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Discovery Channel proves that "mind-controlled" assassins and agent provacatuers are real

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Now that it has been shown that this can happen and the testimony of people like Sirhan Sirhan, one has to wonder how many people the CIA have out there just waiting to be "turned on" to perform whatever the CIA needs to be done to promote its agenda.

Conspiracy theories always end up as conspiracy facts



Q: Who was the final Curiosity brainwashing test subject still in the running to be hypnotized into being an assassin?

A: A man named Ivan, a 36-year-old corrections officer, was the last subject standing.

Q: How did the Curiosity brainwashing team go about staging an assassination for Ivan to attempt?

A: Outside the hotel, the team staged a velvet line at a service entrance. "Paparazzi" were staged along the velvet line, waiting for a "foreign dignitary" to emerge from the entrance. Large SUVs awaited the dignitary.

Q: What kind of weapon was Ivan given?

A: The team used an airsoft prop gun that fires no bullets but has the blast and recoil action of a real firearm. Everything about it would suggest to Ivan that it was a real, deadly weapon.

Q: How was Ivan programmed for the killing without tipping him off to what was about to happen?

A: Ivan was told he was not selected to continue in the program but that the producers wanted to see him for an exit interview. When he showed up for the interview, that gave Tom the hypnotist his chance.

Q: How did Tom's hypnotizing of Ivan proceed?

A: Tom induced a trance in Ivan and then gave him his instructions to assassinate the foreign dignitary as he is leaving the hotel. Tom also left Ivan with a key piece of information: A "trigger" signal that would cause Ivan to act out his commands at a later time. Later, Ivan, who thought he was going home after the exit interview, received the signal from a production staffer in the hotel lobby.

Q: Did Ivan carry out his assassination?

A: Yes. The experiment was a success, and Ivan carried out his instructions: removing the gun from a red backpack, waiting near the velvet rope line and "assassinating" his target.

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Country? England.

Gun? Shot.

Murder? Employment.

Agent? Provocateur.


Be honest .. you had to look that up, didn't you?

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I just meant not downloaded. Basically I said that to emphasize I really liked it, more than enough to warrant three ticket purchases.

Skyfall was good and all but honestly it wasn't see it three times in the theaters good.

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Conspiracy theories always end up as conspiracy facts

So our theory that you're a teenager pounding on the keyboard at a local library?

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