do solo, you can do with friends either online or through local play. Whether that's hanging out in your town, shopping at Main Street, or fishing and playing games on Tortimer Island.

What is Time Traveling/Time Travel in this game?

One of the fundamental aspects of Animal Crossing is that the game runs on a real-time clock. If you choose to, you can change the time on your 3DS or game to whatever you want, bypassing and ruining the real time aspect. In my opinion, this ruins the longevity of the game, and you'll find yourself growing bored of the game sooner. For this reason, many of us would rather not play with those who choose to time travel. Besides, you'll have more fun in the long run without it!

What's all this nonsense about not running? Why shouldn't I run?

Lots of people like to plant flowers around their village and even cross breed them for hybrid flowers. It's hard work and if you run through flowers, you'll weaken or even destroy them. So please, be careful where you run in other D1Per's towns. You're sure to piss people off if you ruin their flowers. Also, running causes grass wear and some don't like that either.

Is there StreetPass in this game? What does it do?

At the back of Main Street is the Happy Home Showcase. When your StreetPass a player with New Leaf, their house will appear in the Happy Home Showcase area. Feel free to take a look around their house for design inspiration and if you see an item you like, you may be able to order it for yourself!

Does this game use Play Coins? What for?

Play Coins can spent at the Nookling store to purchase Fortune Cookies for 2 coins each. When you open a Fortune Cookie, the fortune inside can then be traded for a Nintendo franchise item. These items range from a Samus Helmet to a Mario Coin to a Wii Fit Balance Board.

Does this version have real holidays?

Unlike the last portable version of Animal Crossing, this version offers all of the real holidays from the Gamecube plus many more. In fact, the gameplay of many of the holidays have been revamped to offer a new experience if you played them before.

How many save files are there?

Each copy of the game allows for a single village with four residents. (players) Only the first resident/player in the village can be the Mayor. For the best experience, I recommend playing with your own copy of the game with your own village to yourself, but that's not the say the game isn't fun in someone else's town too.

I hear there are new fruits in this version. Tell me about them?!?

Main Village Fruit:






Main Island Fruit:





Palm Tree Island Fruit:





Is there a character limit for Town and Character names? What is it?

Both the Town/Village and Character/Player names have a limit of 8 characters. Choose wisely.

What's the appeal?

Let's have Animal Crossing creator Katsuya Eguchi explain it:

This game actually offers the opportunity for the player to find what they like to do, instead of games forcing them, 'Okay, this is what you can do in the game.' But the player, himself or herself, can find what he or she likes to do, or collect, or create. Whatever they want to do, they can find it in this game, and then they can also showoff to other people, so they can express their personality in this game to other people, and to themselves. That's the point.

Or Animal Crossing: New Leaf director Aya Kyogoku:

For example, digging fossils, you can just do it one day, but you actually have to do it many times to collect one set. Then there's flowers - you want to keep watering the flowers every day, and people that are interested in taking care of the flowers, can water the flowers, and make different, unique types of flowers by doing so every day. By doing those things every day, you can achieve something bigger, and you can also get a sense of satisfaction from it. By doing those everyday things over and over, it will deepen your experience in this game, creating a deeper, more meaningful life in the town.

Badges are this game's version of achievements, but they can be displayed on your ID card.

