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DayOne Wrestling [EWR] *A New Era On The Horizon*

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July 1, 2011 "PWTorch"

It has recently been reported by multiple wrestling websites, forums and newspapers that Bill Watts, class of 2009 WWE Hall Of Famer, pro wrestling promoter, and business man has recently started his own organization(DayOne Wrestling). Watts was once the lead the booking team in WWF/WWE but eventually decided it wasn’t worth it long term after three months. After producing media such as The Cowboy and the Cross: The Bill Watts Story: Rebellion, Wrestling and Redemption through ECW Press that chronicles his upbringing as a wrestler and then a promoter he has decided he wants to start a new chapter in his life as an owner. Bill was once quoted for saying "All men are equal, but some men are more talented than others, and worth more." With his old school mentality that revolves around 1970s style of wrestling he’s looking to bring meaning back into the ring, running an organization with his sons after not being completely in control since 1992 with World Championship Wrestling.

Edge, Former WWE/WWF Champion, has recently given news to the WWE that he has received reports that his neck surgery was more serious than previously anticipated, matter of fact, its career ending. He can risk his life stepping inside the ring again, However, Edge isn't done with wrestling as a whole, He has asked Vince McMahon repeatedly if he could continue to be apart of the brand but has been shot down multiple times due to his liability. Edge has turned to long time friend Watts and volunteered to help get DayOne Wrestling on its feet with star power. Edge has pulled some strings and has convinced long time friend and former tag team partner Christian to jump ship and join DayOne, He accepted.

Edge and Christian partners once again. After much scouting and hiring of Road Agents, Writers, Production workers, Referees, Announcers, Medical staff and pulling some strings on landing a location for development they’ve put together a small but at the same time strong organization that has potential. With the right pieces and decisions this could be a contender for future Monday night wars. After Edge and Christian heard about the recent fad going on in WWE they’ve realized CM Punk, die-hard Indy wrestler and fan, has noticed an unbalanced and corrupt organization taking advantage of its talents and denial of great wrestlers who according to WWE development “don’t have what it takes”. Yet, CM Punk was one of those “don’t have what it takes”. With his contract up July 17th he most likely wont resign with WWE. Edge has reached out and offered a deal that Punk cant resist. Will this be another piece to the puzzle that DayOne needs? Other Indy stars have noticed the up-roar that DayOne is creating. Friend of Punk, Colt Cabana has recently tweeted that he has signed a written contract with DayOne Wrestling, Along with Ace Bennett, Rick Bennett, Chris Hero, Paul London, Brian Kendrick. DayOne has hit the jackpot.

Bill Watts has also done his part by being an owner and reached out to his former group he ran with in his wrestling career. Dusty Rhodes and Ted Dibiase's son’s have both worked their way out of WWEs contracts leaving Randy Ortons “Legacy” on an one man journey. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. have recently been interviewed agreeing with these allegations. They report that friend Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) has not like the way he has been used by the booking and writing team. After being used as a jobber for months, getting fired for not following the PG rating style for choking out an announcer during a work he has had it up to the roof of the arena with WWE.

With the likes of Edge, Christian, London, Kendrick, Punk, Colt, Dibiase, Rhodes, The Bennetts, Hero, and reportedly Chris Jericho returning from his Fozzy Tour DayOne has had numerous house shows to show new talent that they’ve found that has been overlooked by many larger companies. These have been rare finds for DayOne Wrestling but they feel as if they can mold these characters into the next era of wrestling. Be on the look out for the new faces to start causing havoc on the status quo of today's wrestling.

Some information on our company :

Name - DayOne Wrestling

Initials - D1Wrestling

Size - Small

Based In - America

Money - 10,000,000

Event Announcers - None (currently, I'll fill this in later)

Risk Level - 91%

Production Value - 40%

Advertising Quality - 100%

Merchandise Quality - 75%

Banner (For Now)


Development Territory

Name - Glorification Camp

Current Booker - Ross Hart/Smith Hart/Bill Watts

Training Camp

Name - The Cellar

Camp Facilities - Superb

Head Trainer - Smith Hart w/ Stevie Ray


Ace Bennett & Rick Bennett (Development Deal)

Alexandra Hernandez (Manager)

Alicia Webb (Manager)

Brian Kendrick & Paul London (Tag Team)

Bronson Box (Singles)

Bryan Danielson (Singles)

Chris Hero (Singles)

Chris Jericho (Singles)

Christian (Singles)

CM Punk (Singles)

CMack (Singles)

Cody Rhodes (Singles, Part-Time Tag Team)

Colt Cabana (Singles, Part-Time Tag Team)

DaVonte Crush (Singles)

Edge (Non-Wrestler)

El Gringo Loco (Development Deal)

HeadHunter A & Head Hunter B (Development Deal)

John Copeland (Singles)

JoJo (Singles, Manager)

