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I'm having trouble finding this - Fez has been confirmed to come out of PC this year, right?

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Like everything else he does, Phil Fish has been borderline manic with everything related to a PC version of Fez.

June 21st, 2011:

“Fez is a console game, not a PC game,” he states, emphatically. “It’s made to be played with a controller, on a couch, on a Saturday morning. To me, that matters; that’s part of the medium.” I get so many comments shouting at me that I’m an idiot for not making a PC version. ‘You’d make so much more money! Can’t you see? Meatboy sold more on Steam!’ Good for them. But this matters more to me than sales or revenue. It’s a console game on a console. End of story.”

More recently, he's been quoted saying he's "open" to creating a PS3 and PC version. At this point it's probably exclusivity deals.

Overall, the game's great, but it doesn't seem to be doing so hot. When I played it yesterday there were fewer than 40,000 people on the leaderboards.

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lol. Console game on a couch on a Saturday morning. Okay, Fish, how about you let me decide how I play the games I pay for and stop making bullshit excuses for your paid exclusivity using some sort of lame artistic integrity claim as your shield?

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