Beginner bug catcher (bronze) - catch 500 insects

Intermediate bug catcher (silver) - catch 2,000 insects

Expert bug catcher (gold) - catch 5,000 insects

Beginner fisherman (bronze) - catch 500 fish

Intermediate fisherman (silver) - catch 2,000 fish

Expert fisherman (gold) - catch 5,000 fish

Beginner diver (bronze) - catch 100 sea creatures

Intermediate diver (silver) - catch 200 sea creatures

Expert diver (gold) - catch 1,000 sea creatures

Beginner insect collector (bronze) - catch 32 different insect species

Intermediate insect collector (silver) - catch 58 different insect species

Expert insect collector (gold) - catch all insect species

Beginner fish collector (bronze) - catch 32 different fish species

Intermediate fish collector (silver) - catch 58 different fish species

Expert fish collector (gold) - catch all fish species

Beginner diver (bronze) - catch 15 different sea creature species

Intermediate diver (silver) - catch 24 different sea creature species

Expert diver (gold) - catch all sea creature species

Beginner shooter (bronze) - shoot down 30 presents

Intermediate shooter (silver) - shoot down 100 presents

Expert shooter (gold) - shoot down 200 presents

Bronze medalist (bronze) - earn 300 medals on the island

Silver medalist (silver) - earn 1,500 medals on the island

Gold medalist (gold) - earn 5,000 medals on the island

Beginner gardener (bronze) - plant 100 flowers/trees

Intermediate gardener (silver) - plant 250 flowers/trees

Expert gardener (gold) - plant 500 flowers/trees

Beginner weed puller (bronze) - pull 500 weeds

Intermediate weed puller (silver) - pull 2,000 weeds

Expert weed puller (gold) - pull 5,000 weeds

Beginner saver (bronze) - save 1,000,000 bells

Intermediate saver (silver) - save 10,000,000 bells

Expert saver (gold) - save 100,000,000 bells

Beginner tradesman (bronze) - earn 500,000 bells from turnips

Intermediate tradesman (silver) - earn 3,000,000 bells from turnips

Expert tradesman (gold) - earn 10,000,000 bells form turnips

Beginner shopper (bronze) - spend 500,000 bells on items

Intermediate shopper (silver) - spend 2,000,000 bells on items

Expert shopped (gold) - spend 5,000,000 bells on items

Beginner remaker (bronze) - have 30 items remade by Kaizo

Intermediate remaker (silver) - have 100 items remade by Kaizo

Expert remaker (gold) - have 200 items remade by Kaizo

Beginner collector (bronze) - complete 20% of the catalog

Intermediate collector (silver) - complete 50% of the catalog

Expert collector (gold) - complete 80% of the catalog

Beginner remodler (bronze) - earn more than 50,000 points from the HRA

Intermediate remodler (silver) - earn more than 100,000 points from the HRA

Expert remodler (gold) - earn more than 150,000 points from the HRA

Beginner fan (bronze) - have K.K. Slider play you 20 songs

Intermediate fan (silver) - have K.K. Slider play you 50 songs

Expert fan (gold) - have K.K. Slider play you 100 songs

Beginner helper (bronze) - do 50 jobs for your residents

Intermediate helper (silver) - do 100 jobs for residents

Expert helper (gold) - do 300 jobs for residents

Beginner mail-man (bronze) - send 50 letters

Intermediate mail-man (silver) - send 100 letters

Expert mail-man (gold) - send 200 letters

Beginner walker (bronze) - streetpass with 100 people

Intermediate walker (silver) - streetpass with 300 people

Expert walker (gold) - streetpass with 1,000 people

Beginner traveler (bronze) - visit 100 villages

Intermediate traveler (silver) - visit 250 villages

Expert traveler (gold) - visit 500 villages

Beginner host (bronze) - have 50 people visit your village

Intermediate host (silver) - have 200 people visit your village

Expert host (gold) - have 500 people visit your village

Beginner dreamer (bronze) - visit 50 dream villages

Intermediate dreamer (silver) - visit 200 dream villages

Expert dreamer (gold) - visit 500 dream villages

Beginner player (bronze) - play the game for 50 hours

Intermediate player (silver) - play the game for 200 hours

Expert player (gold) - play the game for 500 hour


GameRevolution - 10/10


Animal Crossing: New Leaf finally evolves and revitalizes the formula, expands on the way you interact with your town in meaningful ways, and more importantly returns the series to portable hardware.

GamingAge - 10/10


There’s charm oozing out of every single corner (across both screens!), and even if you’re not a long-time fan there’s a good chance this will be the entry that draws you in.

Telegraph - 10/10


Every time you open your 3DS to play New Leaf, you know you’re almost certain to experience something new or surprising. And how many games can you say that about?

GamingTrend - 9.7/10


It’s not something that you can marathon, it’s not something you can “beat,” and going in without those expectations will ruin it for you. Its portable nature, plus all of the extra features that they’ve been adding since the first game on the GameCube make this not only the best game in the series, but also a perfect starting point for newcomers.

IGN - 9.6


New Leaf is a truly magical game, one that you can easily expect to invest hundreds of hours in over the course of years. Anyone with access to a 3DS should absolutely give this game a try - just be prepared to kiss your “real” life goodbye.

Polygon 9.0/10


Animal Crossing: New Leaf's addicting, ceaseless progression is all in the service of creating an identity for yourself and your surroundings. The expansion of the series' multiplayer capabilities — a vehicle for you to actually showcase that identity — is one of the best things New Leaf has going for it.

Joystiq - 9.0/10


Yes, it can be boiled down to "just more Animal Crossing," but the introduction of your mayoral duties, a few housing and furniture enhancements and (let's be honest here) the ability to buy your character pants is enough to make Animal Crossing: New Leaf worth playing, even for series veterans.