Kommissar Bykov (Singles)

Leyla Milani (Non-Wrestler, Manager)

Macson Dar Stevenson (Singles, Manager)

Martin Oscar Dufresne (Singles)

Paz Pabst (Singles)

Reginald Boss (Singles)

Sheamus (Singles)

Sir Lancelot Du Marc (Singles, Manager)

Ted Dibiase (Singles, Part-Time Tag Team)

Zack Ryder (Singles, Part-Time Tag Team)


D1Wrestling Intercontinental Title


D1Wrestling World Heavyweight Title


D1Wrestling World Tag Team Titles


D1Wrestling World Championship Title




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I made Los Edge a poster :daydream:


I'll be making the other tag teams posters later, This was just a quick one I already had some photos to.

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Its greatness isnt it?

Someone please enlighten me on how I can get this for my computer.

Los Edge poster is sexy by the way. Greatest tag team ever :sun:

I'll PM you the links, along with updates to it (such as roster, pictures, banners/logos, scenario updates, the games based in like 2004 I believe).

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So aggravated, I was in the middle of posting the tag team divisions photos and story before the crash/maintenance or whatever. I'll post it in the am

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So aggravated, I was in the middle of posting the tag team divisions photos and story before the crash/maintenance or whatever. I'll post it in the am

This board autosaves your posts btw. It should have saved a lot of your work.

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Eh, I'll figure it out later. It doesnt seem to want to post when I have the huge post so i'll just post this picture of @BOSS 's tag team since he is the only one (besides Los Edge) who is on this board

Five Star Attraction (Reginald BOSS & Colt Cabana)


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July 2nd, 2011 “WrestlingHEAT”

The most recent company “DayOne Wrestling” ranks 19th out of the 23 other companies. Without having an official event it has surely been hyped. With its first official show tomorrow at 6pm eastern, Being broadcasted via TV-MA Online through streaming due to its high risk factor. Will the show flop or go down as the start of a bright future for pro wrestling? There’s much talk that one of the strongest aspects of DayOne Wrestling is its management but it has a thriving Tag Team division with young and mobile guys along with veterans who will be able to out gas the less experienced talent. With the teams like Kinetic Energy (Paul London, Brian Kendrick), Second City Saints (Colt Cabana, CM Punk), Christian and Edge, Five Star Attraction (Reginald BOSS, Colt Cabana), The Head Hunters (HeadHunter A&B), Bad Blood (Rick Bennett, Ace Bennett), Sinister Youth (Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes) and Los Edge (John Copeland , Paz Pabst) the numerous combinations of feuds and angles could be never ending, not to mention their singles competition which is almost as stacked. It has been discussed that D1Wrestling may introduce a second tag team title sometime soon as well as holding a tournament for their current titles, we can only anticipate the extremes the company and fighters will go to show their pride

CM Punk has recently stated he will be going to multiple Indy shows including his previous company Ring Of Honor, CHIKARA and DayOne Wrestling. It isn’t reported yet if he will lace his boots in any organization yet, but he has stated he will leave the WWE as Champion and take the belt along with him to which ever organization he decides to sign with. All signs show Punk will most likely sign with Ring Of Honor but DayOne is his second bet due to relationships. If all stars align properly we can see a shift of power in pro wrestling.

Bill Watts has reportedly announced 12 PPV’s per month, which are all decently dated away from one another for talent to heal after them. He’s been quoted for saying “Our PPVs will all be unique and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, unless you’re from the future.. then you’ve already have an idea where I plan to take this company.” There’s a saying that genius and insanity are so close that only a hair separates the two, Bill Watts is walking the fence right now. The only thing DayOne wrestling is lacking are the numbers to be a power house in wrestling. “I predict by august of 2012 D1Wrestling will be in the top 7 promotions, possibly the top 5 but I don’t buy into all the hype” said reporter Jonathan Coachmen in an interview. Bill Watts has supposedly signed four sponsorship deals with Hustler, Jack Daniels, Dos Equis and Skoal. This would give DayOne Wrestling 186,000 dollars per month in income not including revenue from shows or merchandise. DayOne is expected to spend 300-400 thousand dollars a month on contracts, production and advertisement. With wrestlers and staff already taking lower pay to make this company work and get off the ground and on its own two feet, they’re going to need to produce a lot of ticket sales and purchases of merchandise to cover their asses, other bankruptcy is right around the corner, 10 million dollars can only go so far in today’s economy

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most likely will have the first show up tonight, or at the latest Saturday. (Due to me writing everything).

I'll try to have the matches up atleast so you guys can see them.

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am I gonna be in a match? :daydream:

Most likely, I'll have the card up sometime tonight (anywhere from 6-9, not sure if im closing tonight)

Since you're not in a tag team didn't include you in that tournament.

I'll be having a singles tournament reeeallly soon. However there will be other matches the first show along with the tag team matches.

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