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Did the L.A. Noire Patch add DirectX 11? (Looking good!) *Update: Yep, added 2/15/2012

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I don't remember DirectX 11 being an option in L.A. Noire. I just now decided to start it up for the first time since January and it asked me to install a patch first.

After the patch installed I clicked on the pre-launch setup to make sure everything was set to the Max. I noticed there was a drop down menu and that I could now select DirectX 11. I would have definitely done it the first time I started it, so I'm wondering if they added it. It does seem like the game has more "pop/atmosphere/quality/lighting/shadows/etc".

Maybe I'm crazy, but here are some screens from a little bit ago.








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Just found my answer. They did in fact add DirectX 11 only SIX days ago, LOL. 2/15/12

The facial animations alone would keep it from being a "Snore" for me. Glad I can appreciate it and love it for that, everything else is icing. Hoping for an L.A. Noire 2 after GTAV and RDR2.

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The should have a case in the game where we solve the mystery on why it wasn't RDR released on PC instead of LA Noire

I honestly think we will get the game on PC in the future. I believe the reason it's not been announced, and is taking so long, is the size of the game. I'm hoping they're doing what all of us would want and not "just porting it". The game is massive, the vista's are beautiful (even on a 360), and the draw distance is quite good.

Personally, I want a proper upgrade and I think that Rockstar may actually give us one on such a great game.

Of course it's possible we'll never see the game, but I'm keeping my hopes up that it has not been seen because it's getting a massive overhaul. That, or maybe we'll get RDR2...at the least.

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