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My boss needs a dock for MBP

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The USB C hubs he has for his 2017 MBP are unreliable (usb seems fine but especially ethernet cuts out and sometimes HDMI has issues) and get fairly hot. So he wants something higher quality that doesn't get really hot.


3 or more USB A ports, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI (this is flexible, he has the Apple USB C to HDMI adapter that has a USB A and C port and we do have a Thunderbolt to HDMI cable that he was using with his old MBP),  preferably Thunderbolt 3, especially if it means being able to run the power cable through the dock. He has more than one power adapter so minimizing the number of cables to plug in would be great. Currently all 4 USB C ports are in use, power, backup drive (via micro USB 3.0 to USB C cable since it didn't work reliably in the hub with the original cable), and 2 hubs (the Logitech wireless adapter had really short range, like 2 feet, when plugged into the first hub, so at first it was plugged into an adapter/dongle but then we got another hub to try but it also gets fairly hot) so freeing up ports would be great.


Having tried a couple cheaper hubs, the $300+ price of docks isn't an issue. Apparently it's the method of voltage conversion that produces all the heat and the other method produces less but I don't know if all the $300 docks use that method or not. The main issue is reliability, but I don't want to have to listen to him complaining about how hot it gets so for $300+ it better not get more than warm.


One that looks interesting is the Plugable TBT3-UDV.


It's too bad that 27" LG monitor is expensive and apparently unreliable plus it lacks Ethernet whereas the Apple Thunderbolt displays included it. I suppose a refurbished Thunderbolt display with a Thunderbolt to USB C adapter might work.


Anybody have any experience with any of these?

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