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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology’s Friendly Mode

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Polygon published its review of Radiant Historia. One of the features talked about in the review sounds really great. 



Chronology’s Friendly mode allows you to simply bypass all these battles, and in doing so it greatly improves the overall experience. In the original Historia, you could attack an enemy on the field before entering battle to gain first-round initiative. In Friendly mode, striking a foe outside of combat instantly defeats them, granting you all the experience and cash you’d normally earn in battle. By removing all those constant, protracted fights from the picture, Chronology allows you to focus entirely on the story. This does wonders for the game’s most arduous sequences. Skimming past combat keeps the pace brisk and lively even when you find yourself struggling to advance the story.


It might seem a shame to cut Historia’s excellent battle mechanics completely out of the picture. That’s what makes Friendly especially great: You don’t have to remove combat altogether. If you like, you can fight enemies properly rather than simply defeating them with a preemptive strike. Plus, certain plot-critical battles (along with all enemy encounters in one of Chronology’s new side stories, the Vault of Time) can’t be avoided: Some combat is required no matter what. Friendly mode doesn’t abandon its RPG elements; it simply allows players to focus on exploring the story without the burden of constant distractions.


I for one welcome these options that we are seeing in JRPGs. The idea of playing the same scenario over and over is a cool idea except in practice, fighting the same fights over and over stinks. I really like this ability to play a scenario through once normally and then having the option to skip more battles each time I have to replay a scenario.   I really hope this trend continues with new releases and not just remasters/remakes. 


Review - 8/10



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Sounds cool to me. But maybe instead of options like this, make the combat fit into the flow of the game better and be more fun?

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On 2/13/2018 at 4:35 PM, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

I just got my copy in the mail. Now how long will it take me to play it? :thinking: 


To get to playing it, or how long will it take to finish?


Either way I’m guessing two weeks.

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