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Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game gets a pair of ships from The Last Jedi

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JVC920    387

When I go to the local shop and see these really love the miniatures and want to get them but see the price and put them back on the shelf.


The fact they have some really cool models and obscure ones (E-Wing) is great.  Nice enough just to display on the shelf.

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Littleronin    403

I'll admit, I cheat and use the hell out of my wife's teacher discount at Barnes to get a bunch of mine. The harder to locate ones I have no issue going to game stores to get.

One thing I really like is that int he X-Wing version they try their best to be as close to the same scale as they can. And I also found it cool that Disney let FF create the Imperial Raider to fill the gap in the Empire's fleet.

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