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Beat Dragon's Dogma. Ummm Dat Ending? (Spoilers)

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So, yeah, I beat it. Fighting the Dragon was pretty cool. Seemed a it was almost too tough for me, but I found out that if you get in the right spot he can't pull you off of his Heart/Glowing area. It felt pretty good to kill him. Then he laughed at me. He pretty much said "lol, bitch please you ain't seen nothing yet." Then the World turned green, the "Dragonforged" died, and the Duke became old as balls. Then I realized that they took the dragons deal and didn't get their heart back. Then When I killed it, they got their hearts back. Yay for them? Also, Gran Soren fell into the earth. Anyways, I went home and fucked the dukes wife, who looks to be like 13. Then the Character credits showed and I was like WTF. Not just that I thought it ended but there were some characters I had no clue existed, who seemed to be important. Anyways, the game didn't end there. I went back to the capital and fought some hard ass monsters. Found out the new sky made them stronger. Go see the duke, he tries to kill me. Says I made a deal with the dragon and shit. Book it the fuck out of there and end up getting surrounded right in front of the huge hole that opened. Look in it and realize, "holy shit it is the sky". I fall in, grab onto a ledge, and meet a pawn that says collect wakestones and save my master. I do. After I collect them I jump in and land in something that looks like the rift. There is some glowing dude. He makes humans. I fight him. What I kill looks like me. The guy gives me the option to go back to a fake normal life or fight him again. Well, I want to know what the fuck is going on so I go to fight him. He ends up being the last Arisen, and the guy you play as at the begging of the game. I still don't really know how he got there. I best him in a dual. He pulls out the Godsbane blade and tells me to kill him. But then I was like wait I have one too. Anyways I ignored that and asked him some questions and killed him. I became the new "god". I was like sweet, time to kill myself. Pulled out my Godsbane blade, killed myself, and my pawn yelled, " Master, open your eyes." Then we (me and my pawn) start falling into the hole in Grand Soren, but the light at the bottom was different. It was blue.

Now comes what I do't really understand. We be falling, we end up in a world with a blue sky, not green. My pawn yells Master and starts to do, something. It looked like clones of my pawn were morphing into my main pawn. Then TWO bodies hit the water below. My character wakes up on the beach and yells master in my pawns voice. The my ho comes over and says some stuff. It was like she knew I should not be there. Then Credits. What in the fuck just happened? Did me and the pawn become one? Why did we enter a world with a blue sky? Why did I have access to my Godsbane Blade? It seemed like he did not beat the dragon and get his heart back but wouldn't he have to, to be able to pretty much become god? Did I miss something important to the ending?

Anyways, there was something I did not know but I found out that answer. At the point where the dragon said Save your ho, or let her die and I'll go away, I was thinking to myself, "What if I let the duke choke a bitch and she died?" Turns out (although this could actually be wrong) which ever character has the highest affinity with you the dragon takes. Any character in the game can be your ho. That made me laugh because the next person the dragon would of took would be Fournival's daughter.

Also, the Duke was crazy. The Dragon gave the duke the came choice, fight me and save your loved one or let her die. He let he die, the dragon kept his heart and went away, and the people of Gran Soren thought he killed the dragon so he became the next duke. I'm guessing he went mad with grief and decided to kill Aelinore, because he betrayed his dead wife.

One last thing i don't understand. If you die when you fight Savan it counts as an ending. When you die you turn into the Dragon and the opening cutscene plays again, and the cycle repeats itself. Was the Dragon you killed another arisen who died at the hands of Savan?

Even thought the game left me with a shit ton more questions than answers I still loved it. I hope they make a Dragon's Dogma 2, but with a bit more story. I actually liked what little story was in the game.

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Made an account just so I could reply to this. Woo. :P

Well anyways, here's the way I see it:

After you beat the Dragon, Savan deems you worthy to face him to become the next Seneschal. He opens up the Everfall as a way for you to get to him (and probably as yet another test). So that's why the sky is all weird and everything, Savan is testing you to see if you have the courage to keep going even after the Dragon is defeated. So you get to Savan, kill him, and become the next Seneschal, and Savan asks you to kill him because he is becoming weak, and he would like to be free. So you kill him, you become the Seneschal, and if you sit on the throne that is in the area, you can actually run around in Cassardis, as your character but invisible. No other NPCs can see you, but you can still interact with them (basically you can just attack them). This I assume is to show how Savan could manipulate things to put obstacles in your path to test you.

Most likely, due to Savan being dead, the changes upon the world are undone, and everything returns to normal (that or your character returns it to normal between the time you kill Savan and when you get to run around in the foggy area).

Your character then decides to kill him/herself with their own Godsbane blade, to permanently end the cycle of Arisens. Your dying causes your pawn to be released from your service, as well as the heavenly realm you were in to be destroyed, since there is no Seneschal to control it. I assume you did not do the Witch Hunt quest (I recommend doing it in NG+), for if you did you would have known that pawns (I assume when their master dies) begin to take on the form of their master, as well as being released from the pawn service and becoming human. So when you see your character lying on the beach, it is actually your pawn.

As for the Duke, I think he went insane because of the sudden overflow he experienced when the Dragon died. I assume the meaning of "heart" in this game (as with most other games, especially Japanese ones) does not just mean physical heart. I assume it means emotions too, such as love and grief. So, when his heart came back to him, he experienced many years of grief and regret from his decision, and that would be enough to make anybody go insane. His insanity turned upon you because, in his eyes, nobody could possibly kill the dragon, and he felt that you had made the same deal he did, and you were trying to steal the throne from him. Also, I think part of him may have known what happened, and he was just lashing out at you because in his grief he felt that it should have been him to defeat the dragon, not you (little did he know, he would have been separated from his love either way).

Well that's just my view of it, no idea how accurate it really is.

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