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Day One Patch Terms of Service

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Terms of Service



About Day One Patch


Day One Patch is here to provide a place for gamers and entertainment junkies to discuss the hobbies they love. We want to provide a friendly and inclusive community for discussion of these topics.



Posting Behavior


Users will behave in a mature and respectful manner. While users may hold disagreeing opinions, at no point will any user disparage or insult another. This is encompassed by the over-arching rule of Don’t Be A Dick. Saying anything negative to another user in order to elicit a negative response or to disrupt the community is not tolerated, as well as any general insults based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. While curse words are not outright prohibited, use discretion. Certain words are not allowed in any context outside of historical discussion/reference, such as nigger or fag, and no curse words are allowed when directed at another user.


All users who violate these behavior rules will be given two warnings per calendar year, with an immediate ban possible following the third violation.


1-31-15 Regarding the "General Insanity" forum - this area of the site is treated as a more loose board where conversations can be a bit more wild. The "Don't be a dick" policy for most conversations on this board is not enforced, and conversations can be more aggressive in play and argument. The mod team still reserves the right to remove or edit any content that is found to be outside of acceptable, and will be looked at on a case by case basis. Other TOS points such as posting porn and private information of other users, is still in effect.


Acceptable Content


Sexual photos or images are discouraged except on the Eye Candy board, which is restricted to members. No outright nudity/pornography is allowed, along with images of gore. Anything which is not acceptable for view in the workplace must be clearly marked and included within a spoiler tag such as: <spoiler> content.jpg </spoiler> replacing the < > with [ ]. In addition, users must indicate what type of content is inside a spoiler tag. e.g. NSFW: sexy ladies, or SPOILERS: movie ending.


For sexual images, no genitals can be visible (including outlines or see-through), along with bare bums and female nipples/areola. Clothing is required, meaning tops and bottoms. Images which would normally have violated the rules but have been photoshopped to skirt them are also prohibited. No sexual act is allowed to be displayed, even if the act itself is “off screen.” Use common sense and a PG-13 concept as a general rule.


Posts of a spam or advertising nature are not tolerated, and will be removed.


Any content which can be considered a spoiler for a recently released movie or game which would ruin the experience for another user is prohibited unless clearly marked and contained within spoiler tags. Please use discretion and common sense.


Hot linking to any of these violating images/content is also prohibited.


Icons and Signatures


Icons may not contain any NSFW material, or even NSFW-lite material (suggestive or offensive in nature).


Signature images must not exceed 200px height and 900px width, and must contain no animated images or content which would violate the preceding rules.


Piracy and Emulation


Technical talk about emulation/piracy along with its impact on society/industry is allowed. Directly linking to pirated copies of media, or instructions on how to obtain it is not allowed.




No user may post private information (including pictures or private emails/messages) of another user without their public permission.


Account and Membership Rules


Accounts are manually validated, and may take a short period of time to be activated. Please be patient.


Alternate accounts are tolerated provided they are not created to harass another user or circumvent a ban. Any user who commits an offense with an alternate account will have both accounts banned. This includes users who share accounts, which is also prohibited. You may not share your login information with any other user.




All decisions are final, and public complaint about moderating decisions is discouraged except on the Development Central board. Concerns or suggestions are welcome, and can be made on that board, or by messaging a mod or emailing the staff at [email protected]


Moderators do not have the ability to review all content that is posted. If you see any violation of rules, please report the content using the report feature. It will be reviewed by multiple moderators, and a decision will be reached on the action taken. Action is generally not taken by a single moderator unless no others are present and the situation warrants immediate response (e.g. porn posted). Please be patient when reporting infractions, as each report must be manually reviewed.


Moderators are now required to post the reason for moderation within the post being edited (unless the post is outright removed for massive TOS violation), and are also encouraged to send a PM to users affected by any action if possible. If a user is banned, the system will automatically send an email to the account a user has registered with Day One Patch, and it will contain the reason for the ban, along with the ban length.


Bans and Warnings


If a user violates the TOS following their initial 2 warnings given, a moderator can then begin to enforce a Ban on that user's account. A moderator may use their own discretion to edit a post or work with a user directly to resolve a situation. A moderator can use their own discretion to weigh the violation/s and ban times as needed while referencing a user's history. The following guidelines will be used by the moderation team to help determine what may be an appropriate level of punishment for a user violating the TOS:


1st Violation - Warning

2nd Violation - Final Warning

3rd Violation - 24 Hour Ban

4th Violation - 24 - 72 Hour ban

5th Violation and higher - 24 hour to 1 Week ban



Exceptions - Posting porn intentionally, links to pirated material, or posting private information of other users will result in an immediate ban. The first two actions directly impact the way search engines index Day One Patch and can result in the removal of the site from search results. The third affects people's personal lives, and harassment of this form will not be tolerated. This includes personal address, photos, private messages, etc.


Permanent bans will be reserved for the worst situations where a repeat problem user makes no attempt at improving their behavior. Ban records will be reset once per year to allow users a fresh start, with the exception of permanent banned users who are handled directly by the administration staff.



These rules are subject to change at any time.


Updated: 01/31/15 By Kyio

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    • By Kyio
      Based off some community feedback, I am going to make the following adjustments to the TOS in regards to ban times and punishment levels. Effective April 1st (No April fools )

      Current "Bans and Warnings" section of the TOS:

      Changed Bans and Warnings:

      First thing, I'm doing away with the 1 month banning. We only have had 3 or 4 users who have even hit that level of banning, but after we changed these back in November I can tell you it is unnecessary to have now. As a deterrent even, it doesn't work. It also gives our community a different image of being strict, which isn't what made our community what it is. Actually it was part of the reason we left our previous home in the first place.

      Secondly, you will notice there is a range of ban lengths now instead of a flat time amount. This was created to give the mods more flexibility when deciding what type of ban (if any) is appropriate as opposed to a flat increasing ban level. Users will still be tracked on how many times they break the TOS as a stat a mod can reference when issuing bans, but they will no longer be linked directly to flat ban times.

      I think this is also more welcoming for a new user to see a lighter ban structure that is still more than capable of handling the issues that arise in the community.
    • By Kyio
      Update to the TOS is on the way, this is a preview of what will go into effect next week. Any questions, etc. post on below!

      Quick Summary:

      - With the exception of a few permanently banned accounts, all users' Ban and violation histories are being wiped clean!

      - Every user will receive 2 warning per year before they can expect a ban under most mod actions. More severe violations can go straight to ban by a mod's discretion.

      - Icons / Avatars must now be SFW (Safe for Work). NSFW gifs and images, even mild, will not be permitted. You will be asked to change it, or a mod may remove the image for you. This site will be comfortably viewable to everyone no matter of location.

      - The ban system we used has been scrapped for a single simple system, which is now publicly known. We had different levels of ban times depending on the infraction and the past user histories before, and the ban methods were not actually known outside the staff and could have appeared to be random.

      - Overall staff transparency and accountability is being addressed. There has been a disconnect between the community and the staff members with the biggest concern being modding consistency. Mods are now required to make a note publicly of their edits of posts or removal of content, to further our transparency. We serve the community, and are the same as you with but with a few more responsibilities.

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