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Announcement cleanup or hiding?

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@SFLUFAN @Emblazon @Jason


It's not a huge deal and if I'm the only one who is mildly bothered by this, I'll kindly STFU :P but...


Is there any way we could find a plugin or something that allows users to hide the announcements once they've seen them, if they wish? At the moment they only disappear when an admin manually clears them, right? I find it somewhat annoying to see the same announcements at the top of the page every time one changes boards via the board index page. 


The way things are now I tend to just ignore the announcement block anyway, because I assume that it's just the same announcements I've seen a million times. Sometimes it's days or weeks later before I realize that one or more of the announcements at the top is actually a new one. It seems to me then it might actually be more effective if the announcements only popped up when they're new, or something similar. 


Any thoughts? 

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