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It only took 30 years but I finally had a dream where I time travelled!

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I was leaving a bar where I met some friends and of couse had been drinking too much. There was a cop on a motorcycle just waiting for someone to be driving drunk. That someone was me. He pulls me over, we go through the routines and I spend the night in jail and get a DUI. Well, I decided to take it to court. Right before trial I hop in my time machine (don't remember what it looked like or how it functioned) and went back to that night and didn't get drunk. Then time fast forwarded to the trial and we were there and the judge was like "WTF are you guys doing here, what do you want?" And when the cop found out that I didn't drive home drunk that night and that he didn't actually pull me over (though he remembered doing so), he fucking just raged and threw a temper tantrum in the middle of the courtroom.

I gotta admit that's not high on my list of things I would do if I had a time machine

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