NintendoLife - 9.0/10


It is apparent from only a comparably short time — as opposed to months and years — spent with the game that Nintendo has done a great deal to address the complaints of its Wii predecessor, and provided plenty of exciting new features and buildings to enjoy.

EDGE - 9.0/10


Animal Crossing: New Leaf has a revitalising new flavour, and in 3DS it’s finally found the ideal place to settle down and make its home.

Eurogamer - 9.0/10


Playing it my way has lead me to the kind of self-reflection that a man in his 30s can't always afford. Why do I care what this leopard thinks of me? Why am I losing sleep over the construction of a virtual bench?

GameTrailers - 8.6/10


Despite the daily chores and bee stings, there's something truly captivating about this virtual life, and you'll grow attached to its endearing characters as you chat and exchange letters. For long-time fans, there's much of the familiar, but the vast array of tweaks and additions to Animal Crossing: New Leaf blow through your town like a fresh breeze. It's good to be mayor.

GameInformer - 8.5/10


New Leaf is one of the most purely pleasant experiences in gaming, free of stressful boss fights, combative multiplayer experiences, or cynicism in any form. Instead, it focuses on clever humor and forming friendships with the residents of your town. Some may find it cheesy or without direction, but I enjoyed this endlessly charming outlier in the current gaming landscape.

EGM - 8.5/10


New Leaf brings updates both major and minor, but the most important of them for me was the push for customization. You’ll now spend far more time making your town just the way you want it to be and personalizing your character to suit your specific tastes—and, really, that’s what Animal Crossing should be about.

Gamespot - 8.0/10


New Leaf is an expected sequel that doesn't stray far from its predecessors. Still, the happiness of your citizens is so intoxicating that it's easy to be sucked into this portable adventure as you live out your dreams as an all-powerful mayor.

Destructoid - 7.0/10


A new leaf has not been turned. Rather, an old dog is on display. Faithful, loyal, and hard to dislike, but you know what it can do already.

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DLC (It's all free! No paid DLC in this game!)

The first DLC for North America is the Rainbow Screen. Europe is unknown.


Also, Best Buy will have exclusive DLC this summer.





Here is an iOS app that might make it easier for some of you to get images turned into designs for Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


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Animal Crossing New Leaf D1P Friends List

Alienhole | 2148-8312-1328

Alpha1Cowboy | 0516-8557-9316

AndrewDean84 | 0946-2259-9774

Biggie_Rich | 2063-0439-1357

Bjomesphat | 1633-5469-8267

BobbyB | 1032-1237-2485

CastlevaniaNut18 | 1289-8230-5792

DarthMarcosis | 2981-5972-7409

goma14 | 1779-0102-2916

iczelion74 | 2836-0184-4901

Jeff | 3368-1668-1904

Kal-El814 | 3222-5567-9114

Kitoro | 1461-6203-0630

KNMDave | 1762-2831-2240

Layth | 4339-2484-2141

LBX | 2921-9122-0003

LionFranco | 5026-4776-9901

Lucian04 | 4828-3820-5810

maddux4163 | 2793-0609-2058

Markew001 | 3539-9582-3236

mo1518 | 1160-9718-0292

MrSloth | 3153-4101-8190

njs15 | 2836-1317-2656

never_knows_best | 4184-1454-2931

PackOfHighly | 2621-3034-9191

P-Love | 4296-3137-0429

puffyshirt | 1177-7118-4183

Puggles | 4253-4590-0231

SeVeN CDN |1607-1722-2576

shady | 2105-8660-8538

Shoes | 5214-9721-0180

SiskoKid | 0430-8271-9205

Slug | 2964-8748-4478

stanicle | 0146-8492-4035

streamako | 3282-2187-2275

TheFuzztone | 1160-9738-8600

tomtin | 1762-2858-4640

Vacu1ty | 2638-0040-8621

YodaJM | 4484-7795-6814

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"Save Slots: 1 village, with 1 mayor and 3 additional players"

^^ This makes me supremely happy. I won't have to by 4 copies of the game for my and my wife & kids. ^_^ That was such a pain with Wild World.

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doesnt the mayor having exclusive gameplay kind of rob the other players of the full experience...

I think this game might justify multiple copies...what happens if you put another cartridge into the same 3ds?

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The other three players on the one cart get their own houses still, right? It's just that only Player 1 gets to be Mayor.

^^ Hoping that's how it works.

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My goal right now is that I MUST beat the two GBC Zelda games before Sunday. God knows once Animal Crossing comes out, that game will be all I play on it for a long time. At least until Mario Golf or Mario & Luigi.


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