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Kid Icarus: Uprising Weapon Fusing Guide

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Credit goes to user UncleSporky from NeoGAF.

Super Guide to Weapon Fusion

I got most of this info from the Japanese wiki, where they figured out the formula for how weapon fusions work to get specific weapons.

Essentially, there are 12 weapons of every type, and each of these weapons is assigned a number from 1 to 12. When you fuse two weapons together, you just add those numbers together to get the number of the resulting weapon. If the result is higher than 12, it just wraps back around to 1; in other words, if it's more than 12, subtract 12. Simple as that!

So for example, you want to make an Angel Bow, because you have heard it has really good homing capabilities and you want to try it out.

First you check this chart to see what combinations can result in bows:


It turns out you can make bows from anything except staves and other bows.

So looking down the first column, you randomly decide you are going to make an Angel Bow from a blade and an arm. What number is the Angel Bow, so we can find out what blade and arm numbers we need to add together?

Well see below for the list of weapon numbers(or click this link). I believe this is correct; it's the order the cards are numbered and the order of idols in-game, and every test I've put it through has worked. These are SPOILERS, some of these weapons take a lot of work to unlock, and they're named after bosses and such.

So we can see that the Angel Bow is number 7. 2 + 5 = 7, we could use blade 2 and arm 5 to make it, which is a Burst Blade and Drill Arm.

Or as another example, Royal Blade plus Artillery Claws equals Ore Club. 5 + 8 = 13, 13 - 12 = 1.

Nifty, huh?

One interesting thing about this is that almost any weapon can be used to fuse almost any other weapon. I mean, think about it...say you want to make a Royal Blade, blade 5. Staves are one blade ingredient and cannons are the other, so let's see which staves and cannons can be used to make blade 5:

1 & 4

2 & 3

3 & 2

4 & 1

5 & 12

6 & 11

7 & 10

8 & 9

9 & 8

10 & 7

11 & 6

12 & 5

...All staves and cannons can be used as part of a fusion to make blade 5! It's just a game of finding the right partner.

If a fusion doesn't work, i.e. if you try to fuse two weapons to make a new one and all you see is an X and question mark, it means you haven't unlocked that weapon yet. Play the game more, explore more thoroughly in every even-numbered chapter, complete more treasure hunt challenges. Eventually you will be able to fuse anything with anything.

According to the wiki that revealed this, there are some exceptions to this rule. You'll expect to get a staff and end up with a sword instead. I have no idea why, perhaps there are some small programming errors. If a certain combination doesn't turn out as expected, I'm sorry, but this addition rule for fusion works the majority of the time.

Oh yeah, one other thing: to my knowledge, nobody knows how to tell which stars and abilities get carried over yet. It's bound to be a complicated calculation.

Weapon List


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Yup. I credited the guy at e beiging of the post. It can be found on the 53 page(100 posts per page) of the Official Kid Icarus thread.


Reading through that thread it's insane how much they love the game. They even commented at one point on how oddly harmonious everybody is in it, it seems like the game is just unanimously adored so far, how rare is that?

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Stupid question but I'll ask anyways is there any benefit for going out of my way to try a certain kind of claw, bow, or whatever? The way I've been fusing stuff so far is I see what stats carry over and the overall value of the new weapon and the star rating for ranged and melee.

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I just made some Wolf Claws with 6 stars for both range and melee and attack power of 285.

Where do you even see what their attack power is? I see "value" i assumed that was heart value.

Also, is it just me or do clubs just suck wet ass? I made one and it was very powerful so i figured i'd just play it and it basically got me killed twice, completely useless weapon.

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The Value of a weapon consists of an algorithmic value that takes into consideration the total amount of stars, and the amounts of the + stat modifiers added together. The higher the value, though, the more your team's life bar in LvD depletes when you die. Doesn't bother me, though, because the higher my weapon value, the faster I kill my enemies, and the less I die. It's a risk/reward thing. I almost always finish 1st place in FFA/Teams, so I prefer higher value weapons.

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Ok, can anybody tell me how to make the following, cuz one i'm trying to replace my aging one and they all seem to be the best weapons:

Sagittarius bows, definitely the best bow i've ever used was a Sagittarius bow, i totally regret fusing it. This one guy had a 290 or so value saggitarius bow with +4 standing charge shot, it was a one hit kill on virtually everybody, just deadly and i want it.

Aurum anything, every time i see somebody with any type of aurum weapon they just destroy people.

Palutena bows, people that have these also just wreck shop with them, i've never had one come up in crafting.


Hmm, maybe i never unlocked palutena or aurum weapons, i'm still only on chapter 6 of the game, all i ever play is multiplayer, it's like fucking crack. Crack Icarus.

Also interesting, i've never come up against a phosphora bow, wonder how the hell you get that.

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