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Stone Brewing sues MillerCoors for infringement

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In the past it's been "Keystone" as one word, which is a big part of Koch's argument for why they're trying to infringe:




Lest you think "oh but Koch is intentionally covering "Key" with his hand to make the case look stronger:




Also back in 2007 they tried to file a trademark for "Stones" that was rejected for being too similar to "Stone".





Just found this interesting since often we see lawsuits like this that are nowhere near as solid a case prima facie.

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I feel like they might have a solid case. It seems pretty clear, even from the language the lawyers used that they want to be able to call Keystone beers "stone."


"Since Keystone’s debut in 1989, prior to the founding of Stone Brewing in 1996, our consumers have commonly used ‘Stone’ to refer to the Keystone brand and we will let the facts speak for themselves in the legal process,”


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