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How can you find out if a used iPhone is stolen?

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So long story short I lost my 4s on the weekend so I decided to buy one from kijiji.

Anyway, I went into telus today got a new sim, found an add online for a 4 so I bought it for 400. The ad said it was white but it turned out to be black, he said he screwed up in the add. I checked the serial number on apples site and it said it wasn't under warenty anymore but never said anything about it being flagged.

Anyway, when I got home I realized the serial number on the box was different than the phone and the charger cable/outlet are not the original. I then looked at his ad again and seen that he had several other ads up.


Those are all his ads. I emailed him when I got home and stated that the phone was actually black and put the serial number in and said that I'm just adding this in in case anything fishy comes up. He responded with "lol ok no problem"

So what should I do here? Should have been more careful, but if anything happens I have all the emails between me and him, I know his name and where he lives as well as his email and phone #

Should I call telus and see if they can tell if it was stolen? If it is what would happen? Could I get my money back?

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I ended up selling that one, buying a used 4s that was scratched to hell. I took that to the apple store and got a refurbished one cause the speaker cut out. Sold that phone And went to and Iphone 5, which I sold for a galaxy s3, which I traded for a 4s that i have now and the home button is now acting up.

So in theory, I'm out 100's of dollars and back to where I was prior to the op. :(

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